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Stripper: I Saw Murray Drinking the Night MJ Died

6/25/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A stripper claims she was working at Sam's Hof Brau in downtown L.A. hours before Michael Jackson died and saw Dr. Conrad Murray in the strip club, drinking  ... something Dr. Murray has flatly denied.

Sam's Hof Brau

The stripper, who is shopping her story, claims Dr. Murray was at the club before midnight on June 24, 2009.  She says after Jackson died ... management told employees not to speak to anyone about it because "they didn't want to be involved."

The stripper says Dr. Murray was at the club several times in May and June.  Sam's Hof Brau is a couple of miles from Staples Center, where Michael Jackson had been rehearsing for his London concert that same evening. 

Dr. Murray's rep has previously said the doc was not at the club the night before Jackson died, adding that Dr. Murray does not drink.  Another stripper at the club told TMZ Murray was not there on June 24, 2009.

Joe Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, has sent Dr. Murray a notice of intent to sue for wrongful death.  In those docs, obtained by TMZ, Oxman claims Dr. Murray was at the club, drinking, just hours before MJ's death.


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How's the food @ Sam's?

1480 days ago


Hey Tony we will mark and celebrate the other pervert's demise (YOU) with a drink as well you low life bimbo

1480 days ago


Hey Tony we will celebrate and mark your demise with a drink as well. You are simply pathetic and classless. How dare you disrespect Michael's name. The only pervert there is is the one you seelooking back at you when you look in your damn mirror you disgrace for a human being. You cannot define Michael he was and is a child of the Most High God, wonderfully made and one of the most handsome men to walk this planet, maybe it is your jealousy that has you so bitter but there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Michael was and possibly is the most caring person ever you will never be what MJ was and that is a kind and caring human, on the other hand you will be what your character shows you to be a washed up bitter jealous has been that cant take the fact that such a beautiful person existed and continues to live in the hearts of those who love goodness and kindness to abound on this earth. So again i say check what you are seeing when you look in your mirror, that's the pervert right there FOOL. Michael my sweet, handsome, extremely good looking, kind, caring, intelligent and passionate prince i say RIP. To the haters like Tony no one give a damn what you think about MJ, dont you think it's time you got a real life. You cant touch MJ now with your negativity. His legacy is continuing to soar to new heights and that is precisely because he gave so much and spread so much love during his lifetime. You obviously have never heard but is is called the law of sowing and reaping. He sowed so much goodness and that is why he is reaping such bounteous blessing now albeit posthumously at the hands of a murderer. You will NEVER be able to contain his blessings which are overflowing and will continue to do so for years to come.

1480 days ago


This sad day has arrived. I've lit a candle for Michael, playing a little of his music, later will watch the movie and dvds.
R.I.P. Michael.

1480 days ago

Why oh Why?    

16. Well, I do believe Murray is at fault for MJ's death, but a year later, how can a STRIPPER remember that it was him who was drinking?

Posted at 3:45 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by Nicole

This woman came forward just a month or so after Michael´s death, I remember it well since I was in LA that day. So it´s nothing new.
She remembered him because he basically threw money around him boasting about being Michael Jackson´s Doctor. That´s why she remembered him.

Unlike many other posters I don´t think strippers lie more than any other person. Seems so easy to pass judgement on people in here. Not saying Murray WAS in there drinking, but I wouldn´t be surprise for a second if he was.

1480 days ago


Anyone who is "shopping her story" immediately has major credibility issues.

1479 days ago


I heard this story right after his death, so I don't think she is just now speaking out...Anyway how did he become such a moral man all of a sudden, how many babies mammas does he have? I believe her, and lord who goes to downtown L.A. strip joints, how disgusting.

1479 days ago


Posted at 7:32 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by Why oh Why?

TMZ have only added that line 'shopping her story' to try and discredit her. They're blatantly promoting Murray and we know it.
That makes me think she's probably telling the truth.
Hey TMZ, stop distracting us with these crap stories and start concentrating on the real issues such as who's bankrolling Murray. That's what we really want to know.

1479 days ago


Force the Media to Clear MJ's name ! It's Time!

Support MJJ MJ Justice 2010

Sign this petition!!!!!

Repost this request and also read

Michael Jackson Justice 2010 project... asking ppl to use the link in the videos and letter (cont) ...

1479 days ago


For all of us that can`t be there today:


1479 days ago


Just how many fame-seeking ho-bags are there in LA? It boggles the mind. With people like this and s***-bucket Joe Jackson, Doc Murray's starting to look like a swell guy.

1479 days ago


Sam's is offering Jesus Juice at half price all weekend. Woo hoo!

1479 days ago


"The stripper, who is shopping her story, claims Dr. Murray was at the club before midnight on June 24, 2009." No more needs to be said... guess the dollar bills tucked in her G-string aren't paying the bills! What a idiot.

1479 days ago


ROLL BACK THE CAMERAS!!! THAT WILL SHOW IF SHES LYING OR NOT!! Cmon lady, their could of been a lot of people that could even remotely look like Conrad Murray. How come all of a sudden a year after MJ died this girl wants to speak out about something that happened 366 days ago. Cmon I dont even remember what I was doing that cmon..and for that person that said that they saw this story before, when did you see it? I didnt and when MJ died I was all up and through TMZ, and I never heard that story? Cmon, you must be the strippers friend or something. Her story seems less and less credible if shes talking about it now. And if that stripper has a great memory like that then she shouldnt be a stripper, she could probally get a good job. But idk, you never know, it might be true, but it seem close to impossible to believe if shes ironically talking about it a year after MJ died.

1479 days ago


"The stripper, who is shopping her story..."

Stop right there; the stripper has no credibility because this is an enrichment opportunity; too much potential for lying for capital gain. If it were true, the stripper should be beaten with a 2x4, because the brainless whore just f-ed up evidence...

1479 days ago
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