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Mel's Lawyers to Make Extortion Claim Against Oksana

7/9/2010 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyers will meet with the Sheriff's Department and not only present evidence that Mel is innocent of any crime against Oksana Grigorieva ... but that she committed the crime of extortion.


TMZ broke the story ... Mel's lawyers will make "a presentation" of evidence to the Sheriff's Department that is investigating Mel for domestic violence, child endangerment and assault with a deadly weapon -- the presentation, we're told, will focus on evidence of Mel's innocence.

We're told in the presentation, the lawyers will also present evidence that Oksana allegedly tried to extort Mel by telling him she would sell him the tapes she secretly recorded during their nuclear arguments.

We're also told Mel's lawyers will present evidence that Oksana lied to Sheriff's deputies by knowingly making numerous false statements.

Our sources say ... during the presentation, Mel's lawyers will formally ask the Sheriff's Department to open a criminal investigation against Oksana,  focusing on alleged extortion and making false statements to law enforcement -- both felonies.


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GOOD. I'm glad to see he's fighting back. I hope they prove what the world already knows...that she's a whore out to get money. Rest assured peeps, as soon as this all dies down, she'll be screwing another rich sucker who will end up paying her millions. Mels not perfect, but she's 1000X worse becuase she's playing the victim and putting their child in the middle. I wish they'd ship her foreig ass back to Russia. They can have their gold digger back.

1566 days ago


My guess is they will settle out of court, for her sake and his. She is looking really money hungry which doesn't help and he is looking really abusing which doesn't help him. I would guess an undisclosed settlement will come shortly.

1566 days ago


I have always liked Mel and his movies but I have to be objective here.
Extortion and being money hungry are not the only reasons that a woman may tape her husband/lover while he is being abusive either physically or verbally or admitting to physical abuse in the past. Most people posting on here go to prove actually that her actions were not all that wrong as not one person on this forum would believe that the mighty Mel Gibson would call her all these names, and even worse, physically abuse her, even hitting her with the baby in her arms. It can also be done as a means of security when the going gets too rough or to protect her child or to maintain full custody.
I have done this very thing myself so I can kind of understand there might be some underlying reasoning. I am not saying that she is not a golddigger or not in it for the money also, but I am saying there are other reasons she made the decision, and a very smart one I add, to record him while he was on one of his rants and especially record him saying that he physically abused her in the baby's presence, less on while she was holding it.
My husband has been very abusive to me both physically and verbally calling me every name in the book but no one would believe it if I told them. According especially to his own family, he can do no wrong. They see me as the unstable one because I am bipolar and have had to be hospitalized a few times for treatment. They would just say I was delusional, and you know people would be saying the same things about her.
My husband has threatened to take my child and all my rights if I ever leave him and says that there is nothing that I can do about it because his family can afford him the best attorneys and mine cannot and he could just tell the courts I am unstable as its proven I have a mental illness and he has people who will attest to his good character. I am on disability so I stay for the money as it doesnt pay much and the medical coverage as medicare doesnt cover prescriptions and mine cost 1000s per month that his insurance pays as I have a pretty advanced illness. If he decides to walk out or I finally get to the point I have had enough, would I use those tapes..hell, yes. I would not even want him to have joint custody as he has a short fuse that no one sees but me and our son who is autistic. Yes, I might even would use it to make him keep me on his health insurance so my prescriptions are does that make me a golddigger? Sometimes its about protecting your own interests for yourself and your child.
Ive been with him a lot of years and never told people about it so just because his ex Robin is not running to every media outlet spilling her guts about Mel's alcoholism and any abuse she may have suffered does not mean it did not happen. Maybe she feels like she is protecting her childrens view of their father and does not want to villainize him to them like so many mothers do. Its no secret that Mel is a nasty drunk..I say that whether I like him or not..its nothing personal..its just truth.
Also, we might not want to believe it, but everything Mel said on those tapes is how he really feels inside. Its just that anger brings it out in the ugliest of ways. What did other races have to do with their issues anyway? Everyone keeps saying how bad this woman is for taping him..but..if he wouldnt be saying stuff like that..she would have nothing to tape. No one could bait me enough or make me mad enough to say the things that he said on the tape..but hey, Im not a drunk so I cannot speak for how they act, especially one that is a not very nice one.
There are so many things he could have done to prevent this situation but didnt, so I cannot feel sorry for him. He could have stayed with his loyal wife, got with a woman more his own age with her own money, not brought another child into the world with this woman (its not just the females responsibility to prevent pregnancy), not hit her, not been a drunk and made a fool of himself on a tape, and just paid her and went on his way. Its all on you Mel, you made this bed, now you lie in it.

1566 days ago


Agree with #5. TMZ seems to be the only media outlet talking about the Gibson abuse, but Chris Brown was seen as a monster and an animal by every media outlet and blogger in the land. Yep, it's the race card--and it's accurate. Deal with it.

1566 days ago

Barock Obama     

Good I hope that Ho gets sent to a Mens prision so she can be raped by a pack of Ni**ers

1566 days ago


#10. You're incorrect. You can tape someone if they've threatened your life.

1566 days ago


#13 You're delusional. It is difficult for a victim to leave their aggressor. You need to read up on domestic violence before you go off on your rant.

1566 days ago


#24 You're not being objective if you start out your case by saying "i like mel and his movies." REALLY????

1566 days ago


Pictures were leaked of chris brown's abuse. I didn't see any pics of Oksana's face. She attaches herself to others to get ahead. He should have seen it coming. They both are fools.

1566 days ago


She set him up. She got pregnant to gain child support, then devised an exit strategy of picking fights to incite him and get dirt on tape so she could squeeze for more money.

Any man who dates her after this is a frickin idiot. She's a gold-digger of the lowest calibur.

1566 days ago


I hope they both go to jail

Toxic celebs and their gold diggers belong there

1566 days ago


What a huge mess his life turned out to class at all.

1566 days ago


To all of you: It is NOT illegal to tape someone...when you, yourself, are part of the conversation. That is a national law. It is, in fact, often suggested to women who are being abused to tape the abusive partner. Often, that is the only evidence you can give to get an order of protection and is perfectly legal! Also, why did she leave?! Really?!! Abused women often don't leave for a very long time. It is part of the abusive situation you are in to start doubting yourself. She had a child with this man and the guilt of leaving him outweighs the guilt of staying with him. The reasons are endless. Abused women are always blamed themselves for the abuse they live thorugh, and this claim by Mel Gibson is just the height of men blaming the woman for what they do to them. It's all her fault. She made those tapes to protect herself and her child, and, considering what seems to be on them, with damn good reason! Extortion? Please!!!! That is NOT extortion or every one of Tiger Wood's lovers would be arrested! This ALWAYS HAPPENS..when Rihanna was beat up everyone said "what did she do to upset him?" I am sickened by the way people view abused women in this country. You have no idea how these women feel and how difficult it is for them!!!

1566 days ago


If you think American women are bad, mess with one of these foreign women. They seem to be ruthless when their man leaves them. She seems to be going for BROKE with his arse. But, hey, he put his own self into this situation, so you can't feel sorry for him. He layed in her bed and now he can pay for it in hard cash. She got a baby, too. She paid for at least the next 18 years. No offense to anyone who isn't - but men are such FOOLS. All you need is two legs, a poo & some boobs - you can make these fools do anything. Who doesn't cheat on their wife these days - IS THE REAL QUESTION. Anybody no anyone who doesn't or hasn't?

1566 days ago


This is how the lawyers make the big bucks

1566 days ago
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