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Vince Neil -- Allegedly Smashed Before DUI

6/28/2010 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Las Vegas PD had been hunting for Vince Neil before his DUI last night -- because he was a suspect in a camera-smashing incident earlier in the evening.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ -- around 11:53 PM, a woman told police Neil had grabbed her camera and smashed it after she took his picture sometime last night.

We're told cops went looking for Neil to question him about the incident -- and a short time later, officers spotted Neil's car and pulled him over ... where he was subsequently arrested on suspicion of DUI.

TMZ spoke to Neil's wife -- who tells us the rocker had been sober for three years. She's currently en route to Vegas to bail Vince out.

UPDATE 10:58 AM PT: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they received a call about an intoxicated driver. We're told cops found Neil driving near Las Vegas Blvd. and pulled him over. Officers detected alcohol and he was given a field sobriety test and was subsequently placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI. Neil posted bail within the hour.



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Washed up? He's not even close. He has a new album, just opened a private plane operation here in Vegas, he has 2 Tattoo shops here in Vegas, he has a rock club here in Vegas, he just opened up a Cantina here in Vegas, He has a couple of clubs in Florida, I even heard something about a Helicopter company. He's about to got on tour with Motley co-headlining the shows. Oh, did I mention his charity work that he does a lot of leg work for not just money? This guy had done a lot of good.

Now, I am a fan of his and see him around town a lot but I don't condone DUI's at all. I am upset that it happened and feel he needs help. It could have been worse like someone's death. Vince has had a lot of demons in his life and faults but he is genuinely a great guy. He has never really gotten over the death of Razzle or his daughter. He himself has admitted this plenty of time. Now as for people to say that he's worse than what they know and only judge by the actions. Dumb on your part. If it was family member of yours I am sure you wouldn't like the trash talk. He made a mistake and knowing Vince, He is feeling worse than ever and I am hoping that he finally gets the help he needs. He IS a great guy.

1576 days ago

Bryan E. Young    

Vince is a big boy and is capable of making his own decisions. If he choses to drink, its his choice, but he does need to stay away from behind the wheel of any vehicle or motorcycle. He will have to pay for his mistake just like everyone else. Motley Crue is one of the greatest bands of all time and I sure hope his decision to drink doesnt destroy the band again! Good luck Vince...There are some fans out here pulling for you!

1576 days ago


Well said #32!!!!!

1576 days ago

Linda O    

#16 Mo....Both Sammy Hagar and Vince have Tequila brands only Sammy's is MUCH more successful.

1576 days ago


has been dirt bag

1576 days ago


30. That's right, because the "Crue" still sells out arenas it is totally ok for this fat bastard to drive drunk and endanger innocent people. Lets see if you feel this way when he kills one of your family members next time.

Posted at 1:45 PM on Jun 28, 2010 by cynical me
Totally agree! All these ******* crue fans on here crying poor vince he made a mistake boo hoo! **** off you pathetic stuck in the 80's piece of ****s! Killing someone is not just a ****ing mistake!

1576 days ago


3 years sober my ass. I'm a huge Motley Crue fan and have been since I saw them and met them at the US Festival in 1983. Just because I'm a fan doesn't mean that I can't see that Vince Neil needs help. The fact that he has driven drunk more than once since his drunk accident in 1984 that killed Razzle should be a huge clue that he has an enormous alcohol problem. I've been in his presence many times over the years (even fairly recently - definnitely within the last three years) and I've seen him drink alcohol. And I've seen him get violent. He is not a man to piss off when he's been drinking. I sincerely hope he gets help before he kills himself or somebody else. Besides, he needs to stick around and be healthy for CRUEFEST 3!!!

1576 days ago


In 1984 Rocker VINCE NEIL is still haunted by the car crash in which pal RAZZLE was killed and he confesses the prison term he served for his part in the accident wasn't tough enough.

The MOTLEY CRUE star spent 30 days in jail and was fined $2.5 million (GBP1.3 million) for driving drunk in the 1984 car crash, which cost his passenger, HANOI ROCKS star Razzle his life.

1576 days ago


Has everyone forgotten that he killed Razzle from Hanoi Rocks drinkin & drivin? Get this guy off the streets please.

1575 days ago


Vince Neil is a legend? Yeah in drinking... I’ll bet Nicholas Dingley’s family and friends wish Vince Neil was a more responsible. Last time I saw them in concert, Neil was so drunk he couldn't remember the words to the songs and kept falling down. I was embarrassed for him and pissed off that he had such low regard for his fans that he would get blasted like that before a concert. What a diva.

1575 days ago


Okay people you asked for it and your fixin to get it. Trish@LVPD. Your opinion means nothing because you are a blatant liar. There is no way that any law enforcement agency or empolyee is going to put themselves out there like that. It should read something more like this: Tris@homeoncouch/ Prancy...I think Santa needs you back @ the North Pole as Christmas will be here soon. You've obviously forgotten how to get there, so I suggest you use your expert web searching abilities to locate the North Pole and report to Santa ASAP(try mapquest as it gives you turn by turn directions) To all of you lynchmob wanna-be ringleaders here's a little FYI for ya. Vince did get into "AN ACCIDENT" while UTI and the drummer from Hanoi Rocks did die as a result. Vince did not kill him. He's not an axe weilding maniac. The entire proceeds from Theatre of Pain went to many organizations such as MADD..ect. This man is human and err is human. As far as the camera smashing incident is illegal to take someones picture without their permission. For all we know he could have thought it to be the paparatzi....who knows and who cares. Feedback and comments are one thing, but you guys are just pathetic, feeble-minded, cold-hearted asses. Leave Vince fact leave everyone alone..focuss on getting your lives together and cleaning up your own back yards. Vince I wish you Happiness and peace of mind....some closure to your misery because I know that you live with it everyday. Get well soon!!!!

1575 days ago


drunk ass rock star!

1575 days ago


thats pree badd
i love MOtley ccrue just get clean please vince
I love MOtley Crue to much for it to end !!!!!!!

1575 days ago


its a shame to see someone so great not be able to control himself. wishing Vince the best and hope he gets the help he needs, and not for some show.for real! fight your demons Vince, all ur fans love u!

1575 days ago


you guys just stop saying his wife is in denial... NONE of you guys live with vince do you???/.... exactly...
stuff happens and not all "stuff is good" and apparentlty people make there own choices and people make mistakes ....
rock on Vince just make good choices \m/ (><)\m/

1575 days ago
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