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Jake & Vienna Interview

Ends With An Angry Bang

6/24/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi got together last night to secretly tape an interview that ended abruptly when Jake exploded in anger -- and a source tells TMZ this isn't the first time.


Jake and Vienna were talking about their breakup during the taping when Jake lost his temper -- and reportedly cocked his arm and made a fist in Vienna's direction.

A source close to Vienna claims Jake "has a really bad hidden temper. He snaps all the time, it was just the first time he did it in front of people."

Jake and Vienna had to be separated on the set and the interview was pretty much over before it began.

Jake's rep hasn't responded to calls yet. No word if there will be a second take on the interview.

UPDATE: A production insider tells us Vienna was interrupting Jake constantly during the taping ... "Chris Harrison had to tell her over and over again to let him talk."

The insider also says "Vienna was in such a rage, if there was anyone to fear it was her."



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devra hall    

at first I liked Jake but watching him more n more you begin to really see that person.I think he has to be perfect n everything n everyone around him does to.I can see he is controlling n I can see he has a temper just the way he acts.I didnt like Vienna at first but my advice to you girl is run!Seen his type before n it does not get better.Thats probley why he is alone.

1582 days ago


Please remove Fred Farkel's postings. He is threatening and exhibiting sociopathic tendencies. He should not be allowed to post.

1582 days ago


Too bad they broke up. They deserve each other. they both need to be off the market so no one else gets hurt.

1582 days ago


You have to figure if you need to go on a show to get a wife or husband then they are not gonna be the greatest person, otherwise they would be able to find one on their own.

1582 days ago


whyyyy do you report on these douchebags??? they suck.

1581 days ago


You finally saw the light!! Way to go, girl!
I guess it was YOU who saw HIS true colors!!
Being the fame whore that he is, I believe he picked you for the controversy, at your expense, of course!
You are finally free now to go out and meet a REAL MAN -- one who will give you the love and affection you deserve!
We are all seeing now that behind his big toothy grin, lies an evil monster!!

1581 days ago


Still say he's gay and she's stupid.

1581 days ago


I think that he should have picked the other girl anyway!

1580 days ago


Well mayve she's no prize but she's young and can learn from her mistakes. But what's his excuse- he's 32 years old, and still can't seem to relate to women to any degree. On the show, he appeared controlling and BORING. He acts like he's God's gift to women but he's just a short little wizened face prick! He only went on the show for one thing- HIMSELF. I hope he never marries anyone because whoever he does marry, will be miserable having to cow tow to his every whim.

1580 days ago


I always liked Jake, but after seeing him on DWS my opinion changed. His wide smile seemed fake and I absolutely knew that his choice would not last. He was too much in love too soon, and that is a sign to me that it is not for real. Kissy, Kissy...
If he is such a "catch" he should have no problems finding someone on his own.

1579 days ago


Jake completely fooled me. I thought he was so wonderful and caring. I now know he was a jerk. Vienna is certainly no winner either. What are these Batchelor shows coming to? I think I will stop watching. What was it, only one couple married and made it. What the heck??

1578 days ago


Jake is an ass!! He has no feelings! Thats why she did that!

1571 days ago


I have to admit I don't watch all the episodes of Batchelorette, but I'm totally disgusted with Jake The Fake. He should be so embarassed. "I've never been in a relationship where I've raised my voice." Who is he kidding? So he waits to go on TV to do it, A JERK.

1571 days ago


He's a bastard and not worthy of any woman!!! I would have slapped his face right off his head if he talked to me like he did Vienna. She's lucky to get away from him NOW!

1571 days ago

kathy fanelli    

Jake was cold and removed from Vienna. She was genuinelly hurt. Jake came off as a cold hearted jerk. Vienna should kirk to the curb and be glad she's rid of him. He is as fake as he gets and and hope people see him for what he is. The whole hollywood scene went to his head which is obvious to me. Even on dancing with the stars I thought he was pretentious and conceited. Good riddens to him Vienna he did you a big favor. The best to you girl you are so mch better than that jerk.

1571 days ago
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