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World Cup's Message for Mel Gibson ...

7/2/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Osiris Reborn    

The dude is a misogynist racist and his small fanbase need to get over the denial.

"Noooo he's just an alcoholic, we all say things like that when we're drunk"..

Riiight.. we're all alcoholic racists.

"Why do the blacks and gays get a parade but not the white?"

Re-read your history books and look at the groups who were oppressed in the US, and the struggles they had to overcome and then ask yourself that question again.

"But that was a long time ago, they should get over it."

Last I checked prop 8 just went through a year or two back, and the klan.. err I mean the tea party just kicked in when Obama got elected.

"Obama created more seperation"

Riiiight.. like Bush and his wannabe theocracy didn't create division by favoring a religious agenda, while catering to the top 5% when it came to tax breaks. The majority voted for Obama, no division there. The only division is between the majority of this country that aren't racist, and the minority that are.

And Gibson needs to get over his superiority complex, he's a balding, waist line widening, over the hill, dude who cheated on a wife that was faithful to him, and in return appears to be paying the piper for his indiscretions.

Karma rules..

Team Oksana 2010

1541 days ago


Stop talking about Mel.... what about the issue in Arizona....

1541 days ago


If Mel made a comment like that...the only cure for his help is to be loved by a black woman....jerk!

1541 days ago


At least they are trying to do something about it! Then you have white Americans on here making nasty comments and complain about how they only get called racist. Well DUH!!!! The comments alone show that white Americans are the most racist. They get mad and say that someone is throwing in the race card. Then turn around and make racist comments about blacks, Jews, and Mexicans in the same damn sentence! All the racist comments on here are made by white Americans and no one else. Anytime there is a story about a minority on TMZ, white American racist come out of the wood work to make nasty comments and slurs. America will never change! It will still be the same nasty racist country for another 400 years. Outsiders are not hurting America, America is hurting America. America is its own terrorist, not the Middle Easterners. It is now sinking ever so fast into hell and that is its punishment America deserves it! Know if only we could vote in a Mexican come the next presidential elections.

1541 days ago


The irony of "Anti-Discrimination" day being declared on the very day that the only two remaining "diverse" teams get shown the door is just delicious. Look at the remaining field. What are these nations? Who are these players? A dash of indigenous Americans in Paraguay but otherwise, overwhelmingly..... White People! Evil, evil, oppressive, racist White People! What the eye sees, the mind believes, and the picture on the TV will speak louder than the incessant anti-White prattle that has served as the background music for this entire World Cup. Another failure for the charlatan bigot Mandela and his sinking "new" South Africa.

Also, God bless Mel Gibson.

1540 days ago


Give this tired, bigoted Gibson-Bashing campaign a break you stupid jew bastard!

1540 days ago


KEWL! So this means the media is going to acknowledge the racism in Africa? The call for killing all white people, even tho they are in Africa to help, the killing of white kids, raping a white baby to cure aids? Come on, leave Mel alone, going after a private conversation, and leaving the real racist to control the media and the white house?!...BTW,..where's the story on Jay Z kicking white people out of his dressing room? Or Holder dropping charges against the black panthers? Or the illegals killing blacks in California?....Get w/it TMZ,..stop trying to just stir up trouble!

1540 days ago


"Say No to Sports" would make more sense.

1536 days ago


#50 Osiris reborn..So tell me , how do you know Mels wife robyn
never cheated on him? were you around her 24hrs aday? Also, Mel was seperated from his wife when he took up with oksnota!! I guess you have a degree in perfection!!!!

1511 days ago


Well folks, do you feel really, really foolish? TMZ plants an obvious fake story about Mel Gibson and the foolish fell for it. Where on that banner is the name MEL GIBSON?
What is wrong with you people, can't you think?

Maya 28

1414 days ago


@46, That's the spirit, call the tea partiers names. I'm not going to insult you (Even though I can say plenty about a guy who loves the word "Dude". He's not a racist, he's a drunk. I have seen People do and say things they would never do otherwise. Luckily, I hate alcohol, so I haven't made the horrible mistake of making racist comments. So when some left wing nut job calls me a racist, I know they're just ignorant and can't debate so they name call. You are right about one thing, karma does rule, like the karma levied against the dems last week.

1411 days ago
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