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WWE Legend Rips Batista -- He'll Get Killed in MMA

6/22/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Batista may have left the WWE, but his most hated rival is still talking trash -- claiming the former heavyweight wrestling champ is gonna get crushed when Batista starts fighting for real in MMA.

TMZ spoke with WWE legend Booker T. -- who famously clashed with Batista in a real-life throwdown in '06 -- and Booker tells us he doesn't think Batista can "match up" with some of the big boys in Strikeforce.

In fact, Booker claims the 40-something-year-old wouldn't "last 5 minutes" in the ring with another WWE-star-turned-MMA-powerhouse -- Bobby Lashley.

As we first reported, Batista claims the wheels may already be in motion for his first fight ... no word if he'll get in the ring with Lashley. 

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The Daw    

You do realize that Booker T got the better of Dave Batista in a backstage fight. So he actually has some perspective to make the comments.

1523 days ago


To john erotten, electriczapper and others who don't know what they are talking about. Booker T is one of the best wrestlers around. He's very entertaining in ring and on mic. He may not be the Booker he was in WCW but he can still put on decent matches for a guy his age who has wrestled 20 years if not more. Booker is no worst in the ring than guys like Edge and Taker who came up during his time. In fact I'd say Booker is better. Taker can barely walk same with Edge. To quote Kurt Angle, "Oh it's True, It's Damn True!!!" So show some respect and don't even compare Botch-tista to the great Booker. As for Batista, I agree that he would lose in MMA. And for those who don't know you need to check your facts cause Batista got owned backstage in a legit fight with Booker! Now can you dig dat, Suuuuuucccckkkkaaaaaaaaaaa?!!!!

1523 days ago


I think Booker still has sour grapes when it comes to Batista. People,Batista was a bouncer for 10 years before he was wrestler, he trains using stuff the MMA people do,but as much as I like Dave,I think his size will go against him with the MMA.

1523 days ago


Batista is too injury prone for MMA. He will have a torn bicep within 2 months of training.

1523 days ago


Thats like saying I'm good at Karaoke, So I think I'll sign up for American Idol.

1523 days ago


Booker T paid his debt to society so you guys can get off the armed robbery bullsh*t. And he IS legendary in the wrestling world. Batista has been hit in the head too often if he thinks he has what it takes to make it in MMA.

1523 days ago


FLOYD PINK, that may be so but Booker paid his debt to society with a 19 month prison spell. If you think that's a light sentence, then that's something you should hold against your justice system, not Booker.

He's turned his life around and people should respect that. Would you prefer that he remained a gangster committing armed robberies?

Whichever way you try to spin it, it's obvious you dislike Booker T not because of the crimes he committed, but because he's a black man, and you're a moron.

1523 days ago


wow who is the bad guy here the one talking trash behind or the one getting trash talk behind? Batista in his prime at age 20-30 would have destroyed anyone but at this age 40+ give me a break. booker is just a jealous fired steriod druge using *****. booker came to wrestling business earlier than batista and never could touch the achievement of batista in his entire life even when he stayeBatista more popular and richer than BOOKER SUCK ON THAT SUCKA!!!! BATISTA THE BADASS!!!

1523 days ago

Throwback kid    

My guess is he will be just like wannabe Kimbo Slice, They look like Tarzan but fight like Jane.

1523 days ago


You do realize that Booker T got the better of Dave Batista in a backstage fight. So he actually has some perspective to make the comments.

Posted at 10:35 AM on Jun 22, 2010 by The Daw

That's being generous. Most of the accounts indicate that Booker kicked the crap out of Dave.

1523 days ago


Booker t beat batista down when they fought in 06 how is booker a chump? Batista is a buster

1523 days ago



Watch something other than WWE and learn what professional wrestling is. WWE present an entertainment product-their guys don't have to be good wrestlers to get a push, they just have to have something WWE can exploit to create a fanbase comprising of morons, as is the case with Batista. He's not a good wrestler, he's bad on the mic, and he got his ass handed to him by Booker T in a legitimate fight.

Batista is to professional wrestling what Britney Spears is to music. Both of them are among the most famous in their field, but neither have very much talent. Just good marketing. That's all it is. Vince McMahon sees a guy with muscles and says 'I can make HIM a star! It's a good thing our fans are idiots, otherwise they'd expect to see wrestling on a show which calls itself World Wrestling Entertainment!'

1523 days ago


Anybody on here saying Batista would kick Booker T's ass doesn't know what they're talking about. Google "Batista vs Booker T", they got in a fight while taping a commercial. Booker T whooped that ass by all accounts. @Facts

1523 days ago


FYI he is not in MMA

Will not fight in strikeforce or UFC the guy is out of a contract and wants to create publicity for himself


1522 days ago


Do TMZ have a deal with some hospital for people with special needs or something? It would appear that, with one or two exceptions, the people here a complete retards.

1522 days ago
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