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Jermaine Jackson's MJ Cemetery Interview

6/22/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson arrived at Forest Lawn Cemetery today with his son Jaafar by his side ... for an interview with Larry King.


Friday marks the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.


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Is that one of his sons by the same woman his brother Randy has two children from? Jermaine is a sleazy bag. That family is so confused. No wonder Randy almost had a heartatack last week. Their poor mother has really aged since all the drama with Michael's death.

1520 days ago


No Talent [Jermaine] must get his reality TV time some how. He even picked-up his useless son from Katheron's house for the day. A little father and son time. Very little!

1520 days ago


Larry King marks the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death with bizarre graveside family interview

1520 days ago

Mr. Bate    

One year already? Time sure flies when you're still alive.

1520 days ago


An interview at the mausoleum? I don't think that is the place for an interview.

1520 days ago



1520 days ago


Oh they wont let MJ supporters in but they would let this lying money-hungry mother****er give an interview from there. Are you ****ing serious? This is classless and cheap! AND he's always trying to put his kids in the limelight. I thought I had a ****ed up family, MJ's is way worse than mine.

1520 days ago

faye milano    

Still riding Michaels coat tails Jermaine? Even in death.....You are so desperate for ANY type of publicity. Michael was the true talent, why don't you just get a job.....

1519 days ago

faye milano    

One more thing it's a no wonder he stayed away from you all, I know he had problems of his own, but really an interview from your brother's resting place??? Anything for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I hope he haunts you....

1519 days ago


yes totally agree with comment 13 so true all for the money.

mind you isnt that what killed mj. the stress over making more money to keep his extended family.

1519 days ago


and oh yeah,the jacksons are a singing family dynasty, they made millions and millions way before mj became the king of go somewhere with that , the family is a bunch of no talent moochers, like i said b4,its obvious a lot of you do not know what your talking about.and as far as his father, mj said it himself , if t wsnt for my father i would not be who am today, joe taght them disipline yeah he might have went over board a little, but back in the days thats how u delt with your children, you kicked thier remmber everone was geting thier asses kicked back then not just the jacksons..**** if u listen to the way most his sons talk, they sounded soft to me, he probbaly was worried about them becoming girly men. so he tuffnded them up. lol . but on the real side he did what he had to do,to make them boys the best at what they did, he didnt want them working in a dead end steel mill, or gettng cuaght up in the streets. so he did what he had to do..

1519 days ago


its ridiculous how everyone keeps dissing jermaine ,when the man is sincere about hs trye feelings for hs brother . MJ looked up to jermanine for a long time even b4 he died.he alwys wanted hs opinion on his songs. it kills me how a lot of people juts know Mj from the billy jean era , a lot of these so called fans dont know him from the jackson 5 or the jacksons.,that whole family is one remmbers thier family tv show. i think the persons that keep dissing jermaine and the rest of the famly for speaking on thier brother and son , not thiers. need to do thier homework b4 they run thier mouths about people not having jobs and careers , and hanging around for mikes money and feeding off the spot light of "Their"dead family member..a lot of these dummies dont even know his idols, and if you wasa true fan and a true music buff , you would know Mj s dance moves are alot of someone elses,incorporated with his. till his death he did his IDOLs mash potatoe dance and shuffle (JAMES BROWN).thats who he imitated untile the day he died. the rest was fred astaire , elvis, mikhal barishnakov, and a whole bunch of break dancers..Mj wasa perfectionist and just took all those styles and made them please you so called Mj fans get your facts right about everything.

1518 days ago


And you call yourself MJ fans? He would not like the hate. That's not what he was about. Look at some footage of MJ and Jermaine. MJ was close to Jermaine

1518 days ago

Just saying    

I believe nothing of what TMZ says about the family. People have been commenting on Jermaine and Randy not having a job however Randy just donating 60,000 dollars to a girl that was dying. Tha is a lot of money for a poor guy that works on cars huh. Just because you are not in front of a camara and a big superstar does not mean that you are not making money. For all you know he could be a songwriter, producer or invested his earning well so that he could live well. Also, people have been complaining about Jermaine and the rest of the family making money off of his death but do you know if he got paid for the interview. Most people have no problem going out and purchasing his music however those proceeds go to the music exec. at these majors labels. So it is OK to go out and support This is It which has made tons of money(no doubt because they wanted to recollect any money lost putting on the show) but it is not ok for his family to get any money.

I hate when people sit back and judge others without all of the facts (remember MJ). They are his family and they loved him and he has also said that he loves them. The family is hurting and instead of supporting them we are trying to rip them apart by saying you should do this or not do that. Everyone should work on their home life and family before trying to critize others.

1518 days ago


I Loved the Larry King interview on 6/25/10! The Jackson family is very strong and brave standing up to preserve Michaels memory. The family knew Michael better than any of us. Some people need to back off the Jackson's and show some respect.

I love Jermaine, he has shown courage and sincerly loved Michael.
God Bless Jermaine, Tito and all those who loved Michael.

1517 days ago
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