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Vince Neil -- Allegedly Smashed Before DUI

6/28/2010 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Las Vegas PD had been hunting for Vince Neil before his DUI last night -- because he was a suspect in a camera-smashing incident earlier in the evening.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ -- around 11:53 PM, a woman told police Neil had grabbed her camera and smashed it after she took his picture sometime last night.

We're told cops went looking for Neil to question him about the incident -- and a short time later, officers spotted Neil's car and pulled him over ... where he was subsequently arrested on suspicion of DUI.

TMZ spoke to Neil's wife -- who tells us the rocker had been sober for three years. She's currently en route to Vegas to bail Vince out.

UPDATE 10:58 AM PT: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they received a call about an intoxicated driver. We're told cops found Neil driving near Las Vegas Blvd. and pulled him over. Officers detected alcohol and he was given a field sobriety test and was subsequently placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI. Neil posted bail within the hour.



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The truth. In 1984 Vince Neil had a auto accident while under the influence of alcohol. His passenger Nicholas Dingley died due to head injuries from the accident.

Nicholas was also drunk when he decided to get into the car with Vince to get more alcohol. The passengers in the car they hit also had injuries.

Vince Neil's lawyer pleaded to the judge that Vince was more valuable to the victims families if he stayed in Motley Crue rather than jail. Vince Neil nor Motley Crue had the financial assets to pay for the damages before the release of "Theatre of Pain".

The victims recovered more than $2 million from Vince Neil (Not Motley Crue)because he was allowed to continue to work in Motley Crue. That was $2 million in 1985. Athletes were barely making that kind of money in 1985.

The other night he got pulled over and got a dui. Luckily it wasn't because of an accident.

In 1995, Vince Neil lost his daughter Skylar to cancer. Since that time, he has tried to do everything he can do to help raise awareness and much needed funding for children’s illnesses. Vince is so humbled by the response that we have received.

To date charity events across the world have helped Vince raise nearly two-million dollars to fund research to combat cancer, AIDS and Leukemia. Vince knows that Skylar would be proud of the work that we’ve done, and couldn’t think of a better way to honor her memory.

All of this drama about Vince Neil is unnecessary. If you do not like the guy, ignore him and don't buy his products. Maybe he will go away.

Personally, I believe in karma. Let it go.

1493 days ago


That's right he did that all by himself and you know what not everyone can do that. Being in the Crue is a hard life. We Love Ya Vince! Keep your head up!

1492 days ago

Leo V.    

Sober for 3 years??? BS! I saw him on stage at crewfest 2 yrs. ago drinking booze on stage.

1492 days ago

bender time    


1492 days ago


Yes, He did kill his drummer and severely injured a young couple in a VW back in 1983 in Redondo Beach, CA. I took care of the young women from the VW in a hospital in Torrance, CA. She had broken legs, brain damage, ect. and to this day is not right. That pig has no remorse for that incident and said so in public. They need to LOCK HIS DRUNK ASS UP..He will never be sober or a decent human!

1492 days ago

tony patterson    

Vince would not be anything to any of us if it wasnt for motley nikki writes the **** vince mouths the words, coming from someone whos seen motley, vince whines thru the classics and it pisses me off he makes the rest of the ****ing bandsound like ****.mick nik n tommy play great nite in and nite out,vince is a stones throw away from being just like you or I.

1492 days ago


Smashed a Camera go to Jail on a DUI. Old Habits are Hard to Break. He can afford A good attorney. He'll see no Jail Time. Let Your Wife Drive Vince.

1491 days ago


Washed up? I'm hearing alot of he is a has been and that he's washed up. Was just watching TV and hear "Home Sweet Home" as the theme song to the latest Yahoo commercial. This doesn't look or sound washed up to me.

1491 days ago


I was also @ Cruefest two years ago and didn't see Vince take a drink. Tommy did and even passed the bottle out to the pit section. Rumors...Rumors...Rumors.

1491 days ago


His wife is huge part of the problem, She is unconciously saying,"drink, get in trouble and ill rescue you". She enabling him to live the life of a drunk. Could of killed someone. She should of let him spend some time in custody to give give insight(prespective) to what his future will look like, or worse possibly death if he continues to drink and drive. While wife is sending that message, his life will become unmangable.

1490 days ago

mark haug    

i like it

1486 days ago


Vince neil did a battery on me in las vegas that nite and no one cares. He tried to punch me in the face and a Hilton valet driver had to stop it...there is more to this story about him being drunk, he cost me many hospital bills and no one arrests him yet.

1448 days ago

Vicky Daves    

I have no doubt Vince let his drinking get out of control and drinking is a choice however utill you look into a coffin and see your best friend and or child (As I myself have)lying there you have no idea how it feels!!! LAY OFF!!!!!

1439 days ago


Vince is a legend. Motley Crue is Legendary. They still write their own material and actually play instruments on stage, imagine that!
He will do his 15 day stint in Clark County. The Crue will put out a new album and do crue fest 3, which will sell extremely well, again. This is rock and roll, if these guys were living the clean boring life, they would not be rock and roll legends they would be frauds or sellouts. Long live Motley Crue!

1280 days ago


Hey there Tony, Remember the Corabi years when they sold nothing? Vince is the Crue and just as important as any other member. They all have their stories and talents. Their last album SOL sold very well and was rated well and Vince sounded great, thru some magic of technology sure but what band doesn't these days? His voice makes the band and nobody can replace him.

1280 days ago
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