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Husband of Jesse's Baby Mama: She's Always High

6/18/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the letter Jesse James filed with the custody judge from his ex-wife's current husband claiming she's on drugs.  And we also know why the husband may have written a second, conflicting letter.


Jeremy Aikman -- the husband of Janine Lindemulder -- wrote a letter to the court supporting his position that Janine could not be trusted alone with Sunny.  In the letter, Jeremy says, "Janine is a very unstable person  her moods change every 10 minutes  it's like she has multiple personalities."

Jeremy goes on, "She abuses every prescription she gets.  She obtains prescriptions from the doctors for 20 vicodin and proceeds to get them off the street."

And Jeremy claims once Janine was so "high on pills" she ran her truck into a house and an hour later rear-ended another vehicle.

Jeremy says, although Janine was in a halfway house in Oregon recently, " ... she returned alot worse than when she left," adding their home is "not a safe environment for children."

But, as we reported, in court today Janine submitted another declaration from Jeremy stating Janine was fine.

Why the change?  Sources tell us Jeremy told people yesterday he was worried Janine would hurt herself and he was feeling guilty.


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This whole situation is so wrong. Poor Sunny she is the innocent one.
With the exception of Sandra, Sunny is in the middle of a real life freak show!

1567 days ago


sounds like a good candidate for Celebrity Rehab! Call Dr. Drew

1567 days ago


So you would rather have Sunny in danger than your wife's feelings get hurt?

Shame on you.

1567 days ago


Someone better save this child...mother dearest is a druggie and father dearest is a douche...

1567 days ago


What would it hurt for the judge to have Janine take a drug test. Don't they test the hair to determine drug history use. If something should happen to Sunny under the mother's care, the judge should be charged with child endangerment. Better safe than sorry, eh judge?

1567 days ago


This situation is really f**ked up. Scary stuff all around. Someone save this little girl from all this insanity.

1567 days ago


she has to be high on drugs to have all those tats, BUT thats the kind of trash jesse likes!

1567 days ago


Hey, we may not agree with the poor choices that Jesse has made but even Sandra has stated that he is a good father. Not every father is a good role model but it is a lot better then putting that little girl with a drugged out mother.

1567 days ago


I agree with Jesse. Thank goodness he's watching over Sunny. He's a great dad.

1567 days ago


Birds of a feather, flock together... They're all nuts. One is trying to make the other look bad, when they're all bad. The poor kids.

1567 days ago


TMZ - What are you the Jesse James and hooker site? So sick of this guy! And so sick of all the hookers that you treat like celebrities! Very sad for the children of these folks, but really not a story!

1567 days ago


Jeremy got kicked to the curb by Janine. He won't work and now he's turned on her. There's money involved between Jesse and Jeremy. Jesse has done this before to Janine. He's paid people to testify against her and this is another case of that. Jesse is not a great dad. You can't treat people like he does and then switch gears and be a "great" dad. Janine is not on drugs; couldn't be any more straight up than she is. Jesse is using Sunny as a carrot to dangle in front on Sandra. God knows he hasn't got enough of something else to "dangle." EXACTLY how many drug tests does a person need to take to prove she's not on drugs? Wise up, people. Jesse is a liar, a cheat, an abuser.

1567 days ago


She really was an attractive woman before she trashed herself up with those tattoos. Some people look great covered with art but she really looked better before. This makes her look mentally unstable imo.

1567 days ago


I'll bet this guy was paid to write the letter. JJ is probably still conniving to get Sandra back so he has to torpedo Janine at all costs. If she's back in the picture then Sandra doesn't feel as guilty leaving Sunny. She walks off into the sunset. They all seem twisted and sick.

1567 days ago


What is going to make Jeremy feel worse, if Sunnie, an innocent child gets hurt, or Janine does something to herself?

1567 days ago
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