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Bubbles the Chimp Disses La Toya Jackson

6/23/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson just tried to rekindle her treasured relationship with Michael Jackson's former pet chimp Bubbles -- but when she went to the cage, it was clear Bubbles wasn't havin' it.

The two met up for an Animal Planet special which ran last night called "Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story." It was the first time they'd seen each other since 2004 ... when MJ gave him up.

During the encounter, La Toya gets super emotional ... begging Bubbles to simply acknowledge her. There's crying, there's awkward moments ... but no dung was flung.

Still, you gotta see this video.


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Princess Jackson    

I agree with chitownlady. She's a has been that never was.

1586 days ago


Bubbles DID NOT DISS LaToya, it was a very intense and sad moment. .

*It's no wonder why they never let the cameras in to see Bubbles b/c of TMZ and others who just like to spread lies and false stories. Bubble's seemed as though he recognized her and didn't spit at her as they expected, thinking he wouldn't recognize LaToya. He surely did recognize her IMO.

Aww., C'Mon TMZ..put the whole hour long story from Animal Planet last night! Dumb Asses why don't you post why MJ loved his animals and the bond he had with them! JERKS!

TMZ, cool it at least for this week! DO YOU ALL at TMZ HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR YOUR OWN FAMILY?

1586 days ago


TMZ maybe it isn't a good idea to put up a story like this, you have many very ignorant comments just as #2., stupid ass people, what can you expect from their ignorance, CAN'T even spell for crying out loud!

#2., That chimp is probably a million times smarter than your dumb ass, writing an ignorant comment like that, that's right.. when you wake up every morning and look in the mirror you can't tell the difference between your face and you ass!

1586 days ago


SNAP! That one chick got her comment removed about the media and some petition, well my comment about ignorance goes to post #1.

1586 days ago


I watched a few minutes of the show, but, as with Jermaine, LaToya, too, has that off-putting little child voice. Of course, Michael had it also. What is with that?

1586 days ago

it was sad...

1586 days ago


She's stupid! Yeah he was cute when little, but then he got big and was disposable. NONE of the Jackson family pays for his upkeep. THE VERY LEAST THEY COULD DO. This is another ANIMAL PLANET BS video!!!

1586 days ago


Which ones La Toya?

1586 days ago


When you look at the THE POSTS that come on here and chimpanzees in general you really have to wonder if evolution has decided to play some type of cruel joke on us all.

Posted at 7:19 AM on Jun 23, 2010 by BananaHammock

1586 days ago


AW how funny! That look on Bubbles face! roflmao!!! Priceless.
And LaToy CRYING! LOL.....
Bubbles couldn't have cared less...OH that look on his face for the camera...and then turned his back on her! LOL
If he did recognize her he clearly wanted nothing to do with the fake wench. Like he was ashamed and embarrassed by her.
Oh made my morning! Thanks.
OhWell...get a load of this! LOL
you are pathetic
and ridiculous

1586 days ago

BananaHammock much for free speech!

Now the TMZ Staff are taking the comments and changing them however they see fit and posting them themselves?!?! WTF?

1586 days ago


The original post:

That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen...

"You remember me don't you Bubbles?"

BooHoo BooHoo...

When you look at the Jackson family and chimpanzees in general you really have to wonder if evolution has decided to play some type of cruel joke on us all.

1586 days ago


8. Which ones La Toya?
Posted at 7:25 AM on Jun 23, 2010 by timsami
The one with the fake nose, boobs, face, hair, nails, and bleached skin.
Bubbles is the real deal.
Bubbles has more personality and intelligence than you could ever dream of having Grump.

1586 days ago


Wow Grump. You have a hair up yours this morning or what? As far as LaJokeya, need some publicity honey? If you really gave a sh*t you'd have gone to see him long before this. I wish he had flung poo.

1586 days ago


Maybe he just got annoyed with her saying his name repeatedly.

1586 days ago
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