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BP -- 'Small People' Speech Pisses Off Little People

6/18/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The honchos at BP are under attack from the very "small people" they swore they'd take care of -- and now the petroleum villains could be in for an "oil midget wrestling match" ... courtesy of the "Half Pint Brawlers."

Last night -- two of the self-described "midget wrestlers" from the Spike TV show hit a BP station in Chicago to wage a two-man protest ... they also issued the following statement:

"I challenge the Chairman of the BP company, right now, to an oil midget wrestling match ... bitch."

The furor began earlier this week, when BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg told reporters he truly cares about all the "small people" affected by BP's catastrophic oil leak.

The correct term, Mr. Chairman, is little people.


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if they rlly wanted to make a statement they shuda did their protest thingy during the crosstownshodown b/t the Sox & Cubs cuz BP sponcers tht

1524 days ago


Yeah, aren't these the same people who just last week said they didn't care about political correctness? They're just in it for the little bit of attention they can get.

1524 days ago


Of course they are in it for attention. They're wrestlers. It's all about shameless self promotion. BUT! That doesn't mean that's not how they actually feel, guys. You guys are acting as thought they're lying or something about how they feel about the oil spill... and considering I know one of the two, I can tell you that's absolutely not true.

1524 days ago


A stupid stunt to promote a very stupid tacky show.

1524 days ago


Small urine-drinking activists really care.

1524 days ago

pd there really a difference?

1524 days ago


Yeah, I really don't get it. What's the difference between "little" and "small"?

1524 days ago


I cannot understand why the people of the USA are not concerned about this. Louisiana, Mississippi,Alabama and Florida have been broken by this mess and it has only just begun. I cannot believe the commenters who are actually TAKING UP FOR THIS CRETIN AT BP, BRITISH petroleum. Louisiana produces ONE-THIRD of all the oil used by the USA. Prices of gas WILL increase. Tens of thousands have been put out of work by this catastrophe. Louisiana is known as "Sportsman's Paradise," but recreational activities are GONE. All the tens of thousands of people put out of work by BP are just screwed. WHO IS GOING TO HELP THE CHILDREN WHO GO TO SCHOOL WITH NO FOOD IN THEIR STOMACHS BECAUSE DAD WAS A FISHERMAN BUT THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO FISH. NO MORE OYSTERS EITHER. Maybe the rest of the US will finally become incensed over this when their seafood prices increase 5 times normal the price.

BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg truly "cares about the LITTLE PEOPLE." Right. He insults ALL middle class people in just that one sentence. Is there ANYONE out there who resents a FOREIGNER like this man referring to the residents of a state that HIS company totally has destroyed coming to the US and referring to all the unfortunate as "little people." I suppose if you don't have a large bank account like he does, your value as a human being is NOTHING. You become a "little person," and I do not mean dwarves. That "LITTLE" gives his opinion of most of us. Come on, fellow citizens of the USA. PLEASE do not let this happen to a single state.

Pastor Martin Niemoller wrote the following about the inactivity of intellectuals when the Nazi's came to power:

"THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Please, just think of YOUR state; the state YOU live in. The above applies to you too.

1524 days ago


We can send a man to the moon, and we can't fix this???????????????

1524 days ago


You know, I'm literally not capable of caring any less. Idiots…

1524 days ago


when will these little people call out obama for not accepting aide???btw these pint size brawler jack ass wannabes are just wanting publicity looking at their 0.45 rating the other night one could see why no one cares about their jack ass rip off show.

1524 days ago


My comment is to #1, MAXny, who, it seems, felt it to be his duty or whatever to explain to we dumb Americans that "small means average in Europe." He further stated that "WE NEED TO LET UP ON HIM." Those are Maxny's comments VERBATIM.

Sorry MAXny we do NOT need to "let up on him." Go take yourself a little walk along any of the states being bathed in black oil right now. Even better, why don't you get yourself down south and YOU wash some of the many, many, many pelicans who are dying a slow, agonizing death from his HOME being doused in oil. Go tell the children whose parents are out of work for a long time to come. Go tell it to all the children of the people who work INDIRECTLY for one of the many industries provided by seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, the long distance truck drivers, for example. There won't be any need for long distance truck drivers to haul seafood to the rest of the US any longer. Trucking is just ONE of the employers that will soon have no work. Your comment and you were #1, FIRST, you just couldn't wait to post your VOMIT. You couldn't wait to defend this CRIMINAL.

Lelsie B, #15, you are so stupid, you don't even know what you are talking about. The death of several states by a foreign company who has LIED since day 1 about this oil spills HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOLLYWOOD AND THE "LIBERAL" PRESS. There is NO bashing, here, you IDIOT. THIS IS AN OIL SPILL AND WE WANT, NEED, SOMETHING DONE ABOUT IT AND BP SURE HASN'T DONE A THING EXCEPT LIE.

1524 days ago


For Pete's sake... shut up and go help with clean up.

1524 days ago


Wait, did I read that right? "There is NO bashing here, you IDIOT?" And "you are so stupid"? That's bashing at its finest, if you ask me.

On the same note, this is about the little people getting pissed off at the use of the word small not a forum for your political commentary. You are just using this as an excuse to mouthe off and state your opinion which you've probably subjected several poor souls to in your personal life already.

1524 days ago


he meant ordinary people, swedes have an over confidence in their ability to speal english, they tend to think the english they speak is english, but it is actually so called swenglish, only understood by swedes, so to tell you what hea meant to say was ORDINARY/EVERYDAY PEOPLE, in swedish small people means the average joes of the world, ordinary people

1524 days ago
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