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Naomi Campbell Hits a Rough Patch

6/29/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While usually no stranger to getting into hairy situations, supermodel Naomi Campbell's latest scandal is all about her bald spot.


During a photo shoot in NYC on Monday, the 40-year-old showed off what appears to be unbeweaveable hair loss.

Forget the headlines, this time she's ripped from the hairline.



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Some people who have high stress levels will lose their hair above their ears like that. Yes I know this because it happened to me. Not pretty and not a nice thing to deal with. Eventually it will grow back though. Good luck to her.

1585 days ago

truth hurts    

I can understand hair loss due to weaving techniques and poor maintenance but this looks kind of intentional... it's not completely smooth, maybe shaved in a weird way. All of these actors and models are fake like that new Angelina Jolie cover...Soooooo Fake!

1585 days ago


I agree with Raven, this is probably a medical condition so people should cut her some slack. I also cannot believe the number of racist comments being thrown around on this site. Wow..Ignorance is bliss I guess.

1585 days ago



1585 days ago


Hair loss can be devastating for a man or a woman. This is not something to make fun of.

1585 days ago


#46, the funny thing about hate is, the people you hate don't know you hate them and those that do simply don't care! LOL

I bet Naomi is having ball traveling with rich men, throwing up quality food, and throwing around her 400 dollar jeans! LOL

1585 days ago


Naomi Campbell, meet Miss Delaware.

1584 days ago

Ricky Jones    

well all good things end,and the present situation is neither hair nor there, if she went completely bald she would still be worth millions, she made great strides in the model industry, and as a black woman she ruled.... you're still my girl Naomi

1584 days ago



NAOMI: you shouldnt have hurt anyone and shamed them so maybe this is karma. anyway find a cause to speak for if you want heat off this topic. god knows why ur head is like that. if its a condition, god help you. If its not, god still help you.

Its a VERY sensitive topic.

COMMENTERS: be gentle. tmz is a leading gossip blog so SHE WILL BE READING THIS. as per ignorance being cried coz whites dont know all that abt black hair, newsflash probably coz they dont give a fck. so just let it slide TAKE A FOCKIN DEEP BREATH AND educate. People leaving monkey comments, keep at it. You are beyond hope.

1584 days ago


white people are dumb there I said it !!

honkys lol

1584 days ago


Naomi, with some good research your hair can grow back. You will need to give your head a rest. My first lost his hair badly and I grew his hair back with 6 months, my mom's hair is back down her back and I mean long natural hair. In other words this has work on over 10 people that I have treated.

Your hair is just like grass or your skin, you have to allow it to breath. Purchase you a bottle of sea breeze, (listerine) and wash your head or hair 3 times a week with a sulfur free shampoo, and conditioner, you applied the sea breeze, after the wash. However, in your case you may do it while you wash your hair. Most people with this problem have a fungus. Most people experience this problem after wearing wigs, caps, hats, anything that is cutting off the air. After you have done your wash apply TCB. Please the information provide is for men and woman and it works. Ask around.

1584 days ago


eventually i BET she's going to do the bald look!

1583 days ago


Hmm... the beauty secrets of a black woman.

It gives me so much pleasure to know that this freak has been exposed! Ooh the humiliation she must feel... the thought is almost erotic. I bet when she takes that weave off she is someone else... vulnerable and insecure. She must hate the lie she is living... 'everyday'.

I can't stand black women who defend the use of such invasive procedures such has pouring toxic chemicals on their heads to look like their european counterparts. I hope more white women have the confidence to challenge black women who wish to look like them! That wouldn't spell racism, it would merely indicate her observation skills.

I'm sick of being surrounded by black women who are nothing more than 'products' of an image obsessed society. Black celebrities like Naomi reinforce the idea that natural afro hair is ugly.

The amount of times I have been told by (collegues) black female professionals that I am lazy for not straigtening my hair; choosing to wear hair extensions or weaves is beyond belief.

Thanks for this article TMZ

... and breathe

1583 days ago


#64 You seem to be very unhappy with yourself. This is no hair secret of black woman. If your friends tell you you're lazy, it's probably not because of your kinky hair but that you don't wash it enough, condition it and make it pretty. I'm a brown girl and I've worn my hair kinky and straight. I love them both. The problem with wearing it kinky is that people assumed I was some sort of racist black militant. A lady in my aerobics class made fun of a new guy because he's white saying he had no rythm. She's black and had been a member for years and was the Worst one in the class. Everyone knows it takes a few classes to get the hand of step aerobics. That's just one example. People of other ethnicities including white people would say the most racist stuff to me like I was supposed to Agree with them. I got tired of saying to people in my always calm manner...I'm sorry, I'm not a racist. Please don't speak to me that way again." They'd always say "Oh...I'm sorry." Like they were surprised that I don't harbor hate in my heart. So for now it's straight for my own sanity and also it's more veratile this way. You forget that there are pleanty of other people on the planet with naturally staight hair. My mom was one. My dad was super pale with kinky hair. I got his mousy-brown kinky hair. That's cool. I know lots of whiter Jews who relax their hair. You know that many Jews have kinky hair too, right. In Africa there are many Africans with wavy to straight hair. Look at the dark skinned beauty's from Somalia and the Indians from India. Most people don't know that Indians originate from Africa. Most Asians have georgeous, lustrous hair. My point is that nobody I know relaxes their hair so that they can look European. There are so many beautiful people who happen to have straight hair and use hair extensions from all-over the world. I currentl live in Mexico and there are a lot of expert hair-weavers here.It's not exclusive to one group of people. I love all the options for style my extra curly hair affords me. I've worn extensions to be on tv but only sewn in. My natural hair is thick and gorgeous, thank God, wether I wear extensions or not. I still look like the hotty mc-cutey pie I was born to be. Another thing, Naomi Campbell IS NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN. She's British helloooo. I hate these labels. I'm just an American... Not African American. I'm proudly of African decent but so are a lot of people who aren't from our great country the U.S. of A. We dont' know if Naomi has a health problem like thyroidism that could have taken out her hair but hairweaves alone don't do that. So #64 don't focus your hate on black women because your co-workers say you look unkempt. It may hurt but listen to them. You could probably fix yourself up a lot nicer without realaxing your hair.
Shame on TMZ for making fun of NC. You have the right to post the photo but the unbeweaveable remark was not classy. Besos!

1583 days ago



1583 days ago
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