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Jeremy London's Family Free to Talk

7/1/2010 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Mallrats" actor Jeremy London just got shut down in court today ... all because of that pesky United States Constitution.


Jeremy was trying to get a restraining order against his mom and brother -- prohibiting them from blabbing to the media.

Jeremy did not show, but it wouldn't have helped.  Tamar Arminak, the attorney for Jeremy's mom, successfully argued that her client has a First Amendment right to speak her mind.

Jeremy's lawyer argued the actor's mom and bro were "lying" and it was "harmful and damaging."

Mama Debbie's lawyer told us, her client wants to shout it out from the hills that Jeremy has a problem because she doesn't want to bury another child.

Update: Jeremy's brother Jason just left the courthouse, where he told us that "everything went well" and their only concern is for his "brother's health and safety."


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Who cares about this loser? There are sick and dying people out there who didn't do a thing to cause their illnesses, and we're supposed to feel sorry for this druggie?

1577 days ago



1577 days ago


You are one crappy mother, lady. Humiliating your son publicly and talking trash about him will only make him feel worse and use more (if he is really back to doing drugs). God, no wonder you already had one son who died. Try being a decent mom and you may get better results.

1577 days ago


Didnt even know who he was.

1577 days ago


I'm very skeptical of this story - when I first heard about it I thought it was extremely hard to believe.

1577 days ago


This guy's kidnapped and forced to do drugs story is more unbelievable than the lame fairy tales from the bible.

1577 days ago

Ozzie X    

You know he is loving this publicity. Maybe he can parlay it into reviving his career.

1577 days ago


I would love to see your face when you find out the 'fairy tales' could have saved your soul!!!!

1577 days ago

tana dennis    

You are one crappy mother, lady. Humiliating your son publicly and talking trash about him will only make him feel worse and use more (if he is really back to doing drugs). God, no wonder you already had one son who died. Try being a decent mom and you may get better results.

Posted at 9:46 AM on Jul 1, 2010 by c

And you are an idiot c. She had a daughter who died at 16 in a car accident. You are probably a crackhead yourself.

1577 days ago


The bible isn't fairy tales(#7)and anyone who thinks they are will be in for a rude awakening when judgement time comes!!!

1577 days ago

A friend    

Debbie is not a crappy Mom! She has tried for months to talk to Jeremy and get him help. But he is so for gone with drug abuse he has shut everyone out and is convinced they are the ones with the problem not him. Jeremy is the one that put his name back in the spotlight after so many years...only this time in a bad way. All Debbie and Jason did was react to his ridiculous story about a druggie kidnapping him and forcing him to do drugs. And for the record the family has not been paid one dime for any interviews!!!! ALSO Debbie did not lose a son, she lost a daughter, my friend, in a car accident when she was only 16 years old.

Debbis has tried in every way to force Jeremy to go back to rehab and get help. When this situation came about it was her first and gut reaction to scream out to the public to help her save her son.

Please stop judging about a situation you know nothing about.

1577 days ago


Like does this guy actually think we give a flying f*ck if he did crack...and i think its Bullsh*t that hes trying to pin it on this other guy...what a're a a bridge and get the F*ck over it cuz no one cares!

1577 days ago


Jason London was in Mallrats not Jeremy London. The only movies Jeremy was in was Man in the Moon and a bunch of B movies like Jason and the Argonauts and an Aerosmith video with Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone. Jason was the more famous one.

1577 days ago


Congrats Mom, Jeremy is going to hate you, if he does have problems with drugs he's NEVER, EVER going to listen to anything you say now and your bleating in the press won't help him! Just because he's a celeb in any way doesn't mean you go to the media to contact him, right now all you've done is reinforce in his own mind that you are against him (right or wrong), HE is an adult and there is nothing you can do or say that will stop him if he's truly as addicted to drugs as you claim! If he won't talk to you there's nothing you can do, you have to wait until he's so far down the line that he calls you for help - that's all you can ever do for a drug addict,love them and be there when they need help!! You can try to force them into rehab but they can leave and I'm sorry but even after addicts have been in rehab 3 or more times they still fall off the wagon because an addict is an addict for life and you can't be there holding their hand 24/7! It's heart breaking, it's never pretty and I'm sorry but it never, ever truly ends because an addict will always be an addict to something. I've seen it first hand and trust me when I say you need to stop trying to reach him,that way he will eventually try to reach you hm?!
Don't talk to the media anymore if you truly want help for your son and perhaps he may trust you again - right now I'm not sure that's a possibility anytime soon! He thinks you've betrayed him in the worst possible way in front of the world and no matter how good your intentions you really should have known better! No matter how much you love your son, if he's an addict you have to play this endless waiting game - I know you'll blame yourself if he does o.d because you'll say you could have stopped him, and I know my telling you and everyone else telling you that you could not have stopped him will mean nothing!
At the end of the day you can't force Jeremy to take your calls, to answer the door to you or to write or e-mail back, and just as the first ammendment ruling applied to you it also applies to him. The more you try to force the issue the angrier and more paranoid the addict becomes. I have had to call the morgue to find out if a body resembling the one I'm discussing was brought in overnight - no one should have to go through that and when I found the person I was so angry their being alive took second place!! I don't know how you can do this but you have to find a way to make yourself understand, if your son IS an addict (I'm not saying he is) then he is an addict first and your son second! Perhaps one day you'll understand what I mean, but his rights mean he doesn't have to talk to you or acknowledge your existence in private or in public. He has the right to disagree with you and you can't force him to change his mind, or to accept he needs help. Do yourself and Jeremy a very big favor, don't alienate him further by talking to the media because if you do and he gets clean you may just find you've lost your son and any love he has for you anyway hm?!
To anyone who thinks that's all b.s - trust me, it's all from experience first hand with others!

1574 days ago

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