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Mel's Baby Mama:

He Gives Me No Money

6/27/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0627_oksana_grigorieva_reg_gettyOksana Grigorieva claims Mel Gibson doesn't help her financially at all when it comes to raising their daughter, this according to an interview with the Russian singer.

Grigorieva tells The Mail on Sunday that she has to borrow money from friends and use credit cards in order to support herself and her nine-month-old daughter Lucia. She tells the paper, "He is not paying me a penny. Nothing."

As for their break-up, Grigorieva claims she was the one that broke up with him, not the other way around.


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Paleez! Here we go. Why are these men SO INCREDIBLY stupid? Granted, Mel spiralled with liquor, but nonetheless - even he should know better. These guys never stop thinking with their d-icks. It's gonna cost you every time. They aren't with you because they love you. The love-love-love you're money and just close their eyes. Resulting pregnancies don't matter - they just pay nannies (with your money) to raise them. They don't deal with them. But the money - how sweet it is. I'll take 5 of these and 10 of those....

As far as she goes - too bad, so sad. You prey on the weakness of rich d-icks to make a living. You lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Get a real job. Legal system really needs to step in and put an end to these scamming women who bear children with the intent of making millions thru child support. $100 per week per child, period. Unless you are legit married for 8+ years.

1542 days ago


I have a daughter. Her father has not paid child support for about 8 years. During those years, I worked and worked my ass off. I didn't wait to see if my child was going to get something from her father. I took care of her. I made sure that she had clothes, food, everything. I didn't wait on her deadbeat father. Oksana! Get strong in your mind and get your lazy-ass up, find a job, and take care of yourself and your kid. He don't want to do his fatherly duties. **** him!

1542 days ago


Oh! and if you are scamming Mel, you are a dirty bitch. I don't like it when a woman scam a man for his money. Same thing goes for a man who scams a woman.

1542 days ago


Mel and Oksana! Both of you need to get right for the sake of your daughter.

1541 days ago


it seems this Oksana has a rep of "breaking up" with her BFs and she has their babies...nice way of making a living- because ultimately these stupid men will have to pay for the play!

1541 days ago


She used him. Time now, to go after his money. He has no-one to blame but himself.

1541 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

The child is entitled to child support. You get that through the legal process, not whining to every cameraman who will listen.

1541 days ago


The comment about Russian women is on the money, literally.
They are sharks disguised as humans.
Think about this. First, Timothy Dalton. Next,Mel Gibson.
It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure her out.
And for someone who supposedly "Has lost teeth" amazingly enough her profile is still the same.
Glastnost for profit. A gold digging would be nobody who sees nothing wrong in her original behavior Neither is a saint.
There is an saying "No fool like an old fool". Fool's gold is more like it.

1541 days ago


Can TMZ get spellcheck pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????

1541 days ago


It's probably not his child, that breakup sure happened fast.

1541 days ago


No one feels sorry for this hole. She trash and so is Mel. Move on from this most boring story.

1541 days ago


#19 NYC too old and crack me up (LOL)

1541 days ago


This woman is just ugly. She was only in it for the money anyway. Mel what were you thinking yuck.

1541 days ago


Oh boo hoo ho. Who cares. You'll get money no doubt, but sure hope it's not as much as Mrs. Gibson. Hope Mrs. Gibson got a huge chunk and leaves much less for you. On two feet this woman has no talent, ask Mel if her talen on her back was worth it?

1541 days ago


He should pay child support,,,,,,,,,It takes 2 to make a baby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It also takes 2 to make love,,,,,,,,Pay up ,,,,,,,,,,,,Think of the baby,,,,,,,,,,

1541 days ago
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