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Probation Department Clears Lindsay Lohan

6/18/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan is off the hook with the L.A. County Probation Department for the whole SCRAM thing earlier this month ... because her pee was clean.


You'll recall after the MTV Movie Awards on June 6 the SCRAM people got a positive reading for alcohol on Lindsay's SCRAM bracelet. 

But here's the thing.  Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ Lindsay went to the Probation Department at around 10 AM the next day and her urine tested negative for alcohol.

Sources connected with the Probation Department tell us ... the test results are good enough for them and as far as they are concerned Lindsay is in full compliance with her bail conditions.

And we're told it's increasingly looking like Lindsay will be in full compliance with her alcohol ed classes by the next court hearing -- July 6.

The Probation Report is especially important ... it's like a bible for the judge -- certainly on the bail issue, and it could influence the judge on Lindsay's probation as well.

So Lindsay could conceivably dodge the jail bullet.


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Another site is reporting her alcohol level was bet .03 & .04 at like 3 am. And it's still the Judge that has to believe her. I know I sure wouldn't. Maybe she metabolizes really fast and that amount was out before her urine test at 10 am. And they say it also looks like somebody tried to mess with her SCRAM bracelet. Either way, the girl needs jail time & about a year of rehab. This bracelet should be part of her wardrobe for a very long time. You have to admit...she looks better like this.

1535 days ago


A 5 oz glass of wine would has .54 oz of alcohol. If you drink six of them between 2 and 3 AM you could pee clean at 10am.

1535 days ago


I think she looks like she had botox an restlyane which would be be odd for her age and I hope she is doing better but her attorney is pretty funny.
If you let everyone who set of a SCRAM the night before come pee around 10 the next day many could have a negative urine test.

Your body can rid itself of approximently one once of aclohol or one glass of wine and hour so if you have three drinks and 2 AM you should be able to pee clean at 10AM or 6AM for that matter.

1535 days ago


47. If the cops ever stop me after a night out can I take a test the next day?

Posted at 8:16 AM on Jun 18, 2010 by dd

In maryland I think they only have 90 minutes from the time they pull you over to administer a test,if not..they cant charge you ..

1535 days ago


Im so sick of the double standard for "famous ppl" if this was one of us "common folks" we'd be in jail. And have another massive fine to pay! Drive without insurance on ur car and go to jail. Be Lindsey Lohan do alot of drugs and get busted with them and get a braclet and no one will care if it goes off! Thats our tax dollars at work peeps!

1535 days ago


I see Paul isn't taking his meds again...

1535 days ago


For everybody talking about how we, the public, has largely misjudged Lindsay I have this to say:
1. Maybe she doesn't have a drinking problem. It's probably COINCIDENCE that since getting the SCRAM we haven't seen any pics of her doing a drunken face plant (oh how I miss those days) lately...
2. Maybe she is in compliance. I mean after all, with her busy schedule of shooting upcoming movies, how could she possibly be expected to complete 13 drug classes in 8 + months ? What? She isn't busy with movies ? Well now I'm confused...
3. Maybe she is being treated too harshly by the courts. Why shouldn't she be allowed to drive drunk, hijack someone's car with people in it, and have cocaine in her pocket? I mean, for God's sake, she's a celebrity, cut her some slack *rolling eyes*
4. Maybe the media (namely TMZ and Radar) are just being mean to her. She is so famous that people want to see her fail *again with the eye rolling* That poor girl just can't catch a break...
5. Maybe all the articles and pics are just taken out of context. She didn't trip from being drunk, she was just exhausted from her movie shooting schedule, and couldn't stand upright one more minute. What? No shooting schedule? Oh wow, I'm confused again.
6. Maybe she doesn't have a problem with drugs or alcohol or addiction. She can quit anytime she wants to...

And for those of you who believe these points, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you...

LMAO at all the Lohan enablers... You are all going to be horrified when she ends up in a gutter, dead from an overdose. I, however, am going to be shaking my head, saying I told you so...

1535 days ago


EZipper: In Maryland, they take you to the jail for a BAC test immediately. If you refuse, they can charge you with DUI, but not DWI. I guess that's a good thing, but at the same time, a judge really comes down hard on ppl who refuse a test. You'd be better off legally blowing a .08, taking the DWI and doing the classes, rather than refusing the test and ONLY getting the DUI... The punishment will be MUCH harsher if you refuse the test, lesser charge or not...

1535 days ago


anyone who wasn't famous would be in jail still to this day from the time it happened. i hate 'celebrity justice' i.e. none at all.

1535 days ago


And so what, none of you have heard of the the fake urine that you can buy in head shops? Why would she even go to probation and take the test, if there wasn't already something suspicous going on? I'm so sick of hearing about this trainwreck.

1535 days ago


57: Good old synthetic urine... I've passed a test or two on that stuff...LOL

1535 days ago


53. And I see you are still delusional LOL

1535 days ago


she acts like a child. In need of serious medical attention.

1535 days ago


LOL these comments are amusing! Do you think for one minute TMZ didn't do all they could to try to disprove the urine lab test? Of course they did but couldn't! The scram bracelet gave an alert at their HQ. They said Lindsay was drinking. At 10.00am Lindsay took a urine test which has subsequently been proved by lab testing to be negative. Alcohol remains in the system for at least 12 hours and the test was well within the timescale. Face it folks, the scram alert was a false alarm. Its happened so many times in the past.

1535 days ago

The Judge    

Okay TMZ, you can stop reporting on her now. Everyone is interested in seeing her punished for her asinine, self-entitled ways. Does she think she invented cocaine? Any hipster worth their salt knows exactly what is going on. The justice system let us down again, and this story has lost it's legs. Please let her retreat into white-trash oblivion...

1535 days ago
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