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Chris Brown Breaks Down Crying During MJ Tribute

6/28/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After about four minutes of some of the best Michael Jackson inspired dancing you will see, Chris Brown broke down crying on stage during the BET Awards tonight.

The waterworks start around 4:30 mark if that's what you're into -- but seriously, his dance routine before that was amazing.

He started crying right as he got to the "Man in the Mirror" portion of the medley. Coincidence?



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And I don't even like Usher & Ne-Yo. Chris is better. I'm not a fan but that tribute was THE best one.

1581 days ago


I don't think anybody went to church today or picked up and read the bible lately!!!!

Too much HATE in this Devil's world!!!

Great Job Chris Brown!!!!!!


1581 days ago


to #51. i dont think Chris Brown ever met Michael, but michael TRIED to call him on his 18th birthday. He had a handler call Chris to connect the calls but something happened and they didnt get to speak. Chris was just ecstatic that Michael was even trying to acknowledge him anyways and that was good enough for him.

to #54. Latoya lied. her husband at the time was being payed ****loads to make Latoya lie...she was estranged from her family for quite a while because of it. She was abused in that marraige and would do anything for that guy, even betray her family.

Im sure if u or ur child was raped money wouldnt make u just shut up and be quiet, especially if it was a famous figure that you could bring down. I for sure wuldnt care about money, i'd want that person ruined for life. I wuldnt settle it out of court or out of the public eye. Michael was "strange" but he was openly known for giving money to families and when molested child #1's dad wanted money Michael wuldnt give it, this happened. and because michael was so nice to the kids and allowed him so close in his home they made up the story. The kid is even know to give the same word for wrod answers when asked about details of what michael did. The kid MEMORIZED what to say. It was the word of an "innocent" child (..being told wat to do by his father) and a man who was already not understood by many. Then other stories of molestation came up with others trying to cash out.

1581 days ago


This was a great tribute to Michael. Chris broke down and could not sing Man in the Mirror because he knows he's that man who needs to make a change for once in HIS life.

1581 days ago


I just cant buy it, doesnt feel right. Chris dances like a guy who stuck it into Rhianna a few dozen times. Michael could fly across the stage and pull whiplash moves like Peter Pan cause he has never been intimate with a woman thus never having to suffer the weight of their baggage and the drama they offload onto you....We love you MJ

1581 days ago


Some of you people are just sad. You are talking bad about someone showing raw emotion for someone they obviously looked up to. For those questioning whether he knew MJ or not, it really doesn't matter. Most of the world hasn't met Michael Jordan but most will be sad when he dies. Its the same thing with Elvis, Marvin Gaye, etc... My mama met Mickey Mantle once and cried like a baby when he died. Its about the impact that MJ had on Chris. Do think that there would be a Justin Timberlake, Usher, Chris Brown, Beyonce without MJ. I have yet to see anyone hate on Usher for crying during his performance of Gone To Soon last year. If you think that Chris Brown was using this as a publicity stunt that I and God both feel sorry for you. God is coming back and he sees how you all are treating each other.

1581 days ago


Great dancing!
As for the breakdown, it let me see that he is a real person. And every person deserves forgiveness. He now has my forgiveness but he has already received the only forgiveness that counts. That is God's forgiveness. For the haters, sorry your forgiveness does not count!

1581 days ago


Honestly, I have said nothing but negative things concerning him after the incident with Rihanna, but I felt his pain through this song. Yes, it was a tribute to MJ... No, he wasn't singing because he "misses" MJ... have you listened to the lyrics "Man in the Mirror"? Those lyrics alone are extremely powerful... and given his past while trying to sing that song... it was difficult and remorseful as we all saw.

1581 days ago


don't misunderstand me. it is never ok to hit someone but i think it's time everyone leave this guy alone. he did wrong but who are we to judge. only god can judge him. some of you that have commented against this young man may have abused someone yourselves. there are different forms of abuse.example: mental ,emotional, , and physical. mental and emotional abuse in my opinion is the worst. once the bruises go away it's easier to forget the physical abuse like hitting someone but emotional and mental abuse stay with you forever. god even says to forgive others so that you may be forgiven.( and another thing he didnt do anything to you all so why are you sooo angry at this young man? )

1581 days ago


Michael Jackson was an inspiration to Chris Brown. He looked up to MJ as many do many current and older entertainers. I feel his emotion was real and not for any other reason but for the loss of someone who inspired him.

1581 days ago


He was wonderful the best thing in the whole show and yes God forgives and he will be better than ever...good luck Chris

1581 days ago


amazing performance chris...

watching this tribute makes me cry...
...he's gone...

1581 days ago


I love Chris Brown. I think he's an amazing entertainer, and Michael was a huge fan of his (before the incident) but regardless..he made a mistake and apologized. You can see how much he truly loves and was inspired by Michael, his MITM performance brought me to tears! I think he's amazing and we need to move on from the past. Plus I think the message of this song really spoke to him. He's trying to make a change, give him a second chance!!! :)

1581 days ago


EPIC Fail.

1581 days ago


Best MJ tribute yet! I don't care what ppl say about Chris, he's still talented as hell!!! If Charlie Sheen can threaten to stab his wife with a knife and get 2 mill an episode, Chris can get a second chance too.

1581 days ago
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