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Joe Jackson Blames AEG for Michael's Death

6/17/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray had requested lifesaving equipment and back-up help for Michael Jackson from the promoter of the London concerts -- AEG -- but the company never came through, according to a new complaint filed by Joe Jackson.

TMZ broke the story -- Joe was gunning for AEG by filing complaints with the California Medical Board and another agency, alleging the concert promoter abused Jackson in a way that led to his death -- and he's just filed with the Medical Board.

Joe claims days before Jackson's death Murray had requested a heart resuscitation machine and a nurse in several e-mails making the request, but AEG never provided it.

According to the complaint, Joe is accusing AEG of co-opting Murray's medical judgment by enticing him with a huge salary -- in effect engaging in the "unlawful practice of corporate medicine."

Besides the CPR machine, Murray also asked for saline, catheters, needles and a gurney.

AEG and Murray had no comment.


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Thx MiMi.

1533 days ago


Posted at 8:14 AM on Jun 18, 2010 by Paulette

Yup we got off in early june! looking forward to going to LA in August! Its nice to see some old names on here again :)

1533 days ago


MiMi waves to Paulette, Claire and Grump!


1533 days ago



Furthermore, Geraldo Rivera claim that three of MJ's brothers are receiving $10,000 per month for their COOPERATION and SILENCE FROM THE ESTATE!!!!!

Papa Joe has every right to go after AEG, THE REAL MURDERER!!!!

People better wake up to the corruption of BIG CORPORATION!!!

Look at BP, Lehman Brothers, AIG and the list goes on!!!!!



1533 days ago


I will be back later, hope you are all still here
Bye :)
love MJJ

1533 days ago


I rather see Papa Joe get paid rather than AEG, Sony, Colony Capital and Branca!!!

Why not Papa Joe get paid!!!

He did create and raise MJ!!!!

Hell, what is wrong with seeking and exposing the real people behind death of his son!!!!

Make them pay you, Papa Joe!!!!

1533 days ago


Michael Jackson’s devoted mother, Katherine Jackson, will publish a book next week about her son.
The self published coffee table book–consisting of personal photographs–is called “Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives.” The book will be sold through a website called
“She’s very proud of the book,” says a source. “It’s not being done for money, either.” This much seems true, as such a book could have fetched a big advance. But “Never Can Say Goodbye” is being self-published. Its content is a picture page facing a page of reminiscences by Michael’s mom.
To promote the book, yesterday Katherine gave a two hour interview to Marc Schaffel, Jackson’s former business partner and confidante. For Schaffel, this was the Michael Jackson trifecta. He’s the only person who has done authorized video interviews with Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe, and now Katherine.
On the eve of the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, Katherine was driven to Schaffel’s home, where they conducted the interview. They talked about what the last year has been like, the children,memories of Michael over the years. She did not talk about husband Joe Jackson directly, but she did say that she was concerned that the media twisted what the family said.
Katherine talked about the child molestation charges against Michael over the years. She told Schaffel she felt people were out to get Michael. She said that in the 1993 case she felt the boy’s father and stepfather put him up to it. Katherine says she thought the boy–Jordan Chandler–whom she doesn’t name–wanted to recant his story last summer, especially after his father, Evan Chandler, committed suicide.

1533 days ago


Posted at 9:41 AM on Jun 18, 2010 by CJ
thank you for that post very interesting info
i wouldnt mind getting that book although that schaffel guy seems to have nine lives to me
i seem to remember debbie rowe as well as otherrs on the stand saying he was an opportunist and have taken alot of money from mj

1533 days ago


@All. Suppose Joe Jackson KNOWS and can PROVE what really happened?He mentioned emails to AEG. If he is really lying why won't AEG react to his accusations?
If Joe is saying the truth some people on this blog will have to SWALLOW their hard comments. Remember what MJ said when they accused him in 2003? "The truth will prevail, and I will be vindicated" and that's exactly what happened.Let's wait and see, okay?

1533 days ago


I knew MJ was murdered the first minute I heard it on tv. The people around him are all connected, they have been robbing him for years for millions of dollars. These people have opened bussiness american and internationally with michael money, Konitzer, wiesner, schafael,. I did my research, from contruction to real estate concert arenas the list goes on.If you look up the origin of these companys there not old companys all began when michael was at his peak in his career 80s and 90s. michael was going to sue financial advisors who did not pay his bills on time and stole money from his accounts, in fact these people were in charge of wall street. They settled out of court to keep from being exsposed. Michael was never broke nor was he an drug addict. Michael started handling his business thats why hes dead.

Go to and you will see michael in pictures with thome thome up until may 15th, 2009. interesting!

1533 days ago


People wake up michael was very significant to america. If you dont feel it now you will later, please believe. Especially the rich billionaires, they are the ones who own the oil companies. Michael is filthy rich and his money is good because it different from oil money, music catalogs money from source. People do you realize were all going to die if this oil doesnt stop. water to grow food, water for the animals. Wake up people!

1533 days ago


Think about it.
How often do you see a killer awaiting trial with a PR team and a spokesperson? (Who is paying, Murray?)
And how often do you see the press (TMZ and others), vilify the victim and glorify the killer?
It is sickening.

1533 days ago


A Gurney, were i work at we use them to carry dead bodies to the morgue. hmmmmmm!

1533 days ago
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