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Joe Jackson Blames AEG for Michael's Death

6/17/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray had requested lifesaving equipment and back-up help for Michael Jackson from the promoter of the London concerts -- AEG -- but the company never came through, according to a new complaint filed by Joe Jackson.

TMZ broke the story -- Joe was gunning for AEG by filing complaints with the California Medical Board and another agency, alleging the concert promoter abused Jackson in a way that led to his death -- and he's just filed with the Medical Board.

Joe claims days before Jackson's death Murray had requested a heart resuscitation machine and a nurse in several e-mails making the request, but AEG never provided it.

According to the complaint, Joe is accusing AEG of co-opting Murray's medical judgment by enticing him with a huge salary -- in effect engaging in the "unlawful practice of corporate medicine."

Besides the CPR machine, Murray also asked for saline, catheters, needles and a gurney.

AEG and Murray had no comment.


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I just wish that the court or a judge could summon him to court to tell him that he needs to stop all this crap and make him realize he isn't getting anything.

He's going down a list he has in his pocket of who to blame next. There was Katherine now it's AEG. Shouldn't be too long before he blames LaToyota or a country or something ludicrous.

1598 days ago


If I remember correctly, in the TMZ Live interview with Klein, he states Murray in fact DID phone his office but he did not speak to Murray himself, he claimed Murray instead spoke to his 'associate' or whatever. So was THAT associate named Jason Pfieffer(sp)? and if so, could he really have had some sort of intimate relationship with MJ as he claimed? Hmm, it would make sense why Murray called if Jason was actually involved with MJ but why would he have called if that wasn't the case? Too bad we don't know what was said in that call.

1598 days ago

DW Wood    

Last week its his wife's fault, this week its AEG's fault, next week it will be the butler's fault.

This jackass is gonna try to pin in on anyone and everyone in the hopes of scoring a few bucks in a lawsuite somewhere along the way.

1598 days ago


What absolute horse****!! I don't believe AEG had diddly-squat to do with HIRING Conrad Murray OR that there was ANY email correspondence whatsoever r/e any of these medical supplies. If there WAS & it took place just 'days' before MJ's death then AEG would have been all over MJ's ass wanting to know just 'why' his doc needed a 'CPR machine'??!! Just what the HELL IS A CPR 'MACHINE' anyway?? I'm an RN & other than a 'ventilator', I've never even HEARD of such an item. However, if ANYONE would have needed a 'CPR machine' it definitely was Dr.Quackeroo since he clearly had not even a BASIC NOTION of how to 'perform' the act 'manually! I believe that SOMEBODY obviously got this 'list of medical supplies' a bit WRONG. This just irritates me reading this.

Imagine for a moment, your a concert promoter with many dollars on the line invested in your 'talent' & he or his doc requests a 'CPR machine'?? Hmmmm.....SOMEBODY WOULD HAVE A LOT OF 'SPLAINING' TO DO HERE! A bit of a 'red flag' when the 'star of your show' needs something referred to as a 'CPR machine'. RIDICULOUS!! 'Catfish-man' is looking for the person with the DEEPEST POCKETS as a way of generating some income for himself. SHAME ON JOE!! AEG gave his son a shot at 'the comeback of his life' & THIS is the 'thanks' they get. So SICK of people looking to drag AEG's name thru the mud because of MJ's death. I'd be willing to bet that MJ was incredibly GRATEFUL to these men & he well SHOULD HAVE BEEN! I luv MJ but the truth of the matter is that he was not 'a great bet' when it came to 'seeing a project thru':(

Yes, MJ was always thin throughout his life & I was quite impressed with his capabilities he demonstrated in TII despite the fact that it CLEARLY SEEMED TO BE TAKING A PHYSICAL TOLL ON HIM. I think there is a VERY good chance with the show schedule spaced out as well as it was, with the opportunity for MJ to have 'breaks' built into it, that he could have completed that 50 show run but MJ was KNOWN to get all 'cranked up about a project then leave people holding the bag'. I think that he was probably very apprehensive about his own ability, at his age, to be able to 'deliver' & had high expectations for himself. He realized he wasn't in his 20's or 30's anymore & no doubt worried about the 'stamina' that would be required for him to tour again. He was very much aware of his insomnia problem & knew it could interfere with his ability to deal with the show schedule. I'm sure this anxiety only intensified for him as the kick off of the tour approached & may have very well been responsible for his 'going over the edge' in the amount of sleep meds he was requesting on that particular night of his death.(he may have been making the 'requests' but Murray should have applied more appropriate medical judgement in GIVING MJ what he was asking for-still hold this doc 100% responsible for his actions r/e his 'patient').

Remember this proposed tour was actually supposed to have taken place in 2007 & was supposed to coincide with a new release of an MJ cd. NEITHER TOOK PLACE. MJ was NOT a great 'risk' for ANY PROMOTER/PRODUCER but AEG STILL GAVE MJ THE 'CHANCE OF A LIFETIME' & MJ must have recognized their willingness to take this risk AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN, & IMO THAT HE WAS VERY GRATEFUL. Now people want to make AEG the 'villain' because they didn't play 'mommy' or 'nurse' to MJ. IT WAS NOT THEIR JOB TO DO EITHER! That's why I think the whole 'This Is NOT It' movement are way off-base in their accusations. They are in 'business' with people who are supposed to be 'professionals' & be 'seeing to their own health concerns'. I'm sure that is why they were even WILLING TO CONSIDER PAYING MURRAY WHAT MJ WAS ASKING THEM TO PAY THIS MAN. Their agreeing to do this came from the idea that THIS would provide THEM with some 'assurance' that MJ would be welled cared for & make it more likely that he would be able to perform well. ANY promoter would see it as just a bit of 'insurance' on their investment. They are in the business of providing 'entertainment for the public' not 'playing nursemaid to their talent' whom are supposed to be responsible for their OWN health & should be expected to act like 'adults' when it comes to these concerns. MJ 'hoodwinked' AEG & that is the TRUTH of the matter. Had AEG had ANY IDEA that their 'investment' was infusing Propofol each nite after he left those rehearsals at the Staples center? They would have pulled the plug on the whole thing! No promoter is going to be responsible for such a total 'train wreck barrelling down the tracks'! NO WAY!!

Joe's attempts at trying to take advantage of AEG here are so transparent it's sickening. I don't believe for a second that he truly 'believes' that AEG are 'responsible for MJ's death' nor do I think he is all that interested in finding out just WHO IS but rather who can fatten up his own bank account the 'fastest & with the highest $ amount'! Pretty much just as he was back in the 60's when he launched the J5! Nice to know not much has changed for old Joe in all these years. What a prick. Maybe he shouldn't 'bitten the hand' that was feeding him by insulting Katherine?

1598 days ago


if this true, that Dr Conrad asked for the equipment to resiscutate Michael, then I can look at him a little bit differently and believe he didn't mean to hurt Michael. My problem with Dr Conrad was that he didn't have that equipment for Michael, but if he did indeed ask for it, then its AEG's fault that Michael is not here anymore. Michael is also at fault though by a smaller percent.......and needed help.

1598 days ago


I come here and read the comments because it is the people who bring insight to this tragic situation we know as "The Jackson Family
Saga." There will never ever be another Michael Jackson, and that is another reason why we all come here.

Posted at 8:12 AM on Jun 17, 2010 by Unknown

- Right!

1598 days ago


From everything I have read, it doesn't appear that he was tied down and forced to take drugs. Is it possible that Michael himself is responsible for his own death? Sure, there were enablers, but the ultimate responsibility lies with him.

1598 days ago

boo hoo    

how about blaming MJ for his death. he was the one who demanded to be injected with drugs he was a drug addict. When other non famous drug addicts die do we go around accusing the person they bought the dope from for murder? Nope it's chalked up to another drug addict who lost their battle to addiction. While I do feel Dr. Murray should be charged with some type of negligance I do not feel he intentionally killed MJ.

1598 days ago


who doesn't joe jackson blame for his son's death???

1598 days ago


If Joe hasn't learned by now, he is not going to get anything from anybody, he should give up. He just wants someone to pay him for being MJ's Father.

1598 days ago


There has to come a day when the truth about MJ's death is accepted.. yes Dr. Conrad engaged in illegal dispensing of medication.. however, Michael Jackson was a serious addict and 'demanded' that he be given the drug.. Joe Jackson was an abusive father who drove MJ into psychological turmoil causing so many dysfunctional issues.. like hating the way he looks.. I just wish people would stop blaming the whole world and each involved accept their own responsibility of what happened here.. including MJ's role in not getting real help for his many mental issues..

1598 days ago


54. how about blaming MJ for his death. he was the one who demanded to be injected with drugs he was a drug addict. When other non famous drug addicts die do we go around accusing the person they bought the dope from for murder? Nope it's chalked up to another drug addict who lost their battle to addiction. While I do feel Dr. Murray should be charged with some type of negligance I do not feel he intentionally killed MJ.

Posted at 8:52 AM on Jun 17, 2010 by boo hoo

Your correct. Nobody was 'forcing' MJ to take these medications but I think he was doing it out of a sense of desperation. I think in HIS mind, he really believed that taking an anesthetic agent was the only way he could 'get to sleep'. However, ANY PHYSICIAN worth a sh.. should have recognized that a man who believes the ONLY way he can get any sleep is to be 'ANESTHETIZED' clearly has something very WRONG with his thinking. You don't just 'arrive' at the idea to take anesthesia as a means of managing insomnia. That is an excellent example of 'addictive thought process'. Addicts truly 'believe' that they are taking their particular substances of choice because they MUST. Murray should have recognized that his patient was clearly 'in trouble' & if what he says is true("I believed that Michael was becoming 'addicted' to the Propofol & was attempting to wean him off of it"), then when Murray 'realized' his patient might be an addict then he should have known that he was in 'way over his head' & that MJ required an 'addictionologist' & NOT Lorazepam, Valium, Versed, Propofol, etc. all stacked up on top of one another & infused into MJ that night. He needed a 'referral for addiction' in the form of a consult for an addictionologist or admission into a rehab facility. Murray did NEITHER because THEN he would have lost his 'patient' to another physician as well as that fat little monthly FEE he was collecting from MJ. This man knew very WELL that what he was doing was so VERY WRONG & the charges against him are absolutely appropriate.

1598 days ago


Joe Jackson needs stop playing the blame game!!! in all reality he should be the one to blame for Michaels death! he is the one that pushed him so hard all his life and as a kid just for his kids money, he is the one that messed with Michaels life and made him a little crazy and probably at least half the reason michael started doing drugs in the first place!!

1598 days ago


52. From everything I have read, it doesn't appear that he was tied down and forced to take drugs. Is it possible that Michael himself is responsible for his own death? Sure, there were enablers, but the ultimate responsibility lies with him.

Posted at 8:51 AM on Jun 17, 2010 by KateMae

Addicts are addicts because they have 'lost the ability to properly CHOOSE what is best in regards to what they are doing to themselves'. It is the 'basis' of WHY they become addicts. Michael Jackson had lost the ability to act appropriately & make 'rational' decisions when it came to his health. That is why 'interventions' are done. If addicts could just 'fix themselves' most WOULD & addiction wouldn't be such a problem & wreck so many lives. That is where Murrays responsibility came in. He is a physician capable of recognizing this & acting appropriately. It is WHY doctors go to med school, it is where they are supposed to 'learn' what the best courses of treating any particular patient are. They have a DUTY to act accordingly once a diagnosis is made. They should not only be 'ethically & morally' bound to act appropriately in r/e to their medical judgement but they are also LEGALLY BOUND to act appropriately. Murray not only demonstrated that he is not 'fit' to be a physician but he also BROKE THE LAW when he failed his patient.

We the public have a right to expect that a physician will fulfill his duty when we seek treatment from them. It is why they are required to be licensed. When we visit the doctor, we should not expect to get what we WANT FROM HIM/HER but what is BEST FOR US AS A 'PATIENT'. 'WE' are the patient & 'THEY' are the physician. This is the way it is supposed to be done. Going to a doctor is not like going to a restaurant where we sit down & 'order what we want'. I hope Murray is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to send this message or rather 'renew' this message that so many people seemed to have forgotten.

Dr. Conrad Murray had the ultimate responsibility in Michael Jacksons death because he was HE WAS THE ONE TRAINED TO KNOW WHAT WAS IN HIS PATIENTS 'BEST INTEREST' HEALTH-WISE & TO HAVE ACTED ACCORDINGLY. HE HAD THE 'MORAL, ETHICAL, & THE LEGAL OBLIGATION' TO DO SO. You do not 'treat an addict' by giving him the drugs he is seeking. This really doesn't GET any simpler than this.

1598 days ago


It's still Murray's fault no matter how you look at it.

He's a doctor for crying out loud. If he was at all concerned I'm sure he could have come up with the medical equipment that was needed himself. And just the fact alone that he was still administering the drugs is negligence in itself.

There's really no excuse for this guy.....besides, Joe's the one who introduced Murray to Michael in the first place. Both incompetent individuals.

1598 days ago
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