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Bubbles the Chimp Disses La Toya Jackson

6/23/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson just tried to rekindle her treasured relationship with Michael Jackson's former pet chimp Bubbles -- but when she went to the cage, it was clear Bubbles wasn't havin' it.

The two met up for an Animal Planet special which ran last night called "Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story." It was the first time they'd seen each other since 2004 ... when MJ gave him up.

During the encounter, La Toya gets super emotional ... begging Bubbles to simply acknowledge her. There's crying, there's awkward moments ... but no dung was flung.

Still, you gotta see this video.


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OhSmell, do yourself a favor and stop typing with so many nics.


1527 days ago


I have never commented on here before, but wonder if TMZ actually watched the whole program. I have no clue as to whether Bubbles recognized LaToya,to me,it appeared that he did and the experts said that he did, but I think you guys missed what the whole subject matter was. The experts talked about why Michael had so many pets and indicated that it was not so "out there" to have a chimp as a pet. In fact there are a number of people who do. That's not to say it is a wise thing to do, just a fact. One thing they did say was that he took great care of him and gave Bubbles up when he knew he could not care for him properly. I thought the program showed why Michael turned to pets from a very young age as his diversion from having work 15 hours a day. I'm sure you MJhaters will have some rude comment, what else is new? What's it to any of you how LaToya deals with Michael's death? It evidently was something she felt she had to do. I should as heck wouldn't want you people picking apart how I have grieved for the family members I have lost or how I live my life. I learned allot from the program.

1527 days ago


True story, the older sister of a friend of mine back in the 80's was convinced George Michael's hit song "MONKEY" was about his desire to be with MJ, but Bubbles was in the way....

1527 days ago


58. Bubbles Looks Like Joe
Posted at 11:11 AM on Jun 23, 2010 by OhWell
lol...OhWell...give Bubbles a break!
After the initial shock of being abandoned...
bet he's glad he's in this habitat rather than with that freaky family.
Poor abadoned Bubbles...
abandoned by a narcissitic mentally ill used up drug addict who ran through a cool billion during his lifetime....ending up unable to even feed Bubbles (or feed or house his test tube babies) or those poor Giraffes who wound up dying like thrown away musty giraffe mats. And the tigers that THedren saved. And his llama, and snakes...of my. Bet he didn't even send anybody a thank you note for saving them.
Michael Jackson ....the animal lover, humanitarian and philanthropist....

1526 days ago

Illinois person    

Hey Grump (#39), like anything you posted was anything original? Throwing tomatoes? Rather than slamming other people's comments why not think of something to say about the gist of the story? How sad all you have to do w/your life is lash out at those whom you don't even know or are somehow bothered by a la their comments. You want to throw tomatoes at me, bananas at Tish, what's up w/your anger? Perhaps this site of comments isn't for you.

1526 days ago


Another great post by Tellit. He left those animals for dead.

1526 days ago

Le Singe    

this is so ridiculous the family is even trying to cash in on the monkey....

I did a blog post about it

1526 days ago


Illinois Idiot (any relation to that Blago idiot? or maybe the murderous Drew) Damn that Lake water out there you drink is very contagious, just look at Trish just as dumb, or are you the same moron? Seems like it.

Can't read on top of being dumb.. I said for Trish to throw a banana at her son not at Bubbles, kind of harsh for her to say to an innocent animal.

This place isn't for ignorant people like you and your other nics, perhaps you need to go to a hateful sight, what have you ever posted on here that's of interest? Typing crap about Michael Jackson and that's not hateful or angry? Also typing stupid crap about some county being crooked, well go complain to your local government, not here BUD.

ORIGINAL.. I am. One and only and don't switch my nics regardless my opinions. So are my comments and I also quote and not take others comments as my ideas.

Have a nice day Illinois crooked Person(aren't they all?). lol.

1526 days ago


Thats funny OhWell. Hi to Deb.

1526 days ago


that made me want to cry

1526 days ago


Subconsciously, she is clearly talking to her brother there... That's why she get so emotional.
That's very sad...

1526 days ago


TMZ is letting me down more by the day. Your Jackson stories have been strange and sensationalized more than usual these past few weeks. I come here looking for accurate news because you guys have proven to know more than the average "gossip site", but this place has been sounding more tabloid by the day. I'm so disappointed. I'm about to put you all in the same category as NOTW... and that's a damn shame really.

1526 days ago


Michael Jackson levitates.
LaToy interview:
I don't think NOTW is all that bad.
Neither do the Jacksons. They've made a bit of $$ from NOTW.
They knew about Michael Jackson "dying" before we did.

1526 days ago


lol, check out the 'Snooki' pig thread and you'll see that Trish is clearly a straight-up DYKE! She's all about sucking the other end of the pickle that greasy pig had hanging out of her face, so wonder she wants to meet 'Deb' so badly...wait until she finds out that you are one and the same....sad day for the carpet munching queen...LOL!

Posted at 2:49 PM on Jun 23, 2010 by FPIC

LMAO, GOING TO CHECK IT OUT! Trish is a true s***bag!

1526 days ago

Illinois person    

Grump, your screen name says it all aside from the fact that you have some major issues in life. Dumb, moron, idiot - glad to know you've put your education to great use. By the way, don't forget about Lincoln and Obama; you know those two famous presidents also from Illinois. Here, we take the bad w/the good. You're just plain bad! PS, don't waste good food, such as tomatoes and bananas, there's starving people out there even you who's starving for a brain.

1526 days ago
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