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MJ's Mom: They're Takin' Every Penny You Make

7/2/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine and Joe Jackson are set to make a bundle off of their various Michael Jackson business ventures.  But Katherine and her hubby haven't figured out ... someone is waiting in the wings to take away everything they make.


TMZ broke the story ... Katherine and Joe owe more than $13 million to a South Korean newspaper -- the Segye Times.  The paper gave Joe, Katherine, and Jermaine a $5.5 million advance for a Jackson family concert series that never got off the ground.  The newspaper sued in 1994, won a $4 mil judgment which has swelled with interest to more than $13 mil.

Edwin Bradley, a lawyer for the Segye Times tells TMZ, his client will go after anything Katherine and Joe make -- and that includes profits from Katherine's book, the movie projects she's producing with Howard Mann (pictured right) -- everything.

Ironically, Katherine's allowance from the MJ estate could be in jeopardy, since she's making money off of her son on the side.  But the allowance could actually be protected from garnishment.

We're told the newspaper will go to court on September 14 to try and wrestle money earmarked for Katherine from the MJ trust.  Sources tell us, however, there is a big fat zero in the trust now, because the estate is in debt.

Bottom line ... Whatever Katherine makes outside the estate will probably end up lining someone else's pocket.


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I don't believe MJ estate is in debt to anybody. The estate has grossed way too much, everyone that is owed can and should be payed easily. Some of these people dont want to be payed because they want to try and stay involved with the estate. The jackson should be very careful who they hire as lawyers because these bit##ches are working together to destroy michaels legacy. I hope they realize MJ had a bunch of crooks around that were all connected to each other in some sort of way. Who ever The estate owes I think it would be in there best interest to pay them off in full with there own money and get them out of their life! Do not let them continue to hang around because there really dont want money they want MJ publishings and catologs, So Katherine please pay these a##holes off at once. MJ publishings catolog will pay you back quickly. And it will remain in the Jackson family forever!


1537 days ago


I don't think I have seen a more dysfunctional family! I see why Micheal didn't want to be around them. LEECHES, they can't even get off him when he's dead. Don't they see there is no more life to suck out of him? I really feel sorry for those children.

1537 days ago


Both Katherine and Joe have been VERY badly advised by their respective lawyers. All monies MUST got to the MJ Estate. If K and J wanted to cash in (yet again) on their son, they should've done any dealings through the Estate. They should fire their legal teams. Katherine should take the advice of Weitzman at all times. As for Old Joe... who cares about this bullying greedy old parasite? Not me !!

1537 days ago


This is entirely fair and square. K and Joe took the money and gave the Koreans nothing, so they absolutely should pay it back. That'll teach them to sell their son.

1537 days ago


This poor old lady. She gets into these schemes because of her surviving sons and their money hungry wives. She does not get enough out of her monthly allowance/trust to take care of Mjs kids and her sons, their wives, and all those other kids.
Michael gave them all handouts every month, gave them money for their hair brained ideas etc, paid to raise all their kids, while they all went around still trying to make a buck off Mj;s name or promising to have him at a certain event.

So break it down:
1. In death, in his will he finally has enough guts to cut everyone off but his mom and his chilren.
2. Katherine has to account for that monthly allowance from the estate, every penny. SO that means no hand outs to her money grubby sons, grandkids, and daughter in laws, whatever.
3. Katherine has, or feels she has to come up with ways to make money so she can continue to support all her sons, wives, GF's, and kids. But as she does this, she finds out more and more who she will have to pay off because of her "sons' promising Mj up to everyone and their brother.

Just how many cases have involved one of the family members, brothers, Katherines sons trying to get a gig, the promoters say, hey you can have a gig if you bring Mj. So the brother, son signs the deal. There have been many of these that are having to be paid back, deals not even made by Katherine or MJ.
I think there should be a criminal law against what Joe and his sons have done here.

1537 days ago


Good. Estate is NOT putting her into her place because they are too happy that fans have been dissing her & Joe for exploiting Michael. Their strategy is for us to see their real face WHICH IS WORKING. WE GET IT BRANCA, WE GET IT MCCLAIN, NOW WILL YOU STOP THIS!!!!! Sedye, get them, sue Katherine & Joe for every cent they got so they can come crawling to estate!!!! What a bunch of money hungry pathetic people! They are over 80, I guess they will take the money to their graves!!!! If you wont contest the Will, then cease exploiting Michael, you vultures!

1537 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Searching for that one who is going to make me whole
Help me make these mysteries unfold
Hold on
Lightning about to strike in rain only on me
Hurt so bad sometimes it's hard to breathe
Oh why why
If you see her
Tell her this from me
All I need is
One more chance at love
L.O.V.E and Miss MJ

1537 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

Everytime I hear a Jackson speak, it is sickening. Michael had his moments back in the day...and Janet was OK for a minute...basically just a female version of him...but the rest of the family has no talent and is worthless.Just a bunch of hyena's tearing up a dead carcass.

1537 days ago


After MJ died because of searching alot

on youtub I got to know elvis and I

started to listen to him but after

a while I discoverd that elvis fans

tries so hard to humilate MJ in every

way (as thay hate the fact that MJ is one

bilion times bigger than elvis) so I stopped

listening to him. now I see elvis as a doncky.

1537 days ago


#20.....I love it!!!!! LMAO!!!!

1537 days ago


#12 after what you said, you are a ****!!!! TMZ needs to delete your comment. Have respect for people. Damn!

1537 days ago


I'm sure Mrs. KJ just wants to make more than what she owes so get themselves out of the debt they owe to these Koreans (moonies) and she can leave whatever she makes to her kids, they ought to be helping her, well on the other hand forget it, they cause nothing but trouble.

WTH is her attorney in all this mess?

It's no wonder MJ was under such pressure.

1537 days ago


I wish I believed in hell... then I could believe Michael child molesting Jackson was there.

How quickly the lot of you forget that Michael was convicted of child rape. But so long as he makes you happy, well, that's ok then, rape away Michael. Rape away in hell.

The entire Jackson family deserves to be left in debt, with nothing to their name, just like they started with.

Posted at 9:32 AM on Jul 2, 2010 by Shady

@ Shady....No, you seem to have your facts wrong. Michael wasn't convicted of anything. He stood trial for this absurd charge and was found 'Not Guilty'. Before you post you might want to learn 'The Real Truth'!!

Ignorance is bliss

1537 days ago


This happened back when sleazy Jermaine and his father talked Katherine into trying to make Michael sign on for a concert that he didn't want to do.

What's wrong with these Jackson brothers that they can't hold on to the millions of bucks they've made over the years??

Michael can be heard in a telephone conversation on you tube a few years back complaining that his father was asking him for a half million dollars.....trying to make him feel guilty by telling him that if it wasn't for him Michael wouldn't be who he is today.

I would've avoided my family too.

I like some of the Jackson brothers....but wow...people can be such jealous conniver's.

1537 days ago
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