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Kamaru Usman I Want to Hurt Colby Covington ... 'Bad Blood' Is Real

3/18/2019 3:40 PM PDT

UFC champ Kamaru Usman says he REALLY wants to punish Colby Covington in the Octagon ... telling TMZ Sports the hatred is real and it's time to beat some respect into him. 

Usman says Colby has been trolling him for months -- spitting out some of the most disrespectful insults Kamaru's ever heard. Usman says the guy crossed a line and needs to pay. 

"Every opponent that I've faced, I've never really had ill will towards ... I've never had bad blood to where I was in there maliciously trying to hurt them. This is a guy that I have that towards."

Of course, the two almost threw down at a buffet line in the Palms hotel the day after Usman beat Tyron Woodley for the UFC welterweight title ... but it got broken up. 

Kamaru says he only approached Colby that day to address their beef face-to-face ... but Colby got scared and "grabbed an old lady and put her in front of him."

Usman says, "You can't be that troll and then when I see you in person you want to hide behind an old lady!"

So, when will they throw down? Kamaru says there have already been talks with Dana White about making the fight happen. 

The only problem ... Kamaru is concerned Colby is a moron who will say something stupid to piss off the powers that be at the UFC, who will take the fight away from him. 

No matter when it happens, Kamaru says one thing is certain -- "I will bless him with these hands when that time comes."

UFC's Tony Ferguson 'Violent, Paranoid and Delusional' ... Wife Says

3/15/2019 1:17 PM PDT

UFC star Tony Ferguson pushed his wife, abducted their son and tore their house apart on several occasions ... this according to Tony's wife who says she's now afraid for all of their lives. 

It's all spelled out in court docs obtained by TMZ Sports ... Cristina Ferguson says Tony has been "acting violent, paranoid and delusional for the past several months" and he needs help. 

Cristina says Tony's behavior has been concerning for years -- but got significantly worse in 2017. 

Since 2017, Cristina claims Tony has flown into manic episodes where he's destroyed property in their Santa Ana home -- including ripping off mirrors and dismantled appliances looking for tracking devices and cameras. She included pictures of the wreckage. 

Cristina claims Tony has stated their 2-year-old son is Jesus Christ, that Tony is the "second Jesus Christ" and that she is a witch. 

Cristina clearly believes Tony is suffering from mental illness that is causing him to be delusional and manic. She's tried to get him help over the years but his situation hasn't gotten better. 

She claims Tony shoved her during a January 2018 incident and abducted their son during a March 7, 2019 incident. 

"[His] erratic behavior is getting worse and more frightening. I am afraid that during one of [his] episodes [he] will kill me, our son and/or himself."

Cristina requested a domestic violence restraining order against Tony which was granted by the judge. He now has to stay at least 100 yards away from Cristina, their child and other family members. 

She was also granted temporary sole physical and legal custody of their son. Law enforcement was ordered to remove their son from Tony's care and return him to Cristina. 

Cristina has since issued a statement supporting Tony -- saying, he's a "good husband and good father to our son."

"The current legal proceedings are part of a process to ensure that Tony will receive the help necessary to continue being the best possible husband and father, as well as to pursue his passion and career as a UFC champion fighter."

UFC's Rachael Ostovich Husband Pleads No Contest to Assault ... Likely No Jail

3/15/2019 8:44 AM PDT
Breaking News

The husband of UFC fighter Rachael Ostovich pled no contest to assault stemming from a violent altercation in November ... and he most likely won't spend a minute behind bars. 

Arnold Berdon -- who's also an MMA fighter -- was charged with 2nd-degree assault for punching Ostovich in the head, face and ribs during an argument at their Hawaii home. 

Ostovich suffered a broken orbital bone in the attack -- and initially pulled out of a scheduled fight with Paige VanZant ... but that fight was rescheduled after she healed up and was cleared by a doctor. 

In audio obtained by Hawaii News Now you can hear a man yelling, "I'm going to f*cking murder you" during the alleged incident.

Berdon appeared in court on Thursday and pled no contest to the charge -- which carries a 5-year prison sentence.

But, Berdon likely won't do ANY time-- the judge told him he'll likely just get probation if he successfully completes a domestic violence intervention program. 

During the hearing, Berdon told the judge he's "going to do well."

As for Ostovich, she issued a statement on the situation through her attorney, Lanson Kupau, saying she's "satisfied that Arnold is accepting responsibility for his actions and getting the needed help so that he can be the best father to our daughter."

Rachael and Arnold are still married -- but they're in the process of divorcing. They have a 2-year-old daughter together. 

UFC's Tony Ferguson Wife Files for Restraining Order ... He Needs Help

3/15/2019 5:47 AM PDT
Breaking News

3/15 5:47 AM PT -- Tony's wife, Cristina, has issued a statement through her attorney ... essentially saying Tony did NOT physically abuse her, but she's clearly concerned about him. 

"Tony Ferguson is a good husband and good father to our son. The current legal proceedings are part of a process to ensure that Tony will receive the help necessary to continue being the best possible husband and father, as well as to pursue his passion and career as a UFC champion fighter."

"All positive well wishes are sincerely appreciated and I hope our privacy will be respected."

The wife of UFC star Tony Ferguson has filed for a restraining order against the fighter -- after cops responded to their home on 5 separate occasions, this according to official records. 

Cristina Ferguson, who has a 2-year-old son with Tony, filed the latest round of documents on Wednesday -- following several bizarre incidents with Tony, as first reported by

Police documents show ... cops were called to Ferguson's home in Santa Ana, CA on Feb. 19, after a woman told authorities Tony hadn't slept in 3 days and was "tearing apart the home."

The woman also told police Tony "believed someone placed a [computer] chip in his leg."

Another person at the home told cops Tony had said he believed "someone was inside his walls."

During an incident on Feb. 16, Tony's wife told cops Tony "kept throwing 'Holy Water' at her."

There are other similar incidents -- but records show Tony was never arrested or charged with a crime. 

Tony's wife and others told police they had urged the fighter to see a doctor.

It is unclear what finally motivated Tony's wife to finally request a restraining order -- but it seems obvious she feels he is mentally ill and unstable. 

The court docket lists Cristina's filing as a "domestic violence" case. He's due back in court next month. 

We've reached out to Tony's rep for comment -- so far, no word back. 

Tony, one of the best fighters in the UFC, had recently turned down a fight with Max Holloway and no one seemed to understand why ... but now it seems it may have to do with his drama at home. 

Originally Published -- 3/14 4:49 PM PT

Conor McGregor Sued By Cell Phone Attack Victim ... Assault and Battery

3/14/2019 3:11 PM PDT
Breaking News

In the least shocking news of the day, Conor McGregor has officially been sued by the man who claims the UFC star smashed and stole his cell phone. 

22-year-old Ahmed Abdirzak filed his suit in Miami-Dade County on Thursday -- claiming battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. 

In his suit, Abdirzak says he was leaving the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami and tried to take a picture of Conor on his phone -- but McGregor snapped and grabbed his arm so tightly that he couldn't get away. 

"[McGregor] then flew into a rage and punched [Abdirzak's] smart phone out of his hand."

Abdirzak says McGregor then grabbed the phone, smashed it to the ground and "began stomping on the phone repeatedly."

Abdirzak says he went after Conor to try and get his phone back but Conor just laughed as yelled back, "F*ck you!"

He's now seeking unspecified damages north of $15,000. 

As we previously reported, McGregor was arrested Monday for the incident, which took place while he was leaving the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami. 

Abdirzak told TMZ he did NOTHING to provoke McGregor and was shocked when the 30-year-old snatched his phone, threw it on the ground and stomped on it twice. 

TMZ Sports obtained footage of the altercation -- you can see and hear Conor putting his foot down on the phone while Abdirzak is being restrained by unidentified men. 

Abdirzak appeared on "TMZ Live" on Thursday morning and said he hadn't decided if he was going to sue, insisting he just wants "justice."

On the criminal side, Conor is facing 2 felony charges -- one of which carries a 15-year prison sentence if convicted. 

Conor McGregor Buys 100 Shots of Whiskey ... at Florida Bar!

3/14/2019 2:39 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Conor McGregor ain't letting a possible 15-year prison sentence get him down -- the UFC star hit up a Florida bar Wednesday and ordered up 100 SHOTS of his famous Irish whiskey! 

The Notorious rolled into Miller's Ale House in Hollywood, FL and turned up like he was celebrating -- going behind the bar, taking pics with fans ... and even cooking steaks in the kitchen!!!

Seriously, we spoke with people at the bar who tell us Conor wasn't there to be served, he was there to WORK! 

Of course, Conor was pushing his Proper 12 whiskey -- ordering up 100 shots for the people in the bar -- and even buying a couple of bottles for himself (he likes it). 

When it was all said and done, Conor's bill came out to $636.66 -- but he wanted to show the staff some love ... so he tipped an additional $200!!!

Conor had been arrested in Miami on Monday for allegedly stealing a cell phone from a man outside of the Fontainebleau hotel and then stomping on it. We obtained footage of the incident

McGregor was booked for robbery/strong-arm and criminal mischief over $1,000 -- and the first charge carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. Conor has been downplaying the allegations. Clearly, he thinks it's no big deal. 

The alleged victim begs to differ ... telling TMZ he wants "justice."

Conor McGregor Phone Stompin' Caught On Video

3/14/2019 5:56 AM PDT

Here it is ... footage showing Conor McGregor stomping out a cell phone in front of the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami -- and it's LOUD. 

You don't only SEE Conor putting his foot down on the phone, you HEAR it -- two thunderous booms as McGregor slams his designer shoe down on the phone around 5 AM Monday morning. 

You can also see and hear the alleged victim, Ahmed Abdirzak, plead with McGregor -- "Let me get my phone, man!"

Abdirzak tells TMZ Sports he was just trying to snap a pic of Conor on his cell phone when the UFC star lured him in by appearing to offer a handshake, but instead snatched the phone and smashed it. 

As we previously reported, cops were called and eventually located McGregor at a nearby mansion where he was staying with his family. 

McGregor was arrested for robbery/strong-arm and criminal mischief over $1,000 (2 felonies) ... but his attorney downplayed the incident, calling it a "minor altercation."

If convicted on both counts, Conor is facing up to 15 years in prison for the robbery/strong-arm charge ... but he doesn't seem too concerned.

In fact, he went out for a jog after he was released from jail. 

It's not Conor's first brush with the law -- he was arrested in 2018 for throwing a steel dolly at a UFC bus in Brooklyn. 

Two fighters were hurt in the incident, but Conor was only sentenced to 5 days of community service and an anger management course

Conor McGregor He Tricked Me into Getting Close ... Says Alleged Phone Victim

3/12/2019 2:47 PM PDT

Conor McGregor duped the dude whose phone he allegedly snatched and smashed in order to get to the goods ... so claims the guy who lost his phone.

TMZ Sports spoke with Ahmed Abdirzak, a UK resident, who tells us he was vacationing in Miami before Monday's scuffle with the former UFC champ. 

Ahmed says he spotted Conor on their way out of the club as he waited for the valet to bring his ride around. Once he saw Conor, Ahmed tells us he pulled out his phone to snap a pic -- and then says Conor actually approached him and appeared to be offering a handshake.

Once he had a hold of his hand, Ahmed says Conor pulled him in and grabbed the phone out of his hand ... allegedly proceeding to stomp on it while his bodyguards blocked off Ahmed. Ahmed asked for the phone back, but to no avail.

He says Conor put it in his pocket, laughed and hopped into a waiting vehicle. Ahmed's pissed about his phone, 'cause he says there's precious content on there for him that he'll never get back.

As you know, Conor was arrested and booked for robbery/strong-arm and criminal mischief, and made bail Monday night. He was calm and collected as he made his way past cameras and into his ride. 

Ahmed tells TMZ Sports he's unsure if he'll file a lawsuit -- but he's discussed the case with lawyers ... just in case.

Conor McGregor It'll All Work Out ... Shirtless Jog After Jail

3/12/2019 1:13 PM PDT
Breaking News

Conor McGregor went right back to business after getting released from jail Monday night ... hitting the streets of Miami for a late-night run!!!

As we previously reported ... the UFC superstar was arrested after he allegedly smashed a fan's phone for trying to take a pic of him outside the Fontainebleau hotel early Monday morning in South Beach.

He was booked for robbery/strong-arm and criminal mischief over $1,000 -- the price of the fan's phone -- and was released a few hours later, around 8 PM PT.

Now we know exactly what Conor did after getting out of the slammer ... 'cause we've obtained video of The Notorious going on a shirtless jog shortly after he posted his $12,500 bond.

Yeah, Conor (seemingly) ain't worried ... and maybe for good reason. He was initially charged with a felony after the NYC bus incident with Khabib -- but struck a deal and only ended up with 5 days of community service and an anger management course.

Conor's attorneys released a statement on Monday ... saying, "Last evening Conor McGregor was involved a minor altercation over a cell phone that resulted in a call to law enforcement.

"Mr. McGregor appreciates the response of law enforcement and pledges his full cooperation."

Michael Blackson Deport Conor McGregor ... He's a 'Violent Man'

3/12/2019 6:01 AM PDT

Michael Blackson says Conor McGregor is a menace to America and should be kicked out of the country already -- telling TMZ Sports, "If it was me, I'd be deported by now."

"Somebody should call Donald Trump and get I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and get him deported. He needs to be deported."

Blackson is originally from Ghana, but the comedian/actor moved to the U.S. in 1987 and he's been here ever since. 

Of course, Blackson is all fired up about McGregor's latest arrest for allegedly stealing and smashing a cell phone in Miami. It's the 2nd time Conor's been arrested in the U.S. following the dolly incident in 2018, when he threw a steel hand truck at a UFC bus, injuring multiple people. 

"He's a very violent man," Blackson tells us ... "If it was me, I'd be deported by now. I.C.E., forget 21 Savage, go get Conor McGregor right now."

"Send him back to his raggedy country right now."

As for McGregor, he was released from police custody late Monday night and strolled into a waiting SUV. He didn't say a word but posted a statement on Instagram Tuesday morning, saying:

"Patience in this world is a virtue I continue to work on. I love my fans dearly. Thank you all."

UFC's Brian Ortega I'm Training Halle Berry!!! 'We're Gonna Drill Her Hard'

3/11/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Halle Berry is turning to a UFC stud to get trained up for her new MMA-inspired movie ... and Brian Ortega tells us he's STOKED for the chance to work with the Hollywood megastar. 

Berry is directing and starring in a flick called "Bruised" -- about a female MMA fighter who's trying to be a good mom while beating asses in cage fights. 

So, she hit up Ortega -- the #2 ranked UFC featherweight in the world. Also, the guy is a legit badass when it comes to jiu-jitsu.

"My main goal is to get her jiu-jitsu looking dope as f*ck," Ortega tells TMZ Sports ... "We're gonna drill her hard."

So, any chance for a possible romance with his new student? After all, Berry selected Ortega as her #ManCrushMonday last month ... and said she couldn't wait to get to get to work with the guy. 

Plus, look at Ortega ... the dude ain't so bad looking himself either. 

But, Brian says he'll keep things strictly professional -- he's not looking to make anyone uncomfortable. Total pro.

Paige VanZant On S.I. Bikini Shoot ... I'm Sexy and I Know It!!!

3/9/2019 12:35 AM PST

UFC star Paige VanZant says she fell in love with herself all over again ... and it's all 'cause she's a super sexy bikini model now!!!

TMZ Sports spoke with PVZ about what it was like to get picked for this year's S.I. Swimsuit Edition ... and she says it was a major, much-needed confidence boost.

"Even being in the UFC, I've always have had those body insecurities," Paige tells us.

"After the shoot, seeing all the pictures, seeing the way they look and the reaction I'm getting ... I have been like feelin' myself lately!"

Not everyone is happy with the results though ... just ask her husband, Austin Vanderford.

"My husband is getting really sick of it, 'cause I love myself a little bit TOO much right now," Paige joked.

PVZ says the shoot was an incredible experience ... and despite having to make a few adjustments to make it easier on her broken arm, she's thrilled with the results.

Check out the clip ... Paige says she was totally comfortable hangin' out in her bikini with a crew following her around ... but what happened when she came face-to-face with a yacht full of tourists??? 

Check out the vid ... and check out the issue when it drops in May!!!

Chuck Liddell Conor's Right ... Cowboy Fight Should Be Main Event!!!

3/9/2019 12:20 AM PST

Conor McGregor has a pretty powerful supporter -- with Chuck Liddell telling TMZ Sports the Irishman is right ... his fight with Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone should be promoted as the MAIN event. 

Remember, Cowboy told ESPN this week ... fight negotiations broke down because Conor refuses to be billed as a co-main event. 

The issue is that neither Conor nor Cowboy currently hold a title -- so they would share the main event billing with whatever title fight would take place on the same card.

Cowboy claims Conor ain't down with that -- and won't share top billing with anyone else. So, for now, the fight doesn't seem to be happening. 

Enter, UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell ... who tells us he REALLY wants to see that fight because Conor and Cowboy are two of his all-time favorites and the bout would be awesome!!!

"I'm excited for that fight," Chuck told us on the way out of 1OAK in L.A. ... "I hope it happens."

As for the main event issue, Chuck says ... "It's a main event fight for sure. No matter what."

"Come on, Conor McGregor and Cowboy?! Two of my favorite fighters! I love watching those guys fight."

Chuck thinks Conor is ultimately using the main event issue as a way to negotiate more money because he's a smart businessman ... and believes the two sides WILL come to an agreement. 

Let's hope Chuck's right ... because that fight would be AWESOME!!!

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