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6/23/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Holy crap -- did you see the unreal goal Landon Donovan and the U.S. soccer team pulled out in the 91st minute of their match with Algeria!?!?!? It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On to the next round ...


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Joey Diggs    

Soccer is SO BORING. I am a Canadian and it is the MOST BORING sport in the world. I'll take Hockey, Baseball, Football or Basketball over soccer any day. GET IT OFF OF MY TV NOW!!

1529 days ago


To Gill

Don't worry about them! They don't know anything about football! Like u said, brazilians and english people breath, eat and live football!
I do respect England a lot, as a matter of fact i Love Londonn!!
Too bad Rooney lost a lot of goals tday..:(
I dunno what's happening..all the great players aren't scorring... Rooney, Messi, Kaka..but they'll get there!! :D

1529 days ago


Funny how USA likes/aknowlegdes "soccer" only when their team plays well...

1529 days ago


USA ftw, if you actually read my previous comments i think you will find that i congratulated you on your performance, infact you've played better than England for the last few matches, and no, i don't think we could beat Brazil, one of the best teams in the world. I actually only look at this site for the latest Michael Jackson news as we don't get the latest stories over here. It just annoys me that Americans don't ever seem to bother with football, but as soon as they do well you all think you're gonna win the world cup! I never once trashed your team.

1529 days ago


Thanks Brazil, you're far too kind, England have played terrible this whole cup, we have some of the best players in the world, but put them in an England shirt and they forget how to play football! On the bright side at least today they actually tried to play a game, but then again some of the other top teams haven't performed either.

1529 days ago

USA ftw    

Gill--I was being pretty civil in my comments to you, which is why I'm confused as to why you're being defensive. I'm actually a fan of England and USA b/c I follow outside of the world cup and like many English players. I was not insinuating you said anything negative about the US, and I have read your previous comments, and was surprised and gracious that you congratulated us, as most here (as you can see) don't. I was making a general statement about who people tend to attack on these boards b/c I don't feel that Victoria would be attacked for cheering for England? I think your confusing pride that we did well. Do I really think we're going to win the cup? No, but I see no problem with hoping and cheering my team on. I'm not a fan of arguing on here...I just want my team to win, and don't like people like "Brazil" who come on here for no reason other than to start something.

1529 days ago


Yeap Gill, this is what we call the "zebra world cup"...

1529 days ago

USA ftw    

I've also played soccer since I was 4 and travelled around Europe for a summer playing in my teens. I chose not to play in college because I wanted a life outside of soccer. So soccer isn't only relevant to me when the world cup is on. When I started playing, I had to play on an all boy's team b/c girls "didn't play" soccer, so I'll take any American love for soccer that I can get, even if it is only during the world cup b/c it means more Americans are being exposed to it, which could lead to a greater love for the sport. I apologize if you took offense at my post.

1529 days ago


@Joey Digg:
then what sport do you like, the most exciting and the most exillirating... CURLING?!


1529 days ago


GO USA!! Soccer is the best! With American football and baseball there is too much of the players just sitting on the butts half the time, too many time-outs and commercial breaks.

1529 days ago


USA ftw, i think i have the right to defend myself against other people who do find my comments offensive, the only thing that really annoys me is the fact that you call our national game soccer and not football, but then again we call baseball rounders, and the game you call football is abit like rugby except we're abit tougher and don't need so much padding! I really don't have anything against Americans, infact it's my favourite country ever, love how you can be so patriotic, in England if we wave the St Georges cross any other time than the world cup, we're classed as racist as it might upset the other cultures, which really really annoys me.

1529 days ago

Joey Diggs    

jM...as I said, I'll take Hockey, Baseball, Football or Basketball over boring soccer any day.


I can only assume there are foreign editors or writers at TMZ because no way no how would a normal North American sports fan be writing about soccer, the most boring sport in the world.

1529 days ago


Americans are known for paying athletes lots of money. You can bet if soccer takes off in America that is where the most money will be made in the sport. That means all those other countries will become farms for our team just like most other professional sports we have like Hockey and Baseball. I guess you might get them back during the Olympics...

1529 days ago


I don't know how much the sport stars in America are paid, but in England football players are paid an obscene amount of money, and i know LA Galaxy paid far too much for David Beckham who's far past his best, so if the game did take off in America i'd hate to know how much they'd be paid.

1529 days ago


when is this soccer **** over? soooooooo boring.
GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

1529 days ago
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