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Oksana Grigorieva

Under Oath in

Mel Gibson War

7/2/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva showed up at her lawyer's office this morning, before heading over to have her deposition taken in her nuclear custody fight with Mel Gibson.

We're told Oksana will have to testify under oath about her relationship with Mel, her demands, and we're certain she'll be asked if she leaked information about the explosive secret tapes in which Mel screamed, "You look like a f**king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers it will be your fault."

The deposition is on right now.



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I think I love Mel Gibson more now than ever, if that's even possible!

1582 days ago


I've heard that Oksana is a musician...on what the mouth flute ot the flesh organ?She's a gold digging pig and he's swine.

1582 days ago


I wouldn't wouldn't bet the bank on the legitimacy of these rantings quite yet. She seems to be quite the operator. Knowing his past missteps, I wouldn't be surprised if Oksana is setting our boy Mel up. This is the quickest way for her to turn the tables in her favor, allegations of racial slurs and sexist verbal abuse. I could very well be wrong and if I am that will be it I think for Mr. Gibson. I just have a feeling she got the boot without the bank account and she is playing dirty pool.

1582 days ago


I find it really interesting and profoundly disturbing that the uproar is not that he is physically, emotionally and verbally abusive to his partner, but that he used the "N" word. Everything is upside down and back asswards.

1582 days ago

Tony B    

★ ★ ★Sorry, I'm completely team Oksana on this one.

I think ol' Mel's gone completely "Tom Cruise/Tila Tequila". aka Crazy as a sh*thouse rat! :-O ★ ★ ★

1582 days ago


This kind of talk indicates that he's not finished with her... she still turns him on... and he would really like to have sex with her again.

1582 days ago


Wow. If he did say those things along with what he said to the police officer when pulled over for a DUI, his career is over. Or not. I however used to adore him and now find him repulsive.

1582 days ago


Of course, Oksana will lie and come out smelling like a rose planted in horse ****~ lifetime manipulators always do. Bet she was sugar-sweet while setting him up on her hidden recording device. I think the term is button-pusher blackmailing wh0re.
Wonder what she had on Timothy Dalton? Gibson needs to publicly apologize and get some anger management. The guy who suggested he donate his time/money and help African American youth had a great idea.

1582 days ago


This is my first post, may be my last. I wish for Mr. Gibson's absolute happiness above all.
We are angry with him, but he hates himself- the only reason to spew out such anger towards others. Peace, Mel. Will keep you in my prayers, we all deserve better than this and you can face up to it if you try harder. Please do that now.

1582 days ago


Mel!!!! Really???? A "pack"? What! Black people are now animals to you? Animals run in packs. No more movie tickets from me!

1582 days ago


aha ha i Love it! that's what men deserve when they cheat on their "wives" Actually you are allowed to tape someone when they make physical threats towards you, now a days it's actually called a "terrorist threat". This is why it's admissible evidence in the court system but is sealed.
So People don't thReaten anyone because that person has every Legal right to tape you. Loopholes!
O.J. treated Nicole Brown Simpson/former waitress, his mistress, gold digger the same way. And she extorted him; had photos, tapes, just like Oksana but no one called Nicole out of her race, or called her a Whore. Did you know that while O.J. was married to his 1st wife his child drowned in the pool while dating Nicole Brown.. Mel sounds like O.J. to me. Nicole Brown Simpson Angelic Caucasian American victim. Oksana Grigorieva Russian, not american an exotic beauty not blonde that so many call her out of her race and use it has a "Bad Word"! Is it the the Cold War still on, the Russians are coming...LOLZ
SO let the name calling begin?! iF YOU WANT RACISM to stop, stop being Racist against people that are different from you People have such a double standard. Bada Bing, yo?!

1582 days ago


Who cares about Mel Gibson or this leech of a woman, like Tiger he deserves whatever she can snag from him. Mother always said, "You lie down with dogs you get fleas".

1582 days ago


Until you have been in the same situation, you should not judge or comment on anything you know nothing about. She had every right to record him and for all we know they are voice mails. As far as first amendment rights, he took her's away when he threatened and terrorized her. He is accountable for his behavior. Placing blame on someone else is classic Domestic Violence behavior.

1582 days ago


My guess is she wanted to get smacked - gets her more money and public sympathy. Not from me Beyotch, we all know you are a golddigger and you can't sing worth a crap, women like you give the rest of us a bad name.

1582 days ago


#46: WTF are you talking about? How can you compare Mel Gibson to OJ Simpson?! You must be an itdiot. Nicole Brown-Simpson was physically abused as well as mentally. She was murdered by OJ Simpson (who is still looking for the real killers...NOT) His kids are all screwed up big time. Mel Gibson hasn't killed or physically abused anyone. What is going on between him & OctoSana is a private matter. IF he was an abuser, I would think his wife of 28 years would have come forward a long time ago. His kids are pretty nice and normal considering growing up with the loone. To make a judgement call like that just proves how moronic, idiotic and prejudice you are.

1582 days ago
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