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Katherine Jackson to Produce MJ Movies

7/1/2010 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Katherine Jackson is knee-deep in a business deal to produce and distribute several movies on Michael Jackson's life, and she is on a collision course with the MJ estate.

Howard Mann, the guy who co-authored Katherine's coffee table book, "Never Can Say Goodbye," is also producing a movie that will feature video from Michael Jackson's childhood through the end of his life.

We're told Katherine has hundreds of hours of video, including the family's big move from Gary, Indiana to L.A. after The Jackson 5 signed with Motown.

We're told Mann just bought the rights to 26 hours of Michael Jackson video ... owned by Michael Jackson's former business partner/confidant Marc Schaffel.  We're told Mann has paid Schaffel in the eight figures for the video.

Now here's the problem ... the Michael Jackson estate has the exclusive right to market Michael Jackson's name and image.  We're told Mann and company are comfortable with their legal position, because the beneficiaries of the estate -- Katherine and Michael's kids -- are profiting participants in the movie.  In fact, Mann tells TMZ he and Katherine plan on releasing a series of movies.

The estate would not comment, but as far as our research shows, there's no loophole when it comes to marketing Michael Jackson's name and image -- whether Katherine and the kids are beneficiaries or not.


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Oh Lordy, some 'witness' claims Chris Browns tears were 'fake' during his performance at the BET awards according to an article in the New York Daily News. Something about a bodyguard & eye drops. Hmmmm....

Also according to the NYDN-Prince may have vitiligo. I know we've seen some youtube videos r/e this but this is the first time I've seen an article about it. This photo I assume was taken of him in the pool during their recent vacation.

1542 days ago


We've seen some of the other paintings of MJ from this tribute artist but have you guys checked out the latest one??

A-Yee-OWWWW! Don't even know what to say about THIS one! Oh, MY!

You can see the others by going to the link below, scroll midway down & click on each individual image to enlarge.

1542 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

I hope you do enjoy watching it ... as I do like to make it
Hugs from Romania
L.O.V.E and Miss MJ

1542 days ago


HELLO HARVEY. Still bashing Katherine, huh? And avoiding the NEWS about PRINCE's vitiligo, what in fact is NO news at all to SMART people (like myself) who know about GENETICS and interracial couples. My 2 grandsons look exactly like MJ's kids. I'm BLACK, my son is black (like MJ), his wife is fair/blond/blue eyes (like Debbie Rowe). Next thing you TMZ guys will try to make people believe that MJ chose a SPERMDONOR with vitiligo? Hee, hee! RIP MJ, you said the TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. It's happening Sweetheart. Much more shocks for all those HATERS and DUMB@zzes coming up.

1542 days ago


Posted at 12:06 PM on Jul 1, 2010 by Phantom of the Opera

Read more:

As ALWAYS Phantom, that was beautiful:) Don't always have time to click on everyones links but I ALWAYS click on the links to your vids because I know they will always touch my heart. Thank you.

What gentle eyes MJ had & the way he would reach out a touch people so gently & delicately. What a kind man he was. Not an 'unkind' bone in this mans body.

1542 days ago


I understand that he loved his mom and always took care of her and wanted to take care of her if he died. I'm not talking about the book. I'm talking about her surrounding herself with very questionable people and doing things that will cause trouble for her in the long run. If she stands by the estate they will make her richer than she could image. I believe she is in deals with the wrong people so that she can leave money to her other children & Joe when she dies because she can not do that with her 40% of the estate. And that is ok as long as she doesn't do it on MJ coat tails. The estate owns a lot of, if not all of MJ trade marks and that's the way he wanted done.
Barb A. I don't think she's making money off of Michaels' death,
he was already taking care of his mother before he passed away and he still is, she does n't need a dime.She and his children
are set for life and she is keeping his legacy going.

Love You Forever Michael!

Posted at 11:01 AM on Jul 1, 2010 by Chic

1542 days ago


OMG I want to vomit. I purchased Katherine's e-book to support what I thought was a one-time effort to remember her son (now sorry I did) and the editing was poor. I looked at all the photos, and read only one page so far, which contained a misspelled word. I fear for the quality of these films from both her and Marc Schaffel,and the impact on MJ's image. I never thought I'd be angry with Michael Jackson's mother, but I AM. He would NEVER want her to be doing these things -- that's why he chose his estate administrators -- to be professional and safeguard his image. HOW AWFUL FOR MJ -- BETRAYED BY HIS OWN MOTHER!!!!!!! THE LAST PERSON ON EARTH HE WOULD EVER HAVE THOUGHT WOULD DO SO! KATHERINE, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!!! If Marc Schaffel was paid 8 figures, then he got AT LEAST $10 million. I guess they're all figuring that MJ's fans will jump at the chance to see these films, just as they did for This Is It. Well, I've got news for them. I won't spend ONE PENNY of my money supporting ANY of these projects that are not authorized by the estate, so the estate executors had better start figuring out a way to let people know whether music, film, merchandise, etc. is "estate approved." And what's Debbie Rowe's cut in all this? She accompanied Schaffel to Tokyo. Lisa Marie Presley and her mother will be next with their own books and movies.

As for Joe Jackson and others saying that the estate's finances are in "great shape" and the executors haven't given Katherine her "40% bulk payment" because they want to protect their "15%," you clearly don't understand personal finance. The estate is STILL HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN THE RED, and likely will be in the red for several more years, despite over a billion in deals in the first year and more to come.

It is the estate's discretion whether to EVER give Katherine a "bulk payment" of any kind, and at this point I hope they never do, or give her only enough to give each child $10 mil after taxes. The rest should be preserved for the 20% that goes to charities and MJ's children, who hopefully will grow up to be good stewards of this fortune and give even more to charities. I hate to say this, but I hope that Katherine dies soon so that this will no longer be an issue, and that the courts will see that there is no one in the Jackson family, no Debbie Rowe, no Diana Ross (whose son said she won't raise MJ's children) -- NO ONE who will or can properly raise these children. Rebbie seems nice, but she is not well educated. These children need to be with people who actually CARE about them and will ensure that they receive a world-class education. I say let the Cascio's raise them. The children like being with the Cascio's, Michael called them "The First Family of Love," and no Cascio has ever betrayed Michael by talking about him in the media -- before or after death. EVERYONE else, from his parents and siblings to his makeup artist and wardrobe guy are out for a buck. What a crying, crying shame for those children.

If the judge won't let the Cascio's have them, then hopefully when Prince turns 18 (only 5 more years!) he can escape and his brother and sister can move in with him.

1542 days ago


If this is "unseen" footage, I'd love to see it! MJ had already allowed some of his home movies to be aired several years ago. KJ needs more money as she has several people to take care of financially. Poor Randy and Jermaine can't afford to support their children so Mama Jackson has to step in and it seems that she doesn't mind. Hopefully, this does not go against the family trust and will.

1542 days ago


How come TMZ are not talking about Princes vitiligo? It is obvious in the pics of them in Hawaii.

1542 days ago


Of course she is exploiting him in his death. If she wanted to honor him, why didn't she put out her book of personal photos when he was alive? Why didn't she release her personal videos of him when he was alive? Because she knew he would have stopped it in a split second, and legally if he had to.

1542 days ago


you wrote A U T O S P Y
May I call you WellOh? LOL

Posted at 11:25 AM on Jul 1, 2010 by susie

Are u the susie from Milano? I appreciate your sense of humor. Lately u've been writing a lot of funny one liners. This one is a classic. LOL x 4.

1542 days ago


Posted at 11:25 AM on Jul 1, 2010 by janalal4

Thanks, Janalal4, for posting that link. I'll go into it. Thanks, again.

1542 days ago


Now, Katherine gets money every month from Michaels estate for Michaels kids. If Katherine does this movie deal the Judge will see that Katherine can make her own money and not need as much support for the children. She is screwing herself and Michaels kids.... It is so sad.....

Posted at 11:28 AM on Jul 1, 2010 by sharonlynnmc1

Just curious if Adam Streisand, her lawyer, knew about all these. She needs to run it by her lawyer, AND the estate executors, pertaining to everything MJ related.

1542 days ago
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