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Mel's Lawyers to Make Extortion Claim Against Oksana

7/9/2010 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyers will meet with the Sheriff's Department and not only present evidence that Mel is innocent of any crime against Oksana Grigorieva ... but that she committed the crime of extortion.


TMZ broke the story ... Mel's lawyers will make "a presentation" of evidence to the Sheriff's Department that is investigating Mel for domestic violence, child endangerment and assault with a deadly weapon -- the presentation, we're told, will focus on evidence of Mel's innocence.

We're told in the presentation, the lawyers will also present evidence that Oksana allegedly tried to extort Mel by telling him she would sell him the tapes she secretly recorded during their nuclear arguments.

We're also told Mel's lawyers will present evidence that Oksana lied to Sheriff's deputies by knowingly making numerous false statements.

Our sources say ... during the presentation, Mel's lawyers will formally ask the Sheriff's Department to open a criminal investigation against Oksana,  focusing on alleged extortion and making false statements to law enforcement -- both felonies.


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Um, I'm sorry, but I still belive her. He has like TONS on money and lawyers on his side. She is not dumb and knows she better have lots of proof-and I'm sure she probably does. He is probably pooping his pants.

1533 days ago


this is the only place reporting the abuse?!!!?? Man, I see it every where.

1533 days ago


Nobody but the parties involved know what the truth is or may be. But I cannot for the life of me figure out why somebody would 'record' arguments and other personal matters except to use the information in the recordings against the person being recorded. I'm not saying that Mel Gibson is innocent here; I'm saying that this woman's behavior is just plain suspicious and abnormal. She set his ass up and he allowed himself to be set up. And I do believe there had to be some sort of extortion involved. She probably wanted a certain amount of money in exchange for visitation with his daughter and discretion about situations that arouse between the two of them. When she didn't get what she wanted suddenly the tapes are 'leaked' and Mel's business is on blast. They BOTH probably did a certain amount of dirt. If he is on tape saying certain things then it is what it is. But why was she recording him and how did the tapes that she had get leaked to the press? The situation is bad on all sides.

1533 days ago


It takes two to tango. The truth lies somewhere in the middle of all the mudslinging.

Did anyone actually think this "relationship" would wind up any differently?

Enough already, TMZ. BORING. You can do better.

1533 days ago


There are laws against lying to police, and Mel has already lied and been caught...over the domestic violence issue, thanks to the extensive audio tapes. Clearly, his claims of extortion, which are only now being made...after two weeks of this story emerging, are nothing but a late bid to put-up a smoke and mirrors campaign, by Mel and his hired "crisis management team"; including his lawyers. You will recall that exactly one week ago, Mel's spokesperson openly denied any knowledge of any tapes existing, this in a statement released to the media--yet now, 7 days later, he is claiming full knowledge of the tapes and that he was being extorted for money? Talk about revisionist history, after the fact. He can't keep his story straight, nor are his lawyers keeping his story straight.

By this date, Mel Gibson should have already been arrested, charged, and placed in jail, for domestic violence. The police here, are giving him special treatment!!!

1533 days ago

For the Lulz    

This is sickening!

"If she was really abused in January- why didnt she leave immediatley with the child...?"

Because that's not how abused women react you a**hole! They are afraid to leave for fear of retribution, that the abuser will take the child, or they believe that the abuser is really a good person. If people leave and take the children, the women are being locked up and having their children taken away, abuse be damned.

"And you're also sending a message to other abusers of women that they should make the women look like criminals, instead of the abusers owning up to what they did."

Well, Stan, you're not an a**hole, but you clearly don't know that this is the way the system works. Mel will be given custody of the children and she will go to prison for trying to protect them. Or she will be given supervised visitation, or allowed no contact with the children. Look up PAS (parental alienation syndrome) Richard Gardner, and then realize that this is how these people actually think...that people who try to protect their children from abusive parents are harmful and the child needs to be placed with the abuser.

An abuser will do anything to vilify the victim and continue to victimize him or her. An abuser is usually an exceptionally good actor, skilled at hiding his or her abusive nature to the general public and making his or her victim appear mentally unstable, with his or her accusations of abuse as evidence of this instability.

Go to This isn't a rant. This site cites ALL reports, dockets, actual websites, and links to them. Molestors, who think it should be legal to have sex with children, abusers who proudly declare that women are property...

People need to learn. I don't know if Mel is an abuser or not. His wife may well be a liar, but the case is so complicated, THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW! GO BE HATEFUL SOMEWHERE ELSE!

1533 days ago


I say innocent until proven innocent. i have ben a huge fat of mel gibson sunce a young age. He was married for a long time with his ex-wife and did not abuse. So to lose all his respect and trust because of these allegations is absolutely ridiculous! i am also black and i say so what if he said pack of ni****s? That doesnt make his racist!!! black people use the word everyday! I personally dont...but if you find it disrespectful and racist then how about you set an example for other races and stop using the word?

1533 days ago


Even though they are a tit for a tat.....he's openly shown he's discriminatory, out of control, violent and in need of serious help. Yeah, it's tough when you are an aging misogynistic bigot.

1533 days ago


we havent seen any tapes,or pictures of her beaten. why is it that people always want to see someone hurt. mels ex has not come forward with any complaints about any abuse from him while they were married.funny huh. you just dont start beating someone out of the clear blue sky. everyone argues, and grabs at each other. if you say you dont your lying.if he knocked her teeth out with a punch,she would not have went back.

1533 days ago


This is the pot calling the kettle black.

Gibson is crazeeeeeeee. Always has been. Of course he is now going to LIE his ass off. What else can he do at this point?

Only Prob Mel........your career is OVERRRRRRRRR. DONE. KAPUT.

1533 days ago


Your site is have so many scripts that is killing my computer.
The video player is annoying with a 30 seconds commercial before a 40 seconds clip.
This is the most deficient website in the history of internet.

1533 days ago

Lubba Kuntsniffer    

Well, we all know that TMZ is complete garbage..Mere cretins who seem to sit around and fart at the sight of their little schmuck leader Harvey and his sippy straw are just nauseating to behold. Insipid morons at best..Repugnant uglies assembled to kiss Hrvey's ugly ass.Oh well , that's show biz I guess.
Suffice it to say that Gibson is getting his deserved retribution for ****ing with the Jews. We wish pancreatic cancer for Mel and his ****ing anti-Semitic dad. Mel should die a thousand painful deaths..He has lost his hair and looks..He has ****ed over Hollywoood Jews (he thought) Now the ****sucker will pay dearly..Die you ****ing Mel Gibsin ---DIE !!You piece of ****, you ****ing *******, suffer Gibson suffer -- Ha ha ha ha ...WE Jews are ****ing THRILLED ! Get cancer you ****sucker .

1533 days ago


I liked what you said. If the "tapes" aren't "doctored" or manipulated in any way then it doesn't do away with Mel's physical/emotional abuse: domestic violence, child endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon (you would think that would rule, but like someone just said there maybe a "settlement out of court" which to me proves Mel's guilt). If it didn't happen or no truth in it then he wouldn't be "throwing back" extortion claims. I question why NOW there are extortion claims against her AFTER the DA gets involved? I'd like to know what his lawyers consider HIM INNOCENT of any crime against her, unless it's because he "went to confession" so everything has been "expunged" (that makes sense, right???). Mel is all about himself is his "reputation", his reputation is much more important than family or other people's feelings; he would save his "image" at the cost of his family and we have all seen that in the past couple of years. I hope this doesn't get "swept under the rug", you would think that Mel's violent behavior would surpass her extortion, there is a baby there that I feel Mel should not be anywhere near her: I believe any "concern" he might think he has for the kid is only for "good PR" and not to be a father. Mel is bi-polar and he has become more and more unstable and abusive because he is losing his "reputation" and his "true side" is showing and everybody is seeing it and because his ego is "higer than God" he is "exploding". He is not going to get help until he has been "ground to powder".

1533 days ago


As a former victim of domestic violence, I truly understand this woman’s position. BUT you cannot convince me that this home wrecker woman didn't know exactly what she was getting into, when she climbed aboard the Mel crazy train.
She was never interested in Mel just his money and lifestyle. You could spot her coming a mile away.

Poor Crazy A$$ Mel didn’t see it.
She deserves something and yes he should most definitely support the child. If he did strike this woman he should pay the price. In no cir***stances is it ever ok to strike a woman!!!

1533 days ago


Relationships are very tricky. Mad day always brings out the worst in people. These old men need to understand that these young women only want the money they posses. Let this be a lesson to you old guys.

1533 days ago
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