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Lindsay Lohan's Purse Goes Clubbing

6/19/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's enormous, marshmallow, oversized, puffy, spacious leather purse was spotted leaving Hollywood hotspot The Colony at 2:00 AM.

Lindsay herself was nowhere to be seen.


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Laffn Bear    

She is allegedly clean and sober. With nothing to hide?
Now she hides.
It didn't seem to bother her when she was wasted and couldn't stand up.
"Curioser and curioser" as my friend Alice would say.

1550 days ago


Is she hiding her looks again?

1550 days ago


SKANK....enough said!

1550 days ago


2. Wow. That thing could hold two Summer's Eve, a Massengill, and good old fashion douchebag complete with vinegar and water.

Posted at 8:56 AM on Jun 19, 2010 by Mark
or you to know all about that stuff and be a guy you must be hanging around with the wrong kind of women dude...

1550 days ago


This is beside the point, but why do these companies make such big purses? And, what is the world do you carry in these big things? I know most people carry debit cards, credit cards and little cash, also a cell phone that is very small. Other than that, do they go shopping and put their purchases in these purses? Just curious.

1550 days ago


Looks like a bean bag chair with handles.

1550 days ago


I'm so tired of Hollwood trying to market Lindsay Lohan.

Lets just all boycott her movies from now on.

1550 days ago


Well, I always knew that her bad nightclub habits and drugs and smoking would turn her into a wrinkled old bag, and its happened! Nice pic, Lindsay you tired old dykewhore. Now go away and die, you talentless creature, we all are really tired of hearing about you.

1550 days ago


You'd think she'd stay home nights, what with jail looming over her. But nooooo, not this dumb bitch.

Whatever jail time she gets, she clearly deserves it for thumbing her nose at the courts.

1550 days ago


Lindsay--Here is a recipe to get you out of this bottom you have hit:

Disappear from paparazzi for 6 months.
Don't go to clubs or bars for 6 months.
Don't drink or do drugs for 6 months.
Cut your nasty hair--you look like your mother or an 80's rock guitarist.
Quit chain smoking-- it is disgusting--ruining your looks and you have asthma.
Join a gym and hire a trainer.

You are wasting an lifetime opportunity to succeed--instead you act like a slut and drunk. Clean your life up and blow people away when you come back. You will get noticed by casting people and get positive press.

Wake up!!

1550 days ago

Alan Carver    

The sad part about all of this is that Lohan really believes her own lies. She thinks that she is above the law. Period. Regardless Judge Revel and the DA are going to lay into her for thinking anything else since she does not want to listen to them. Despite the fact that she 'tested' clean after the MTV Movie Awards, she still has to explain her previous 'nose-thumbing' to the courts and not showing up when told specifically by Judge REvel to be in court on that Thursday she decided to stay in Cannes and send her regrets via her 'attorney'. Once again her actions are speaking louder than any WORDS out of this twits mouth! I think that Community Service is next on the books for Lohan. Although Judge Revel already has told Lohan her actions are speaking louder than her words! Judges pay attention and know this about their docket and cases. Lohan is not the EXCEPTION!

1550 days ago


Why do you guys make a big deal every time this girl goes out? Big deal! It just seems odd to me to decide one day- I'm going to make a living legally stalking people and critquing them publicly as if they weren't people. Deep down you know it's sometimes hard to sleep at night

1550 days ago


How do you know it was Lohan's> Looks a lot like Harvey's.

1550 days ago

Mary Ann    

She's an alcoholic and spends every night in clubs, does that tell you how smart she is???
Next we'll hear she needs a liver transplant

1550 days ago


I don't get it. She does everything in her power to gain attention every day and all of a sudden now she doesn't want it or wants us to believe she doesn't want it?

1550 days ago
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