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Chris Brown Breaks Down Crying During MJ Tribute

6/28/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After about four minutes of some of the best Michael Jackson inspired dancing you will see, Chris Brown broke down crying on stage during the BET Awards tonight.

The waterworks start around 4:30 mark if that's what you're into -- but seriously, his dance routine before that was amazing.

He started crying right as he got to the "Man in the Mirror" portion of the medley. Coincidence?



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I think it was a good PR move, but Usher would have been a better choice by far, they have more of the dance style and plus he's a better human being. I don't believe those tears are real he did it to get people to forget about all of the beating he did to Rihanna. I am not convinced one bit, MJ deserves much better he is and always be a legend and no one will ever be able to replace him by far.

1581 days ago


#90, Oh, I wasn't aware that you sat through all this pratice rehearsals and didn't see him shed a year. Stop your assumptions! Some of you are just being petty. I'm sure if you were famous you'd be hated on for things too... Stop pretending you are perfect.

1581 days ago


I think he is crying because his career went down after he took Rihanna down. Amazing performance.

1581 days ago


Very nice! to me he's the closest thing to Michael I mean his voice and moves, I wish he never done that mistake but he's still human just like the rest of us,I'm your fans and still! I wish the best for you Chris!!!


1581 days ago


imo...Chris felt moved by the words in re to his own past and his reformation. He's done his "time" and paid a price for his wrongdoing...and done alot of soulsearching.
Ms Uppity Rihanna wasn't totally blameless in that meltdown. It usually takes two to tango. Chris was big enough to carry the brunt of it....out of love and loyalty.

1581 days ago


Loved Chris Brown and loved the whole show. It was a million times better than last year. Alica Keys, Em, all the Rappers, PRINCE, Patty Labelle, Trey, everything and everyone was on point.

MJ was a huge influence on Chris Brown. He has stated that MJ was the whole reason he wanted to be a dancer and singer. Yes he did get the chance to meet his idol and how wonderful it must have been for him that MJ stated that he was also a big fan of his.

1581 days ago


Michael Jackson v. Chris Brown

1581 days ago


to #89.

a practice is nothing like the real thing. When you get that adrenaline, the audience feedback, then ur realizing everything...u can just lose it to ur emotions. I doubt he cried while practicing, im sure he was nervous and trying to make sure he hit everything right, but i think the crying was just him realizing "i did it, i did it for you michael" or "i did it, and now its time for me to show everyone wat michael made me realize with man in the mirror"

Whether he was crying for michael or how the message of MITM related to him, i believe the tears are real

1581 days ago


Chris Brown is crying becuase he could of been great if he did not beat women, he is just feeling sorry for himself, he is no MJ!

1581 days ago


omg all you haters off chris and michael need to go sit down and chill . enough already. yee that have not sin or committed no wrong acts or wrong doings in life, may you cast the first stone. thats what i thought. geesh

1581 days ago

Just me    

For all you people saying he's not crying b/c of Michael, MILLIONS of people have cried over MJs death and didn't even know him, but CHRIS KNEW HIM and KNEW HIM WELL!

Mike liked him a lot. He called Chris for his bday party (watch MTV Sweet Sixteen episode), stayed in touch with him and Chris was ON HIS WAY TO LA to meet with Mike, the DAY HE DIIIIIIED! So hell yes, he has EVERY RIGHT to cry about his IDOL's death! This kid has been paying tribute to Mike LONG before it was POPULAR to do so...long before his death. So stop speaking about things you are IGNORANT of!

Good job, Chris! You finally got to pay tribute to your idol & friend.

1581 days ago


What I want to know is when is Michael Jackson going to receive BET's Lifetime Achievement Award???

What's up with that BET?????

1581 days ago


Chris brown trying to sing MJ's "Man In The Mirror"? Good grief. He needs not to touch this song until he learns how to become a real man.

1581 days ago



go back and reread the comment. Dumba$$.

1581 days ago


I am not a fan of Chris Brown, but I can't understand why he is being treated different than other celebrities. Charlie Sheen beat the crap out of his first wife (Donna Peele) and is accused of abusing his last two wives, yet CBS honors him by renewing his contract.
There wasn't a public uproar...perhaps it's because his wife's name isn't Rihanna

1581 days ago
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