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Mel Gibson's Lawyer:

Oksana Full of Lies, Deceit

6/28/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's lawyer claims Oksana Grigorieva is making up horrible stories about Mel because she's having buyer's remorse over a custody agreement she signed.

0627_oksana_grigorieva_mel_gibson_ex_gettyStephen Kolodny tells TMZ ... what's really behind Oksana's spate of new allegations -- that he punched her twice in the face last January, knocking out her teeth and giving her a concussion -- is sour grapes over the custody arrangement to which she agreed.

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana went to court last Monday and got a restraining order prohibiting Mel from getting near Oksana or their daughter, 8-month-old Lucia.  The next day, Mel's lawyer went to court and got the judge to modify the order, allowing Mel to have contact with the baby. 

Kolodny claims, by modifying the order, the court rejected Oksana's argument that the baby was in any danger and affirmed their recent custody agreement.

Kolodny says, "Oksana's deceitful conduct in trying to terminate Mel's access to his daughter continues."

Sources connected with Oksana claim she believes Mel is "extremely violent" and poses an ongoing threat to her and the baby.

Kolodny scoffs at the claim, adding, "Having entered into an agreement that allows for overnight, unrestricted visitation, and would soon result in Mel having 50/50 custody of their daughter -- an agreement reached after a two-day mediation with two retired Superior Court judges, Mel was hopeful that their break-up was behind them and Lucia would be the beneficiary of cooperative parenting. Apparently Lucia will be denied that good fortune."

And for a finishing touch, Kolodny says, "Making sensational allegations is not the way to resolve this," adding Mel wants a custody settlement or a resolution in court, not the media. 


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You stupid f'ing people.

He didn't cheat on his wife or run away for this girl. Get your facts straight. They were separated for a few years before he met this girl. He filed soon after. The deed was done.

Stupid people...

1544 days ago


When will older men learn a lesson? They always hook up with some younger woman that isn't rich or famous and the first thing she does is get knocked up. Why? Because she wants a way to suck money out of the poor slob for the next 25 years. He has a lot of other kids and there was never any news that he hurt them. I know a gold digger when I see one. Besides, she agreed to the terms to begin with. Even the rich and famous can hook up with a nut!!

1544 days ago


I would assume that OctoSana and her lawyers are smart enough (insert laugh and eye roll here) that unless they can prove all these allegations, deflamation is a serious crime. I am not a Mel Gibson fan, but seriously, something smells OctoSanish to me. She seems to be a famewhore who doesn't care much of her children. She now has two from two "celebrities" and she's never with her older son who is Timothy Dalton's. I really hope that she wasn't a victim of domestic abuse, no one deserves that. But if her teeth were punched out, dental records can prove that fast. If she has a video of the alleged abuse, let's see it. Until that is proven, I don't believe her for a second.

1544 days ago


What was Mel thinking when he hooked up with this?

1544 days ago



1544 days ago


50/50 Custody doesn't get as much child support. I'd say well played, but she's making it way too obvious. Idiot.

1544 days ago


I believe HER. Gibson's a violent alcoholic, which he proved the night of his arrest in Malibu that he bought his way out of.

1544 days ago


Isn't there some legal provision as a result of her lying that could get her ejected from the USA? Send the extortion seeking miserable paid companion back to the Ukraine. Gibson has his faults but should deal with them without this ugly wretched hanger on.

1544 days ago


50. You stupid f'ing people.

He didn't cheat on his wife or run away for this girl. Get your facts straight. They were separated for a few years before he met this girl. He filed soon after. The deed was done.

Stupid people...

Posted at 9:05 AM on Jun 28, 2010 by John

damn john you sound like your in love with him...

1544 days ago


The only actor alive with less talent than Tom Cruise is Mel Gibson. He is nothing, his movies are nothing and still he manages to stay out of jail. I guess money talks and bullshi* get t'steppin.

1544 days ago


She is lying. What woman would travel around with a violent man or for that matter draft a 50/50 joint custody agreement. She was fearful she would loose custody herself, that is why. Now, she is sucking for money -- more than she agreed to. He abused her? I doubt it. Her little plan has failed and she is angry. Living on credit cards and borrowed money? Oh, mercy.....perhaps she ought to abide by the agreement they drafted at their break-up. This one is easy to understand. She won't let him see the baby, because he is with his family and she hates that, right? What woman trying to break up a marriage likes the end result of their plan? He stopped paying support because she wouldn't let him see their baby. Not a legal way to handle this, but a very human reaction. They will be told one contempt does not warrant another contempt. That is about all there will be to it. This is what happens when you try to break-up a marriage, however frail it might be. Her reputation speaks clearly of who she is. Mel might have issues, but I doubt domestic violence is one of them. This woman ought to go back to Russia and stop getting pregnant, by famous American Actors. A free ride doesn't come with this kind of relationship. She is a typical and dissappointed opportunist. Give Mel a break.....he is also just a typical man, trying to find love in a miserable world.

1544 days ago

Rob D in S.C.    

15. Is that Octomom's sister?

Posted at 3:31 AM on Jun 26, 2010 by Horndog

LOL In that one pic she does look like octomom.

1544 days ago


Oksana is obsessed with destroying Robyn because she hate her good name. Robyn and Mel are still on good terms and Oksa can't stand that. Oksana stalks Robyn. Be careful, Robyn, and keep your kids and grandkids close.

1544 days ago


Mel - why on earth would you leave your wife of 20+ years and the mother of your many children for this Russian whore? What a fool you've been. I hope other men will learn from this.

1544 days ago


I'm with Team Mel on this one. That chick is a freak!

1544 days ago
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