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Joe Jackson's Wrongful Death Lawsuit

6/25/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The wrongful death lawsuit has been stamped by the federal clerk.

TMZ has obtained Joe Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray that Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, will file today -- Joe asks for unspecified damages in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.  And, the lawsuit lists Katherine Jackson and Michael's three kids as "nominal" plaintiffs.


The lawsuit does not name AEG, though Oxman has alleged the company that produced "This Is It" was at least partly responsible for Jackson's death.   

Oxman does not explain what he means when he lists Katherine and MJ's kids as "nominal" plaintiffs.  He clearly does not have authority to sue on behalf of the children.

According to the suit, "Mr. Jackson believes there are other parties responsible for Michael Jackson's death but has not yet gathered sufficient information regarding their potential liability or responsibility."  The suit says the complaint will be amended when sufficient info is gathered.

TMZ obtained a copy of the complaint, which will be filed in federal court this morning. In the complaint, Joe alleges Dr. Murray withheld vital information from the doctors and EMTs who were trying to save Jackson's life -- information that he had administered Propofol.

The complaint -- much like the intent to sue document TMZ first broke -- states that Murray tried to "clean-up the scene" before EMTs arrived.

Something new ... Murray told cops he was monitoring Michael when he gave him Propofol with a pulse oximeter, which measures the level of oxygen in a patient's blood.  But according to the suit, when police searched the scene, they found the oximeter "in the closet in the next room."

The complaint alleges Dr. Murray felt he could change his story -- from Jackson had no drug problem, to Jackson was addicted to Propofol -- because he kept no medical records, as required by California law.

The complaint alleges Joe Jackson has suffered more than $75,000 in damages, the minimum amount required to get jurisdiction in federal court.  The case was filed in federal -- not California court -- because Dr. Murray's residence is outside the state.

The suit claims Dr. Murray administered a "polypharmacy" of drugs to Jackson for months before his death.

Interestingly, Oxman does not allege in the lawsuit -- like he did in the notice to sue -- that Dr. Murray was at a strip club, drinking, hours before Jackson died.

The complaint says Jackson had a week pulse while he was being worked on at UCLA.  The strong intimation -- had Dr. Murray told UCLA doctors that Propofol was a factor, they could have taken steps to save Jackson's life.

And something else that's interesting.  It was widely reported that Joe Jackson introduced Michael to Dr. Murray in Las Vegas, after Jackson needed a doctor for his children in 2006.  But in the lawsuit, it says, "Defendants Murray, Acres Home (Murray's clinic in Houston) and Global (Murray's clinic in Nevada) solicited Michael Jackson to take care of his individual health needs."

And this sidenote -- When Jackson was taken to the UCLA Medical Center on June 25, he was admitted under the alias, Soule Shaun


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Hi Cher,

Many Thanks for your posts & as above, which I love reading ( - & those of some other's on here, that contribute some really good intelligent & articulate posts etc. I said this already on the 25th on another thread) straight & to the point, & you dont take any prisoners! So I won't add anything further, you state say much what I think.

Now, I am not sure if Fans here know about this web site -

I read it it every other day when I have time, today there is a VERY interesting article that is a MUST READ. Michael spent approx 16 months in ireland in 2006 /2007, it is contains an interview from the 25th June on Irish morning tv with with a couple of doctors one being Dr. Patrick Treacy, Medical Director of Ailesbury Medical Clinic, Dublin, who knew Michael from his time here in Ireland, Doctors who have the proper regard for patient health and privacy that Conrad Murray and Arnie Klein clearly do have.

To follow is a synopsis of Dr Traceys interview:

''Representatives from the Los Angeles District Attorney and California Medical Board dropped the ball, letting Murray continue to practice medicine. Whether he accepts responsibility or not, he administered a reckless procedure for which he had no certification resulting in Michael’s death. His attorney can point fingers at Michael’s history of whatever but he can’t ignore that Jackson died because of Murray’s direct actions. His “intent” is of no consequence to a gross act of negligence and malpractice causing Jackson’s death. What does the DA or Medical Board need to see before they act responsibly. No, Murray didn’t wield a knife or pull a trigger but he poked Jackson with a lethal needle''.

-Dr. John M. Curtis

& - ''Michael was a creation of the media, and often, the media didn’t want to hear the truth about Michael….the media are chasing me right now. They want me to put some dirt out about Michael, and it doesn’t exist!…They wanted to hound him to death, to crucify him, to put him in jail.
AEG, the company involved may have pushed his doctor to the extent that, because he wasn’t turning up for performances and that, that they wanted to get him technically – to cure his insomnia and of course a lot of drugs were given to him''.

''Now I know for a fact – and this is where Dublin will probably sit on the trial, that Michael would never involve himself with any of the drugs mentioned without the presence of an anesthetist''.
-Dr. Patrick Treacy, Medical Director, Ailesbury Clinic, Dublin.

PLEASE read the full article, - June 28th - scroll down below a recent video with Seth Riggs ( fantastic) & keep scrolling.

Thanks & incase you didn't gusss, im from Dublin....

Peace & justice for Michael.

1577 days ago


This is weird..... cos this is NOT what I originally wrote...strange.... but I correct THE FOLLOWING -

''Doctors who have the proper regard for patient health and privacy that Conrad Murray and Arnie Klein clearly do Not have''.

I stand corrected....

1577 days ago



Same thing happen to me and people told me I was nuts ..It is the web site. Sorry Not u or me so becareful what u post

1577 days ago



What happened in your case is this - Certain 'words' within a word are blocked by TMZ, as per the new system because the words on their own would be offensive, that is why you see *** in the middle of the word. This happens to everybody who posts.

In retrospect, my correction as above is possibly due to to typing too fast!!!

1576 days ago



Then the new system has a problem with the word NOT I did not put it in and it added it ..In your case it had a not in and it deleted.. So what is up with that..I just used the ****as an example.

1576 days ago


-Hey roe50,
Not sure I made myself clear regarding Branca and the rest of the culprits. Fact is, I'm aware that there are bigger players such as Prince Alwaleed, Anschutz, Malnick, Tom Barrack and Suzanne DePasse--all who probably have more money than Branca, I know this. I never said he was the ONLY one involved, he was simply the one I was discussing in regards to the ESTATE. So we are NOT on opposite sides of this other than the fact that you seem to think Branca is innocent.
But I say there is NO WAY--he's in it up to his eyeballs. Thing is, even though Branca doesn't have the money the others have, he holds the KEY to their dreams and schemes:
And what about MJJ Kingdom? I know it's a subsidiary of Kingdom Holdings that Michael so-owned with Prince Alwaleed, so the Estate would have a say in that also, I'm thinking.
I read an interesting Blog (see link below) someone recommended on another thread that ties Branca to the Peter Lopez fiasco. Remember Lopez was brought into the picture when Michael fired Branca for alleged embezzlement (I know this has never been proved, but it was never disproved either...Michael failed to show up to court for some reason so it was dropped..)
After Branca was given the boot, Raymone hired Lopez and issued a statement that Michael's former attys. had attempted to solicit other attys, vendors, and creditors to join in a petition to place him in involuntary bankruptcy.
And since Lopez was hired by Raymone to take Branca's place, he probably knew details on all of the refinances and other deals that went down. In other words, he knew enough info to make him dangerous to someone. Then one week before Michael died, Branca materialized with the 2002 Will/Trust in tow.
Peter Lopez resigned as Michael's Atty. on 2-18-10, just THREE MONTHS before his "suicide!!"
As for Neverland, I'm all for saving it for MJ3! But you realize that Barrack owns the controlling share of it and I doubt he wants to sell, it's too valuable. If anything, he'll try to get the Estate to sell him their share of it so that he can build his Casinos or drill for oil to his hearts content....
I know Jermy wants Neverland, but I don't see that happening unless it's the terms that were agreed to in return for his part in the conspiracy--just speculation here--no of yet....
No Peace till Justice!

1575 days ago



Your senario is wrong.

One issue at a time.
Ms Baine If u believe 1 word that comes out of or came out of her mouth Shame on u! So any issue pertaining to her speaches Etc. her hiring of an attorney ...Are Mute. Ms Bain is a major problem in this.

Branca is not innocent ..Where u got that from ..completely behoves me. Branca is a go to guy. If u want to get a deal done..All the players in this mess (mystery) have been to Branca at 1 time or another. But DEAL men love the art of the DEAL ..he is not a murderer nor was he involved. Maybe he smelled something knowing all the players but he was not involved.

Now when he was rehired (Branca) he did not come in tow with a will (a slight exageration on ur part). Matter of fact he waited a time before he came forward with the Will.

Now again Ms. Bain she openly stated that MJJ told her he had all taken care of as to his will and estate. So obviously he did.

Now back to MR. Branca he gave the family time to produce a new will. (if I were to speculate if there was 1 the family who, was at Neverland ditched it that night) so Branca Knowing as a great attorney had a will So he produced it. Now him producing it actually saved the estate! Whether u want to admit it or not. The children and their legal guardian would have had control. What a night mare that would have been between the family Katherine and Debbie Rowe ...Fine mess would have occured. For theior guardianship.

Now the trust...The only real Do***ent that matters. Irrevocable Trust! That MJJ knew he had.. Funny thing the will and the trust line up! and it is absolutely the same as 3 of my friends family trusts exact wording with the exception of the No Contest clause...Gee u think MJJ did not know about that too?

ATV is now a Mute issue the estate has it! ...Thanks to the attorney's and their ability to Make a DEAL! so mute issue!

As to Peter Lopez he was an honest man (Probably why Baine hired him so he would not catch on to her shana****ns ...After MJ's death when he put the pieces together... Mysterous death.. Not by those u think ..

and AS to Neverland You are Dead Wrong as I write this Colony Capitol with Vivendi are cutting a deal...Which by the way needs to be stopped..

Some times a little bit of knowledge with the wrong players can be quite dangerous...

Oh and by the way The new group wants to compete with Sony and has wanted to for years.. timing is right now.

So Cherwood Look a little deeper and put personal feelings aside and don't look at the obvious. Remember the murder mystery is never who u think it is.

Happy to hear your opinion and aren't u happy u have one. Well if this new group, now trying to take over All things Media, wins ..... YOU WON'T!

1575 days ago


Guess I'm confused as to what makes you think you can say MY scenario is wrong when you have provided ZERO do***entation to back up yours.
First, I know Raymone was a spin master as does the rest of the known world. I brought her up only to point out that she hired Lopez and the statement she made against Branca--A POINT THAT MICHAEL, HIMSELF ALSO SHARED. Whether it was true or not, he was suspicious of Branca and fired him. Just because he didn't end up getting charged doesn't mean he wasn't guilty. And unless you know him personally and can prove that, you have no clue whether he was simply a deal man or someone who could be resort to murder to get what he wants.
Thing is, I never said Branca murdered anyway HIMSELF, I said he was a CONSPIRATOR and I still think so. As you stated, he has touched everyone in this circle of Vultures, being one himself, AND as I stated, he may not be the biggest player financially, but he holds has what the others want.
IF what you're saying about Vivendi trying to buy out Neverland is true, that makes me even more concerned about Branca as he holds the strings to the Estate's share of the property--Vivendi and Colony can't buy out the Estate unless 2 things happen:
-The Estate goes belly up and has to sell off it's assets--with the way things are going with CD sales, The Cirque show, Sony/ATV catalog, Mijac, and the next TII DVD due to be released around the Holidays, I doubt the Estate will slow down, despite the fact that there are people like me who think that's not exactly the best thing.
-Branca sells Neverland off--This is the more likely scenario. As you say, he seems to love to wheel and deal, and this will be the deal of the century for sure. Not sure how he would justify selling it off, though--and he'll have to be able to since no TRUE fan or family member wants to see it sold.
-As for the WIll and Trust, I'm fully educated on it having read it thoroughly, have you?
As for Branca producing the will, I never mentioned WHEN he produced, I only said he came back with it when he clearly was supposed to have given it up with the rest of Michael's files. It doesn't matter WHEN he produced it, please don't kill me with SEMANTICS.
And as to his producing the will saving the Estate? Well, that's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time! The only thing it saved is Branca's ability to continue lining his pockets with Michael and MJ3's money. And of course the will and trust line up--why wouldn't they? As you said, Branca's a shrewd lawyer who would know to have his ducks in a row. Of course, the will gave a large share to Katherine and MJ3 and the rest to charity--I think the 97 will did the same, HOWEVER, it would be very telling if the 97 Trust did not match up with the current one--especially in regards to all of the power it gives Branca to sell or lease assets, give himself a raise, and the NO CONTEST CLAUSE!!
And no, I DON'T think Michael knew about that clause. I think that clause was put there to make sure the one person everyone would be sympathetic to--Katherine--couldn't or wouldn't contest it. And when it looked like Joe and the family were going to successfully pressure her into contesting, she suddenly gets a new lawyer, Streisand, from out of nowhere, and gives in to Branca's wishes based on a promise to allow Taj to sit at the Executor's table as the voice of MJ3. Essentially, they did give her what she asked for, but they played on her uneducated attempts to gain control.
As for Peter Lopez, he was hired to replace Branca so he was running in the same circles with him and the rest of the players as I stated before. You seem to imply that Bain may have had something to do with his death, and I have heard a few others say she may be the shot caller because she was scorned by Michael in all those deals, but I'm not sure about that. Because although she has a motive in that she didn't get the money she wanted, I still don't see where Michael is making any money for her in death. Seems to me it would've been more of a payoff for her to do a tell-all book, than have Michael killed because she's upset.
As for Vivendi, I know about this group and their connection to Suzanne DePasse. I also know that they're jockeying with Sony for the lead position in the Industry, but I need to see more proof/do***entation regarding their attempt to purchase Neverland with Colony. I searched for it, and came up empty.
You have to remember, there are so many facets to this Investigation. When I posted on this story, I was primarily tackling the Estate angle with Branca, but that in no way means I think he's alone anymore than I think Murray is alone. And I also think there are SILENT as well as ACTIVE conspirators. But if I know someone is planning to murder you--people who I've worked with before and KNOW they're capable of doing whatever it takes to get their way, but I choose not to do anything about it because it benefits me in the end if they're gone, I think that's just as wrong as the ones who actually committed the murder--ESPECIALLY if I continue to work with those people AFTER they've done the deed...
Bottom line, unlike others, I don't claim to already know who did what, and no, I haven't been here working with PM as others have, but it doesn't matter. I started with my basic feeling that something wasn't right--back when I wanted to be able to simply mourn Michael's death and nail Murray and be done with it. But I couldn't shake that feeling so I continued to delve into it, chatting with others, researching and removing the layers. It doesn't take Rocket Science to figure out something was up with all of the inconsistencies and a lawyer being rehired a WEEK before a person dies, then after the "appropriate" passing of time, produce a will and trust that essentially gives him the keys to the kingdom...
BTW: there are no personal feelings. I don't know you and have only interacted with you this once. My only problem with you is that without knowing me you are ASSuming what I know or believe,
Thing is, you don't even know WHO I think the main shot caller is because I never discussed that in any of the previous posts. And I know about the elements of a Murder Mystery having been into them in my youth.
As for winning, I could care less. This isn't about winning, for me, it's about JUSTICE. Michael is gone and there's nothing that can bring him back and while we sit here and argue about who's got the best theory on his murder, the killer and conspirators are laughing all the way to the bank so please--let's not do this. This happened on the Raymone board also, unfortunately. We do not have the time to sit here and have a spitting contest--I love a good debate, but now's not the time. Instead, lets see how we can work together and get Justice for Michael AND save his property and assets at the same time.
If you have more info regarding Vivendi and Colony's plot, I'd love to see the do***entation or link that backs it up...thanks.
No Peace till Justice!

1574 days ago


In an earlier article it said that the do***ent had to go back and be redone because of an error. Well it looks like they forgot another one. On Page 4 it says that the defendants (Murray) purchased propofol on May 12th, 2010. 2010??? How is that going to stand up in court?

Love you Michael!

1573 days ago


we miss u

1463 days ago


I hope Joe J knows he will not get the money MJ kids will. If he is doing for himself, he is a s***bag.....and wants the publicity...

1090 days ago
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