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Unofficial MJ Memorial -- Katherine in the House!

6/27/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Forever Michael Memorial that went down last night didn't have the blessing of Michael Jackson's estate or his brother Randy, but it did have the support of his mother Katherine.

The matriarch of the Jackson clan was in attendance at the Beverly Hilton last night -- our spies say Katherine, Tito Jackson and one of Randy's daughters were the only Jackson family members that were there.

We're told the place looked about "half empty" and the only celebs our sources saw were Mickey Rooney, Corey Feldman and Eddie Griffin.

As for food and drinks -- the menu consisted of a choice of salmon or steak and domestic beer could be purchased for $8.50, wine for $10.

Not exactly fit for a King.


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Who is Eddie Griffin? Just one of the funniest black men alive!!!

1588 days ago


sounds like a real bogus event, as was that piece of crap event TMZ Live Fed from Gary, Indiana....pitiful and not organized at all...did anyone see Jermaine on Larry King? Still stating that Michael needs to be buried at Neverland...yeah Jermaine so that you can turn it into the next Graceland and make a TON of money off of MJs death....the whole Jackson family is dysfunctional...and where was LaToya the day of the anniversary??

1588 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

good for you randy...

1588 days ago



1588 days ago

Sophie N    

Who's to decide which one of the siblings are to be the spokesperson for this family?
Clearly - there is very little communication between a few of the family members, Randy is proclaiming so and so, but his mother still went there...
She has custody of the children for a reason - I think she seems perfectly capable of making her own decisions.

1588 days ago


1. Who's Eddie Griffin.

Posted at 10:33 AM on Jun 27, 2010 by david

My guess is that who ever this Eddie guy is he was a child actor that Michael had sleep in the same room but "on the floor". Gross.

Did anyone notice that some of the things going for auction were gifts MJ gave to children? He was 1 sick person.

1588 days ago


who gives a **** if it isn't sanctioned by the estate.

1588 days ago


Why should anyone be surprised? Katherine has ALWAYS been the primary manipulator and exploiter of Michael Jackson. Years ago when I read her remark about getting Michael to perform while he was still little and cute because in a few years he wouldn't be, made me leary of this "mother".
Katherine is no saint folks. Katherine went on the road with Joe way back promoting the J5...leaving Janet and Michael and the rest of the pack in Rebbies care. Besides being fully aware of Joes physical and emotional abuse of all her sons, Katherine was also fully aware of all the detrimental influences that her children were in exposed to in the joints that she helped to book her children into. She and Joe lied about Michaels age in order to get him booked into some gigs. She was aware that he could be exposed to the sexual philanderings of the older siblings...and her sorry assed excuse of a father and "husband" Joe.
Katherine exploited and manipulated Michael Jackson until the day he "died" and even after. Hunting for money in his Holmby Hills house on June 26th/27th, beating it to court ASAP for guardianship of MJ3 and all his assets....even though Branca had already fully informed her of Michaels Will and directives re both.
I detest Katherine Jackson (even moreso than Joe...her role should have been protector), and have never made any bones about it.
She neglected teaching any of her boys the values of responsibility and accountability and fully exposed them to extremely hurtful and harmful influences....for $$$$$$$$$.
And made Michael Jackson the fall guy to pay for all HER mistakes....during most of his life.
Randys accusations of exploitation of his parents is pure BS.
Katherine and Joe are fully aware and in control of their actions.

1588 days ago


Did anyone notice that some of the things going for auction were gifts MJ gave to children?

Posted at 12:33 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by smartypants1

Pic a new nic coz yours don't fit.

MJ was well known for his generosity to all people. Everything that was auctioned yesterday came from those who he had given the items to as gifts.

1588 days ago


Abused children/adults are the most loving and protective toward....their abuser/abusers.
They have an unfulfilled driving need to be loved and them. If not diagnosed and treated these abused children will remain emotional cripples until their dying day.

1588 days ago


Posted at 12:34 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by Tellit

Tellit I SOOOO agree with you on this. I am not sure why everyone puts her in the "saint" category! A mother who does NOT keep there child safe from any type of abuse is not a "mom" at all! And no 8,9,10 year old kid should be up in strip clubs at 2am in the morning.
Before MJ died is was in debt up to his eyeballs and still supporting EVERYONE in that Encino house....DID Katherine ever tell any of the other sons to get off their A** and help out cause Michael could NOT afford to?? No of course not. AND I know MJ had always taking care of his mother but at that point in time he did NOT have the means to anymore. Even NOW she claims she needs money so she has/as to sell a book cause 26,000/month is not enough for just her? It is really nit the point of her writing a book I think it is the people she choose to write it with!
Isn't she paying off a law suit now that she signed Michael And Janet and the rest of the brothers up for?? I believe Michael and Janet were dropped from the lawsuit??
I do NOT know who is responsible for this memorial..but Randy says one thing and yet family shows up???? Regardless who charges money for a memorial tribute?????

1588 days ago


This story has truly changed the facts of what happen at the event. I attended the tribute and it was quite nice. Did somebody forget that Tito performed and brought the house down when he did a medley of the Jacksons songs? No beer was served, there was wine offered. I can't tell you if it was cheap because I don't drink. TMZ what's up? I ate Salmon and I couldn't find that meal for $8.00. Why are you trying to act as if someone did something wrong? There is alot of division in the Jackson family which is truly sad. However God says HONOR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER. Randy, Jermaine, Janet, Marlon, Latoya, and Rebbie you all should Honor Mrs Jackson.

1588 days ago


Katherine and Joe must have HUGE bowel movements.
Poor elderly taken advantage of Katherine...the proverbial Jackson "matriarch".
Could not make a decent acknowledgement of Michaels fans for an entire year...but can flit in and out of courtrooms, fly from LA to Gary to LA within a 72hr promote her book.
Why were Prince, Paris, and Blanket completely left out of ANY memorial regarding their father's death?
They know that and were probably with him at Christmas and several times since.
They are not as good actors as Michaels parents and siblings..and others in the know.
This entire death "charade" folks hinges on....
convincing and KEEPING Michael Jackson "dead".

1588 days ago


I wonder what will happen next...

1588 days ago


I feel sorry for Mrs Jackson too. There is nothing wrong with a Memorial evening, it could actually be real nice, but how come those people in and around the family can't organize anything properly? The reality show about an album that never came to be and Jermaine's failed efforts in Vienna must really have taken its toll on the confidence anyone can have in any project started by the Jackson's.

You start with securing the participants who are going to talk or sing, then you find guests and then you announce the thing.

Now that Michael is gone and you see one thing after another just fall apart, you can't but wonder how many times he may have salvaged his family.

How on earth did they manage to launch the Jackson 5? Did it - even then - all come down to the fact that the child Michael was so immensely good from the very start?

1588 days ago
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