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Octomom Launches Projectile Babies

6/23/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom laid waste to an unsuspecting victim with human baby rockets -- that's correct, Nadya Suleman actually launched flying newborns ... from between her legs ... at some guy's face.

Okay, so the babies weren't real.  It's for an MTV game show called "Silent Library."

The episode airs July 6th on MTV -- please don't try this at home.


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1562 days ago

myrna tyrna    

No self-respecting, I take that self-respecting human being would degrade themselves this way.

1562 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

This makes the porno talk look like a day at Disneyland...way to keep it classy, Nadya Norealjob! Does she have any dignity or pride at all?? How about self respect?? Ever heard of that? This is a new low, even for her, how embarrassing!!! Please go away for good, get a real job and hope like hell those kids won't need any type of counseling for having t his waste of flesh for a mother. Vomit.

1562 days ago

Deadly Silencer    

Once again MTV is trying to take everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

1562 days ago


Great story. I'm so glad you decided to run this instead of info about General Petraeus (on every other network in the world). I got to hand it to you. I know I can always come here for the really important "stuff".

1562 days ago


She looks like Linda Blair in the Exorcist in the bottom photo.

1562 days ago


So very disgusting

1562 days ago


This pig really has no shame.

1562 days ago


These guys look dumber then she does. What a bunch of idoit's!Does anybody even watch MTV anymore?. Look's like their scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.....SAD

1562 days ago


Nadya is putting food on the table....the same folks crying about how she gets work are probably the same folks who cried about she better not get welfare. I single parent 4 kids and its not cheap...I cant imagine the strength this woman needs each and every day with her large brood. She made a mistake and she has paid dearly for it and will continue to least she is being a good sport...everyones calling her down but she has kept a sence of humour....and is probably doing a better job of going it alone with 14 kids then anyone whining about her ever could. I work my ASS off, and I go to bed exhuasted and she has 10 more kids to feed....Im impressed. Im impressed she manages to work and be funny and make light of her situation and manage to have got all those kids this far. She made her bed...but she is lying in it and trying real hard to feed her brood. I respect her for it. And Nadya whenever i have a real hard day I think of you...if you can do it 14 then i can make it with 4!

1562 days ago


Dear MTV,


A former viewer

1562 days ago


class act !

1562 days ago


This woman does not know the meaning of the word "shame." Some people are a little too capable of overcoming embarrassment and humiliation when publicity and/or a paycheck is involved. wonderful for her many, many children to grow up and learn that Mom was a cow, and a stupid one, at that.

1562 days ago


who watches MTV that isn't 13 or 14 years old, I would watch if they actually went back to playing music videos and had innovative shows.

1562 days ago


I feel so aweful for her children. There is no way she can provide proper care to that many kids on her own. Too bad God gave some of us free will. She deserves nothing.

1562 days ago
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