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Erin Andrews' Stalker Off Hook for ESPN's $300K Bill

7/6/2010 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Andrews' stalker Michael David Barrett won't have to cough up over a quarter mil for the mess he caused ESPN -- this according to a new court order signed earlier this month.


TMZ broke the story back in May ... ESPN wanted the government to force King Creepster to cover all of the network's enormous expenses in the wake of the stalking scandal -- mostly for extra security.

Barrett fired back weeks later, claiming he's "virtually penniless" and shouldn't have to foot the $327,442.27 bill for a third party.

According to the new docs filed in California District Court, the judge agreed -- claiming "ESPN voluntarily paid all costs on behalf of direct victim Erin Andrews and restitution to ESPN is therefore not appropriate."

MDB -- who pled guilty to stalking Andrews last year -- began serving a 30-month sentence on May 3.

UPDATE: Erin Andrews tells TMZ, "I’m disappointed with the court’s decision.  In my mind Barrett should pay for all the trouble and expense he and he alone caused."

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what a beautiful day     

that dirtbag should rot in JAIL. What a PERVERT.

1570 days ago


Erin should have to pay it,she got all the publicity for showing a little something something.She is getting a starring role in mel gibsons new movie.The all white remake of the emmy winning movie CAR WASH

1570 days ago


What does a California court have to do with it? Wasn't he charged and convicted in NY?

1570 days ago


I disagree with the judge here. It's not ESPN's problem that the perv' is flat broke. He caused ESPN to expend money to protect one of their employees that he was an active threat to. Erin was being stalked because this perv' noticed her on ESPN. ESPN would have been remis in not protecting Erin who is being paid by them as their on camera representative. His going after Erin interfered with ESPN's ability to conduct their business. Erin is not a charity for ESPN. She is an asset (in more ways than one) of ESPN just like their intellectual and physical property. If someone threatens to damage ESPN equipment if they see it outside a certain venue, would ESPN be wrong to add security and protect their stuff outside that venue? And when the threatener gets caught, why should he not foot the bill for ESPN having to react defensively to his illegal action against them?

1570 days ago


Tell the publicity whore that it was ESPN's responsibility, in the first place, to protect her privacy, safety, etc. when she and other employees are on location!!

1570 days ago


He is a discusting human being!!!! He should pay!!!

1570 days ago


Dudes a hero. I've jerked it so many times to that vid. I bow down sir.

1570 days ago



1570 days ago


Please let this young lady go away, far far away.

1570 days ago

Daniel Mountain    

I'm sure herself and ESPN can afford the extra costs. No need to kick a man/stalker while he's down -- he's already serving 30 months because he stalked a rich celebrity instead of a regular person.

1569 days ago


Check again

1569 days ago


Ok honestly, ENOUGH ALREADY!! I really do not believe he "stalked" her, nor do i understand WHY anyone would even want to stalk THAT to begin with. That said, she's making it sound like this guy pulled a Phillip Garrido on her ugly a$$. NOTHING happened to you, and you should SHUT THE HELL UP, BE THANKFUL, and STOP WHINING already!!!! If this is the WORST thing that'll ever happen to you, then you should THANK GOD because that is NOTHING compared to the HELL ACTUAL stalking/crime victims go through!! I have been a stalking victim since i was 17, and i'm 25 now and it's STILL NOT OVER!!!! THAT'S 8 YEARS AND COUNTING!! 8 YEARS, and i was a CHILD when it started so don't you fuccking dare play the victim card with me!!! Imagine having to FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE AND SAFETY EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF EVERY DAY FOR 8 YEARS, being followed HOME, work, running errands, seeing him drive by STARING at you with a smile on his face, knowing that given the slightest opportunity HE'LL KIDNAP, RAPE AND/OR KILL YOU!!!! And you want to bi*ch about THAT stupid nonsense tape?? Maybe if you weren't a fuccking WEIRDO that irons and curls her hair NAKED he wouldn't have had anything to TAPE!!! You have NO CLUE what being TRULY TRAUMATIZED really means, not being able to leave your house for days or weeks at a time, having to put your life on hold because you can't do ANYTHING without having a panic attack!!!! If what happened to you was TRUE, you would have NEVER been able to go on TV to dance in next to nothing you pig!! SHAWN JOHNSON WAS ACTUALLY STALKED, TRAUMATIZED, CAME WITHIN FEET OF BEING KIDNAPPED, RAPED AND KILLED!! If anyone has a right to be afraid and outraged, IT'S HER NOT YOU!!! Do you see her whining and moaning about it though?? NOOOO BECAUSE SHE'S ACTUALLY TRAUMATIZED AND SHE CAN'T!!!!! I have friends whose daughter was MURDERED by a stalker, so using such a horrifying crime to extend your unwarranted 15 minutes of fame MAKES ME AS SICK AS YOUR TRANNY FACE DOES!! You should be ASHAMED of yourself!! YOU'RE NOT HELPING ACTUAL VICTIMS OF STALKING, THIS IS A HUGE SLAP IN THE FACE. People that have never experienced stalking first hand already have a hard time understanding and relating to this crime, minimizing it and not taking it seriously. AND THAT'S BECAUSE OF UGLY ******* BI*CHES LIKE YOU. You really want to help?? Then SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!!!!!!!

1556 days ago


What a load of crap. This pervert should pay every penny regardless how long it takes. Accepting the excuse of destitution is hardly acceptable. Proper justice is being held responsible for your actions.

1514 days ago

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