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Kobe Bryant & Vanessa -- In a Happy Place

6/23/2010 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just like you are supposed to do after winning the NBA championship, Kobe Bryant went to Disneyland on Tuesday ... and he took his wife Vanessa, her ring and one of their kids too.


When you're 6'6" it really is a small world after all.

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@13. Obviously you know nothing about the story because if you did you would know the girl lied about Kobe Bryant and she definitely was hiding something becuase she refused to testify. If you can go to the police and tell them what happened and you know there is going to be a trial why would you refuse to testify?

Here's an excerpt from an article:
"Faber bled during her encounter with Kobe Bryant. The bleeding was likely caused by vaginal tearing or irritation caused by her recent frequent sexual activities. A blood stain from her vagina was found on the underside of Kobe's t-shirt (verified via DNA testing). Faber had some minor bruising on her neck."

"One of the most puzzling pieces in the case was how Faber, then 19, showed up to a rape clinic with yellow underwear coated with semen from several men. Faber claimed that she grabbed the underwear out of a bag before going to work not realizing that it was soiled. Defense attorneys claimed that Faber had sex with three men in three days. The underwear became a critical piece of evidence in the pre-trial proceedings as Bryant's defense attorneys tried to portray her as promiscuous."

1519 days ago

Vanessa Sucks!    

Vanessa needs to stop guarding her man closer than most NBA defenses. She is an attention whore. I feel bad for Kobe. If things were good at home, he wouldn't have cheated. She needs to grow up. The entire country is sick of seeing her fat ass in the lakers tunnel, in the Lakers awards ceremony, and forcing her kids in front of the camera to make it look like they are a happy family.

Note to Vanessa - noone is buying your charade. People in great relationships don't have to try so hard to look happy.

If you want to save your marriage, try getting a life of your own. You might want to add a few workouts to your down time. You are putting on the pounds while you protect the perimeter around Kobe. You obviously don't trust him while he is awake, so you could try to workout while he sleeps, or do you stand guard then too?

1519 days ago


You would think Vanessa played on the Lakers with all the camera time she got during the championship ceremony. Leave some space for the players, wait in the back!....Always waiting for him after every game...relax Vanessa, just trust him again!

1519 days ago


@13. Why not just give the underwear with Kobe Bryants semen to the rape clinic as eveidence to help your case? Why would you have underwear with several other mens semen on it?

So please follow the story until the very end.

And besides, as long as Vanessa forgave her husband then that's all that matters.

Stop bringing up bs from seven years ago because it's kind of pathetic.

Oh and one more thing, Bryant may lead his team, but he isn't the only one on the team. You need to have key players to help you win games because if you don't you will lose, one prime example would be Lebron James.

1519 days ago


LOL..Kobe looks pissed! How funny.

1519 days ago


LOL, damn she got chunky

1519 days ago


Vanessa and family walked by us at game 6. That girl has put on some serious weight...wearing a tight pair of jeans with a fugly ass is not a good look.

1519 days ago


IDK he does not look like he is having very much fun to me.

1519 days ago


Oh course this ho has put on weight. Do you pepople think this is a happy marriage or a happy family? Kobe rapes/cheates after only one year of marriage. He left that poor girl in Colorado bleeding from the a$$ and with bruises on her neck. What an animal. Who could be happy married to such a creep? This Vanessa woman is so unhappy she screams at reporters, sales clerks, maids or anybody else who has to put up with it to keep a job. The sad thing is that those kids are getting older they will soon use google and will learn the truth that their father is really a rapist and that their mother is crazy.

1519 days ago

Throwback kid    

It's nice to see Vanessa forgave Kobe for making love with a total stranger who he just met in a hotel, what a great guy and husband he is.

1519 days ago

The Ascension    

Boy I tell you whenever a blk person that is famous does something The racist ass white pplcome out the trailers to talk ****.You of all ppl shouldnt be trying to talk about what another race does Last time I check you all have the most blood and greed on ya'll hands Let's start hmmm You stole the land from Native Americans You bought slaves You denied ppl off their rights You dont want hispanics in the country and you hate muslims and the biggest sin of them all white ppl Killed Jesus! So You all will be the ones in oo judgement day that God Sends to meet your maker who is the Devil!

and by the way stop living in 2003 that white bitch couldnt handle his penis size so she went and bragged about it then cried rape but think about it she sued hmmmm why didnt she press charges?because she wanted money!and white girls do anything to get some big **** trust me.Just like in Tokyo They paying to get some blk D because you guys cant measure up!

1519 days ago



Better check in again.

1519 days ago



You're the biggest racist piece of **** on here. You're the only one bringing up race, obviously you can't get over it due to your own insecurity. People are talking trash because he slept with some girl while he was married, that's inexcusable no matter what color you are, you ignorant fool.

You're bringing up things that happened hundreds of years ago? Seriously? God you're dumb. As a half white person I'm ashamed of the dumb white trash that exists today, and you should be ashamed of the ghetto black people that talk and dress like idiots and give the intelligent ones a bad wrap. Or light taxis on fire like that black dude after the Lakers won, who's fault was that? Every race has it's idiots, like you, and they ruin it for the rest of us. Humans suck.

1519 days ago


Wow!!! Vanessa's gotten FAT! That girl is thick!

1518 days ago


Who is he going to rape next?

1518 days ago
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