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Friends Say Katherine Jackson is Joe's Puppet

6/21/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

People closely connected to the Jackson family tell TMZ they believe Joe Jackson is manipulating Katherine Jackson to make a quick buck -- to the point she's now in business with a dude who's in the erotic content business.

katherine jackson & joe jackson
Katherine has partnered with Howard Mann for her new book, "Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives," according to Mann has made a fortune on online gambling and erotic content, venturing into online nude gambling.

And Katherine has sold a story about Michael's kids to a tabloid and even helped Joe sell cheesy MJ belts. But here's the thing -- Katherine doesn't need the money.  She's getting an allowance from Michael's estate and will have the use of untold millions of dollars generated by co-executors John Branca and John McClain.

Joe, on the other hand, isn't getting squat from the estate or from Michael's will, and he needs money stat.

As one insider put it, "Katherine is a strong woman who can stand up to pretty much anyone but Joe. There's too much history there.  Joe has always controlled her and always will."


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There is NO excuse why Katherine Jacskons goes to a TABLOID THAT CALLS HER SON "JACKO" to talk about Michael's orphan that she was foolishly entrusted so she (aka JOE) can promote a "book" aka pictures of Michael! NO EXCUSE!!!! she should have known better to exploit Michael & his children! She was sitting next to Joe signing belts, exploiting Michael's childen couple of weeks ago. LIKE HUSBAND LIKE WIFE! Again, if you people foolishly defend Katherine, you are opening a door for JOE to use her to do his dirty work and have her promote upcoming promotions. It is wrong when Joe exploits Michael & childen, it is wrong when Katherine exploits Michael & his children, PERIOD.

1588 days ago


83. MICHAEL JAKCSON Phone Conversations


Posted at 9:12 AM on Jun 21, 2010 by MichaelJACKSON


85. Agree with 'MichaelJACKSON' above! I don't think Mrs Kate Jackson is all 'sweetness & light' & never have. She has grown accustomed to the finer things that her childrens talent have afforded her for sure. I also believe that she has somewhat lost sight of just what it was like back there in Gary, Indiana! Yeah, yeah, yeah....she talks about 'Gary, this & Gary, that' but just try to send her back to that shack she started out in & see how much she "Loves, Gary"? I also think SHE herself is a master manipulator of her own children. Sure MJ 'loved' her. What else did he HAVE?? JOE?? She was the lesser of two evils. Just watch 'Jacksons: American Dream' & see how she goaded Michael into continuing to perform with his brothers. He had to be talked into the Victory Tour, the Pepsi commercial(& we all know what happened with that). He would have cut the ties with the others & gone solo LONG before he actually did had it not been for his mother & her 'scheming'; all part of her effort to 'go along to GET ALONG' cause "Lawdy, laws.....we don't want to upset Joseph. We're FAMILY, Michael!". I think MJ wanted a family of his OWN so he could make right all that was horribly twisted in his own upbringing. He gave his own children 'unconditional love' because that is what he NEVER GOT.

Michaels psyche must have been so damaged yet, he was able to transcend it all to a certain extent to produce such great kids. I find that absolutely AMAZING & pretty hard to explain. Sure hope he gave them enough of a 'headstart' so they can avoid suc***bing to the Hayvenhurst mental illness. I do worry about the MJ3.

A,huh. Katherine's got her own burden to bear when it comes to damage done to her son. Just staying with an abuser is ENOUGH to inflict lifelong psychological damage. She did MORE THAN THAT. She conspired & manipulated behind a veneer of 'sweetness. motherly-love, & her good Jehovah teachings'. Problem is, Katherine 'observed' the Jehovah teachings she WANTED TO & IGNORED THE ONES THAT PREVENTED HER FROM FATTENING UP THE JACKSON BANK ACCOUNT. She taught Michael to 'purchase' her love by subjugating his own needs for a man who hurt him emotionally & physically. Terrific. Is it any wonder MJ couldn't TRUST WOMEN??

I don't think there's anything wrong with this 'memory book' & would probably be interested in reading it but am not fooled for a second that her 'fond memories' of Michael are not directly tied into her 'lifestyle'. She lost the ability to distinguish the difference between the two a long time ago.

Posted at 9:25 AM on Jun 21, 2010 by janalal4

Get Real People!
Like I always said... investigate first before you believe and spontaneously comment.
Listen to the conversation again - in totality!
Michael is clearly speaking about a friend of his named Kathy who was a nurse of some sort, who
had to care for sick and elderly men. She was making a joke and a personal comment to MJ
about her experience with white men and Michael was just repeating it.

In your case (MichaelJACKSON)... I'd say, beware of friends bearing gifts.
Trying to start an issue where there is none. tsk tsk tsk

1588 days ago


@ HumanNature, I am not an American and there is no colors/races in my country. So NOT that we are talking about my parents exploiting me after my death, but still I wish to satisfy your curiosity, my parents said nothing about different races. I believe in equality and I respect all races & color. That being said, Katherine Jackson needs to START protecting those kids she is entrusted with or child protective services should interfere! Think, she didn't put Joe's name in child custody papers but suddenly he is in children's life AFTER she gained custody! I WONDER IF SHE WOULD HAVE AWARDED CUSTODY IF JOE'S NAME WAS ON THOSE PETITION. I think we know the answer, I think she knew the answer which is why she filed under her name ONLY. If he was such a good grandfather, why not file with your flandering husband for custody? KATHERINE, IF YOU CAN'T PROTECT YOURSELF, IF YOU COULDN'T PROTECT YOUR 9 CHILDREN, HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY PROTECT MJ3?

1588 days ago


It seems EVERYBODY in the world can make $$$$$$$ off of MJ beside his parents!!!!


1588 days ago


@ HumanNature


1588 days ago


@97 Kudos, and how does someone that doesn't even live in America think he knows Katherine and Joseph personally....Don't you have stars in your own country to slander?

1588 days ago


Just read an excerpt from the interview KJ gave the Mirror, reprinted in People; where she states, "I heard from people that Michael was taking prescription drugs but I never saw my son drugged". Where was she during that '05 trial??? Isn't this the same woman who watched MJ walk into court on the day the verdict was read, totally out of his SKULL? MJ didn't even know what planet he was on that day, much less did I think for a second he truly was able to comprehend the not-guilty verdict. Good Lord, the mans face was an ashen 'mask'; totally absent of any affect whatsoever. Was she not THERE right along with 'us', the fans who watched him totally destruct psychologically as that trial progressed day by day? HEL-LOOOO! Sorry but this woman 'sees' what she wants & turns a blind eye to what she has no desire to deal with-that would be IMO, anything 'unpleasant'.

1588 days ago


If you believe Michaels claims of Joe abusing him, then you can believe Joe is "abusing" Katherine. Verbal & emotional are just as much abuse as physical. Joe is an abuser, pure & simple. Its hard for an abuse victim to leave, especially after this long. I feel for Katherine & pray she gets the courage to stop the cycle & leave the idiot!!

1588 days ago


@dd, starting when do you own Michael, his greedy family & public media? I know them by research. Your ignorant comment suggest people in USA knows them better, why do you meet them for lunch every week? If you are going to have a come back, acquire an IQ first. JACKSONS ARE GREEDY, people in Timbaktu knows that! I just expected better from Katherine, her beig "perfection' and all! Perfection going to a tabloid thank insults her son, perfection failing to protect her own children, perfection turning a blind eye to affairs and a BASTARD daughter Joe has, perfection watching while her children are oiled and beaten, perfection exploiting her grandchildren on her "husband"'s command, perfection turning a blind eye when bully Joe accuses of HAER for MJ's death, perfection exploiting her own son on the first anniversary of her death, perfection adding to media frenzy by talking about MJ's orphans, PARFECTION MY A(SS)!!!! You don't have to be an amwerican to know what she is doing is immoral! ASK YOURSELF, HOW DID MICHAEL FEEL ABOUT TABLOIDS & EXPLOITATION OF HIS CHILDREN? Or think of it this way, if Joe gave that interview, saying the same thing Katherine said, we would have been all over him, so why the double standard?

1588 days ago



This is my take on the whole situation. We, the public do not know what is going on with this family and to be honest, I really do not care. The American court have spoken LOUDLY and awarded Mrs. Jackson custody. The court already gave the thumb up for Mrs. Jackson for doing a GREAT JOB IN RAISING HER GRANDCHILDREN.

Please remember the children has a court appointed attorney and their money is separate from hers and safe. Papa Joe can't even touch or smell their money.

What Mrs. Jackson does with her money is her business and her business alone, NOT THE PUBLIC BUSINESS.

I would like to see their birth mother, Debbie Rowe get involved with her children. It is never too late for her.

Furthermore, the court and estate is monitoring those children and if they deem that there is a problem, I bet you that they will go in and take those children in a heart beat.

Please remember this, Papa Joe is old, old, old, old and don't believe everything that TMZ and any gossip site say about somebody!!!!

Also, what do you think about MJ's estate paying three of MJ's brothers $10,000 per month for their silence and cooperation??????


1588 days ago


Next she will go to a tabloid to reveal what school they will attend!!! Katherine and Joe BOTH saw Michael on April 03rd for lunch where Patrick allocco, Leonard Rowe and they tried convincing Michael to do a Family Tour. Before that Katherine ONLY spoke to Michael on te phone, Joe hadn't seen him OVER 2 YEARS, I KNOW THAT FOR FACT! They next saw MJ on May 15 at Beverly Hotel to AGAIN convince MJ to do the family Tour ALONG with O2 concerts. They did NOTTTTTTTTT try helping Michael, they only added him extra pressure to make money when MJ was already taking care of ALL jacksons with their billions kids from billion baby mamas! Now they exploit him & his children!!! And they do it on the anniversary of his death!!!! When they talk of MJ "addiction' and intervention, they mean 2005!!!!

1588 days ago


Katherine and Joe Jackson are adults and can do whatever they want because we live in America. It;s not my place or anyone else's to judge them since we know none of them personally and have no inside information other than what is printed in the tabloids from their anonymous paid sources.

Do what you need to do Katherine.

1588 days ago


98. @ HumanNature


Posted at 9:52 AM on Jun 21, 2010 by MichaelJACKSON

I don't see any problem with any parents trying to make $$$$$$$ off of their dead child. They did born and raised him.

I guess you don't mind giving your money to CORPORATIONS that are making $$$$$$$$$$ off of MJ?????


TMZ have been exploiting and making $$$$$$$ off of MJ's children since the day he died!!!!

Now, you don't want MJ's mother or father to make ANY $$$$$$$$!!!!


1588 days ago


Every dead celebrities family member is making mad $$$$$$$$ off of them!!!!

Lisa Marie Presley and Priscilla Presley is a perfect example!!!!


1588 days ago
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