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Jesse and Janine

Clash Over Father's Day Plans

6/19/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a day after appearing court, Jesse James' ex is already complaining about being blocked from visiting her child.

We're told Janine Lindemulder was supposed to have visitation rights to Sunny on Sunday, but because it's Father's Day the plan was for her to take the child today and Jesse could see Sunny for Father's Day.

But here's the problem -- sources say a monitor must be present when Janine picks up and returns Sunny to Jesse's home ... and no monitor was available. As a result, Jesse will not give Sunny to Janine today.

Sources say Janine is pissed because she planned to take Sunny to a water park today with her other child, but Jesse's position -- rules are rules.


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I can't blame the guy. If the rules of the family court state what the terms are then he has to follow them. It is as simple as that. The blame needs to be on the courts for not having the monitor available.

1530 days ago

Just Sayin    

poor kid :(

listens to "family portrait" by pink

1530 days ago


The California Family Court should not let him leave California with Sunny. The mother said she will follow them to Texas if necessary but she shouldn't have too. The Texas courts will far worse for her as they are hypocrites like Jessie and will see her as a bad mother because she was a porn star. Also, she doesn't have the money to compete with him in Texas as Texas respects the parents with the money even more so than they do in California.

The Sunny's mother needs to fight tooth and nail to keep her kid in California because if she's allowed to go to Texas it could be over for their mother/daughter relationship.

Oh, and Jessie is a creep and shouldn't be anywhere near Sandra and her infant son.

1530 days ago


I agree with Jim. Give the guy a break. He didn't cheat on any of you he cheated on Sandra & I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they're trying to work things out. Janine has a history & it isn't good. Everytime she gives an interview I lose respect for her. If the orders are that Sunny & Janine's visits must be surpervised it's for a reason.

1530 days ago


i wonder if this is a state provided monitor like they do in NYS or what because if so you have to call at least 1 week in advance to recieve one.heres the thing: if jesse did turn over the child that is also a violation of the court order and such could be violated even for letting the child go so this was a very smart legal move for jesse.he is protecting his ass with her and i cannot blame her.she seems like the type that would run back to court and say oh he let me have sunny and there was no monitor.almost like a set up by her.she is a hard core drug addict from jump a slut porn skank wonder if she has any white power tats like every one wanted to claim about jesse and michelle.

1530 days ago


Why are lips fixed in an o-shape?

1530 days ago


you are also mandated to pay for this monitor upwards of 50$ each time.if she would lay off the pills and coke/speedballs she could afford it.i believe that first letter and his explanation for changing the letter after.she was in mental hospitals rehabs and is still a freak.its very common for people to get a scrip from the doc and keep the bottle to abuse the meds and make it look like she is supposed to be taking them.pee in a cup but lets check the levels of these pills in her system.

1530 days ago


Jesse is showing what a jerk he is again...He married her and had a child with her. He didn't think she was that unfit then. And he is moving to Texas because his kids love Sandra and want to continue a relationship? He loves Sandra and wants to continue a relationship.
Father of the year is going to take his kids' mothers away from them so he can pursue Sandra. He shouldn't have custody of any of them and then he can go live wherever he wants.

1530 days ago


what else does this douch bag have to do...most days?
PUT SOME BAGGIES ON AND GO TO THE WATER PARK WITH THE EX AND THE KID!!!.....good photo op,just being human. Though she was a porn star and may have had some substance problems...she is your girl's Mother and slightly above YOU on the morality chart! live "rules is rules" before You try to impose it on others.Maybe Rodman can sub for you as Dad for the day.

1530 days ago


Yeah Janinie is automaticly screwed by that.

34. The Texas courts will far worse for her as they are hypocrites like Jessie and will see her as a bad mother because she was a porn star. Also, she doesn't have the money to compete with him in Texas as Texas respects the parents with the money.

Posted at 1:19 PM on Jun 19, 2010 by Lucille

1530 days ago


She should just call and be sure a monitor is there tomorrow.. her 'official' court ordered visitation day.. sorry Jessie it sounds like the swap was to benefit you on Fathers Day but rules are rules and Sunday is a court ordered visitation day so I'm sure the monitor will be present like they are supposed to to and Mom can have Sunny on Father's day since she was unable to accommodate your wishes for a switch up.

1530 days ago


13. why is this public? This is not entertainment TMZ..there is a little girl suffering here and at the last thing needed is for it to be plastered all over the internet...leave it alone!

Besides, no one really even cares about these lucky losers.

1530 days ago


I think she is serious about moving to Texas. Bombshell should join the club over there too. Would be ore fun.

1530 days ago


#15 Dana,please answer specific questions.
1. Where Janine takes money to raise Sunny?
2.Who will pay for clothes,school,treatment?
3.Janine does not have any work other than prostitution,right?
4.Children often want to be like their parents.The girl imitate their mothers and copy their behavior,their actions,their way of life.WHAT MOTHER - PORN STAR CAN TEACH HER DAUGHTER?!!!?

1530 days ago


um for those of you that have never been in a custody battle Sunday which is fathers day overrides the visit with her mother even if its her day it's one of those holiday thinga in every court visitation do***ent. And i support Jessie monitor did not come, i would not relise my child either. so before going gaga on jessie no you facts otherwise you sound like a dumb (*&*.

1530 days ago
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