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Oksana: Mel Gibson Knocked My Teeth Out

6/27/2010 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ ... Mel Gibson punched her in the face and knocked out her teeth in a fit of rage.

Sources connected with Gibson have told TMZ the actor did not get violent with Oksana during their January 6 confrontation, although they admit things did get physical. A source connected with Oksana, however, says, "Mel and his camp are spinning the facts in a desperate attempt to protect his reputation."

Sources in Oksana's camp say Mel's people are lying when they say she shook the baby. Instead, the sources say, "She tried to protect the baby during one of Gibson's violent episodes when he punched Oksana in the face two times, breaking her teeth and giving her a concussion."

As one source put it, "She tried to protect his reputation, depsite her fears of him and his verbal and physical abuse." And the source goes on, "She regrets having believed in his empty promises to obtain professional help to control his violent nature."

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana obtained a restraining order against Gibson last Monday, which prohibits him from coming within 100 yards of her.

Oksana's attorneys would not comment about the case, but did say, "The true facts will be brought out in a court of law. Oksana will continue to abide by the ethical obligations and rules arising from a confidential paternity action and will let the court decide the issue in this matter."


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we are never going to know the truth
both are screwed up people
he does have a history of drunken escapades which usually leads to violence
scary man and she is a very scary lady
so sad
the reason she looks like Octomom is because they both had horrible plastic surgery on their faces
that is why they look like same
but who cares what she looks like
they are both sick human beings
if the baby was shaked why wasn't it reported to authorities
what kind of father are you mel
what kind of mother are you ?
charlie sheenitis!

1546 days ago

what a beautiful day     

I don't buy it.. she seems like a gold digger. Is she in this country legally?
Mel should raise the baby. After all, he did a fine job raising his other children.
Good thing he didn't marry her . She seems like a psycho.

1546 days ago


He left his wife and kids(9) to be with this? He gets what he deserves.

1546 days ago


Well, it would have been easier to stay with your wife and be faithful Mel... But, there is something else in this fight, why does she have to stay silent and Mel had to have a legal agreement for it? She keeps saying the truth will come out?

1546 days ago


I believe Mel more than that White Trash Russian. She wants MONEY!!! Where did he meet that Whore? Note to men everywhere: When a much younger woman beds you, it's because she is after your money, your house, your car, everything. Guess this is why Harrison Ford dated Calista Flockhart for EIGHT years before he married her. Anorexic Flockhart was willing to wait for Ford's millions. He should feed her a meal once in awhile.

1546 days ago


she's full of **** and he was a dumb ass to leave his first wife!

1546 days ago


You'll next see MG on Celebrity Rehab for alcoholism. Don't judge - you don't know what goes on behind closed doors.

1546 days ago


The moment I heard he was getting involved with a Russian woman I expected something of that sort to happen. He had no idea what he was getting himself into. Russian women are sly foxes. Mind you, this is not a criticism - they have a very good reason to be that way. Mel is getting his just dessert for what he did to his wife. I can't say I feel sorry for him. You go, girl! Oksana, what you're doing to him is exactly what he deserves. Keep it up, girl!

Between the girlfriend you mistreated and the wife you cheated on, Mel, I hardly doubt you'd be keeping much of your considerable torture.

1546 days ago


If this is true...always nice to get your teeth punched out and then travel the world with the puncher, just sayin

1546 days ago


What a stupid mess. The aging male menopause actor and the eastern block @#$?&*(). I used to adore Mel Gibson, now I feel only pity for him. There was a point that he could do … no wrong. My girlfriends and I used to joke about how we wouldn’t through him out of our beds even if he was covered in the dirt and blue paint from Braveheart. We were so impressed that he was married so long and had so many children and he looked liked such a fun loving and likeable guy. Today people are all talking about his drinking like it is something new … not new … he has always had that wild side. But he always went back to his family.

Lately though … in the past few years … he has made mistake on top of mistake. Making hard to watch movies, drunk driving, saying some really stupid things in public. And now to top it off, he is divorcing his wife of sooooo many years, that was his only pillar of strength and normality to get caught up in one of those orchestrated eastern block scams … and to boot … there is now a small child involved.

As far as little miss what’s-her-name … she really hit the jackpot this time. Her family must be soooo proud of her. What’s that saying over there … “set for life”? Over here a mother tells her daughter to find herself a good husband and have a family. Mothers here are impressed when their daughters marry doctors or lawyers or accountants. Over there a mother tells her daughter to find herself an ‘ American’, move to America, get her papers, have a baby and she will be … “set for life”. I am Canadian and I have 2 friends of mine … both business men … who had have fallen prey to these … I call them scams. Neither of them saw it coming. Both have had to pay a lot of money to learn their lesson … but there were no children involved … thank god. It’s happening on all levels and seems to be big business.

I must admit that the level of orchestration between little miss Ukraine and another Mr. Hollywood actor must have taken some doing. Imagine … this is her second coup.

All I can think of saying is, “ Mr. Gibson, you stepped into this with both feet. You made your bed, now sleep in it”. His wife, Robyn, must be grinning like a Cheshire cat.

1546 days ago

dee cee    

Just toss him in jail and let him rot. You know the drunk and rich man just got tired of being a daddy and starting over with HER. I am sure she has all the medical receipts and legal means to put him away for a long while. Derelict fool leaving his faithful wife and family, good reputation for the joys of what? The same thing, only he's older now and can afford to step on morals and discard any mature dignity and act like a beast to women because HE IS SO DAMN RICH.

1546 days ago


she coudnt wait to get pregnant from him
using the baby as cow cash???
way to be deported !!!!

1546 days ago


Once a drunk...always a drunk. Rehab is a joke.

1546 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

These allegations are easy enough to prove. If they are true, then nobody deserves that. If they're not true, then she is stupider than she looks. You can't make false legal allegations unless you are Brooke Mueller.

Furthermore, she's a gold-digger? Probably. Home-wrecker? Definitely. But he allowed both. He's ninety years older than she is. He didn't walk into this blind.

1546 days ago


How strange is that to be in church as I was today--and think about Mel-Gibson and his passion of the christ movie. I come home and read this post which really creeps me out after thinking of that while in church. He has went to the dogs and shame on him for hitting a women..this is too strange to put in words...

1546 days ago
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