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Melissa Etheridge

Files to End Relationship

7/3/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Melissa Etheridge has just filed legal documents with the court to formally end her relationship with Tammy Lynn Michaels.

Etheridge filed a document called a Petition for Dissolution of Domestic Partnership in L.A. County Superior Court.

Etheridge and Michaels were registered as domestic partners in California. They had a commitment ceremony back in 2003.  There were reports they tried to legally marry in 2008 -- during the time when same-sex marriages were permitted in CA --  but they missed the window. 

In the docs, Etheridge cites "irreconcilable differences."

Etheridge is asking for joint custody of the couple's two children.  Their twins were born in 2006, after Tammy was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor.

Etheridge's lawyer, Judy Bogen, is also asking the judge to reject any possible bid by Tammy to get financial support.

There are reports the couple split back in April.


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jane doe    



1575 days ago


Sociopaths are Sad, I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on "making someone love you." I'm not really sure how someone would go about doing that..... And your comment about falling out of love - I have been on both ends of that. My problem is how Melissa is dealing with this divorce. In interviews, she comes off as "it ain't no thing" when it so obviously IS a big thing to Tammy. I was a HUGE Melissa Etheridge fan and feel horribly misled by whom and what I thought she was. I know that my perception is MY responsibility but by the same token, I have decided that I NOW dislike Melissa as much as I used to admire her and what I felt she had accomplished.

1575 days ago


Quote LindyLou "and you want to take NO responsibility for her or the children?"

Whoa! Where do you read that? She wants shared custody of the children. Shared custody means she pays 50% of everything. That's responsibility. She just doesn't want to support Tammy for the next 15 years or so. Tammy chose to quit working and be a stay at home mom. That's where she felt her nitch in life was. She didn't like acting or the whole Hollywood fame game (read her blog). She was an actress when Melissa met her. Melissa did not remove her from acting, Tammy made that choice herself. When alimony is paid in hetro divorces it's because, the wife gave up working because the husband wanted her home to raise the kids. This made the woman dependent on the man's income and this would also be years and years of the woman being dependent. Not just 3 or 4 years. I've never seen Tammy blog any where that Melissa made her give up working to raise the kids. As far as I've seen, Melissa was always supportive of anything Tammy wanted to do. Again, read Tammy's blog.

1575 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Floyd, sometimes people say things (especially to the press) that is not a true reflection of their thoughts/feelings. I do think the breakup has affected Melissa as Tammy wrote in her blog that Melissa was writing "wailing" songs which Tammy realized was a harbinger of things to come. But when Tammy confronted her, Melissa laughed it off and denied. Which was unkind and cowardly. But Tammy does strike me as the confrontational and straight-talking type. Which is good, but not everyone can handle that type of personality. And it's very hard to break up with someone!! I, personally, have never been able to do it. I always act horribly to the guy so he breaks up with me. Which, I realzie, is cowardly on my part. I think very few people are good at breakups.

Honestly, as an outside observer, Tammy is handling this in entirely the wrong way. She's talking too much. She's whining too much. She needs to get herself sorted out, get a good life going, exercise, focus on her kids and her OWN happiness. And maybe Melissa will regret leaving her. Maybe Tammy will meet someone better suited for her. Melissa is not her raison d'etre. It's not all about having a successful and famous's about having a loving partner and Melissa is not that for Tammy right now.

1575 days ago


",wanting to have society recognise their special love...and yet they just want the ability sue each others asses in court."

Just like the straight people do Susanne. Yes, as tax paying citizens of the United States of America, we want all the rights that hetros have.

1575 days ago


Sociopaths are Sad, Once again... I agree and love the tone you are projecting.

SA, Thanks for the "childish" comment..... Being childish is one of my only pleasures these days. As to my name..... It's a very long and boring story. Needless to say, it has been a tedious burden.

1575 days ago


Well Floyd, there's one thing to reliving ones childhood and enjoying life as you did when you were young but it's quite another thing to be childish. To converse at the level of a snide child is by no means cute or endearing. If you find pleasure and happiness in being spite full then by all means, it's your life, enjoy it. Just don't be surprised when an adult calls you on your childish choice of words. Rests right there with vulgar, discriminatory name calling (something else I've seen adults do here). I know, growing up is hard to do. Some people live the Peter Pan syndrome for most of their adult life.

1575 days ago


I'm done here. Just something to think about. What is wrong with your own life that you would feel the need to jump on a public website and demoralize another person that you know little about? This falls to any who would name call, judge, victimize or demonize either Tammy or Melissa. Perhaps your interests are best suited to your own backyard.

1575 days ago


SA, Do you need a hug, pal? Just people expressing opinions..... just like you.

1575 days ago

jane doe    

Team Tammy - read parts of your blog, and you are a very talented writer. After you write that Tell All Book, how about selling the rights to your life story and writing the screenplay? Time to make money off of your pain; your ex-partner certainly has and is making money writing and singing about all her "pain"... start your own production company and take your power back! You gave it away to a woman who betrayed you and told you lies. Life isn't over by any means, you are a young, attractive woman who has two adorable twins, and now you have a lot more life experience to write about (and $ell).

From the looks of it, most folks here are on your side, Tammy!

1575 days ago

Mary Jane    

TEAM TAMMY- Very dissapointed, I agree, Tammy should have monetary support, she carried the babies, stuch with M thru treatment just to be **** upon. MELISSA IS A HYPOCRITE.

1575 days ago


Angry, insecure lesbians frighten me..... just like angry, insecure homophobes...... OMG!!!!!! We're more alike than different.

1575 days ago


And those children will grow up perfectly normal with two mothers who slept together and no father involved or ever will be.

1575 days ago

The Watcher    

Wow. I had a terrible childhood. I was sexually abused for years, not to mention the physical beatings and emotional pain. I didn't realize this gives me free license to ditch my marriage. Also, if I hadn't been abused, I learned on this website that if I get bored or find my spouse has become fat or just plain not attractive to me any longer, I can just dump my partner unceremoniously. Thanks S.O.S., you let me know I can be an S.O.B. By the way, Tammy looks great. I read her blog. She's warm, intelligent and articulate and never has she said anything desparaging about Melissa. If something were to happen to Melissa, career-wise or anything else, Tammy would be crushed. She still loves her. That's the saddest part of all.

1575 days ago


Floyd, if you're referring to me, there's no anger in my words. Just view points from a grown up mind. I do believe my words how ever have made you unhappy, to which I apologize. Now back to your happy place being childish as you say you like to be. : ) Maybe it's your issues with being named Floyd when you were born a female. Oh, wait, am I making assumptions about you without knowing you? I'm sorry, just surmising by the little bit you chose to share with me a while back ; ) See how assumptions can cause problems? Opinions are one thing. Name calling and vulgarity are never necessary. But side with those types of people if you must. Hug yourself, I do believe you need it.

Yes Cheryl, those children will be normal, if there is such a
thing as "normal" with so many diverse people and cultures out there. Do you know how many children are born who never know their fathers and are raised by their mothers solely? Even still the children born to single women who have no intentions of ever getting married and feel their male family members are good fill ins for the other sex the child needs to be acquainted with. Educate yourself Cheryl. Read what children (now adults) of gay couple have to say. They are out there and speaking. Listen.

1575 days ago
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