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Oksana Alleges Violence Against Mel Gibson

6/25/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned it was Oksana Grigorieva who got a domestic violence restraining order against Mel Gibson, and not vice versa ... and she claims the actor was violent toward her.

Mel Gibson Oksana Grigorieva
We've learned Oksana's lawyers went to the family law court in downtown L.A. last Monday for an emergency hearing, and told the judge that Mel allegedly got violent with her -- two sources say Oksana claimed Mel was "extremely violent."

Sources tell TMZ the judge issued a restraining order prohibiting Mel from having any contact with Oksana. We're told the next day, Mel's lawyers went back to court and got the order modified so Mel could see their daughter.

We're told Mel also got a restraining order against Oksana, but only with respect to prohibiting her from releasing certain information.

A source connected with Mel Gibson scoffed at Oksana's allegations, claiming the alleged incidents occurred this past January and she traveled with him afterwards -- all over the world.  As the source put it, "In these cases, when somebody cries wolf, the judge is mandated to assume there's a wolf, until a full hearing can be held."

A source connected with Oksana confirms the alleged violent incidents occurred in January, but added, "There were other acts after January that were not physical but still constituted domestic violence."
Mel Gibson & Oksana Grigorieva


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this is very unbecoming of a devout Christian. Mel probably thinks he's a disciple of God or some crazy sh-t like that. He's a nutcase no doubt

1579 days ago


Mel thinks he is GOD. He thinks he can hurt people, drink and drive, and knock Jews. Mel needs to be sent to rehab.

1579 days ago


Mel Gibson? Is he not the actor who - many years ago - played Mad Max? And then tried to be funny playing some sort of a cop in Lethal Weapon? He always looked like crap to me.

1579 days ago


He should have stayed with his wife. He wouldn't be dealing with stupid stuff.

1579 days ago

No comment    

I use to be a fan of Mel's acting work, but now I can watch him. The great professed Catholic threw away his marriage for a woman who was destin to get pregnant and collect child support and alimony. The deserve each other...both are s***. (Being religious doesn't make you superior to those who are not).

1579 days ago


drama drama drama
Poor old Mel at least his old wife kept her mouth shut.

1579 days ago


Aawwww-- true love.

1579 days ago


Old perverted violent drunk actors, brainless big boobed idiots, assorted foul-mouthed famous and infamous "entertainers", sex crazed pervert sport types, REHABS infused with overpaid no talent weasels and that's the BEST we have to offer?

The Greatest Generation has DIED, the Boomer Generation is on the way out and the remnants are degenerates and the sick part is, they are TOO STUPID to know it!

I suspect they don't even know the meaning of a few of the words in this text. They are JERKS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!

1579 days ago


Didn't Mel give interviews saying he needed to start his own church because the Catholic church was too permissive? Implying he was more pious than the Catholic church of today?

1579 days ago


Oh and I bet when you were breaking up his marriage you thought it was all the wifes fault..You got what you deserved husband stealer!

1579 days ago


What the HELL happened to Mel Gibson?

1579 days ago


She looks exactly like Octomom to me.

1579 days ago


A drunk is a drunk is a drunk.

1579 days ago


Dear Mel every woman on the face of the planet wants to sue you and take all your money, welcome to being human.

1579 days ago


It was because he found out she lied and is really a Jew so he went ballistic. LOL. What a tool.

1579 days ago
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