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Lindsay Lohan Probation Officer's Report

7/7/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's probation officer's report lists 5 drugs Lindsay is allowed to take, and the combination is powerful.

Lindsay Lohan Crying

According to the report, Lindsay is allowed to take Zoloft (antidepressant), Trazodone (antidepressant), Adderall (stimulant to control ADHD), Nexium (acid reflux) and the extremely powerful painkiller Dilaudid.

Under the terms of probation, Lindsay is allowed to take these drugs.


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Prince Von A-Hole    

Yah that Nexium, thats a bad one. Right up there with Tums. And the Zoloft), Trazodone and, Adderall are for the best. She is more likely getting into trouble when she fails to take them.

Her biggest problem is intrusive bloggers making up scandal as the go.
In other words Shut the H up you stupid morons A Holes and stick to your gay agenda.

1572 days ago


Holy crap! I had my wisdom teeth out and even had dry sockets. My dr gave me Percocet and I didn't even finish the bottle. There's no way she could still be experiencing pain a month later and need such a hardcore medication.

1572 days ago


@Monica Turner -You're definitely no expert on this subject. Adderall (an amphetamine) does NOT "make a person crave alcohol, cocaine, etc." That's an unbelievably stupid statement.

1572 days ago


WTF does she need dilaudid for!? That is what they gave my mom for pain from a BRAIN TUMOR - not dentistry work!!! That stuff should only be used for the most serious pain. Unless being an idiot is painful, she doesn't need it.

1572 days ago


****tails anyone! That's what it is a drug ****tail... I'm sure the Dilaudid is no longer necessary.. Didn't she go to the dentist a month ago? If she needed anything from the dentist it could of been antibiotics for the infection which is causing the pain...

1572 days ago


She may be able to take them now but during the hearing at the end of her sentencing, Judge Revel said that after her release from jail and when she is put on formal probation-the officer will go over the list of drugs she is prescribed to. The officer will then decide which drugs will interfere with her recovery and will be able to tell her she is not allowed to take them. She won't be on those pills very much longer.

1572 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

She had no reason to go out and drink or use coke. She was given medical clearance to get high.

1572 days ago


In my own personal opinion, she's probably taking the adderall not for ADHD but to keep the weight off - as it is the most commonly abused drug used for weight loss due to it's stimulant nature. As for the zoloft and the other antidepressant, why does she need two? Is she bipolar that she needs two to control it, although zoloft is not often used for bipolar problems. As for the nexium, if she truly has problems with her stomach, it is probably from the combination of the drugs as well as the diet or lack thereof...and then why take pain killers? All in all, it sounds like alcohol isn't her problem, but rather the ever enduring life of a young starlet looking for an easy way to do things and the endless doctors in Hollywood willing to prescribe drugs to those who don't need them. Let's hope someone can figure out a way to get her to find a way to be completely drug free...otherwise, she'll be the next obituary.

1572 days ago


we shouldnt judge i am a recovering addict and let me tell you its not easy to stay clean took me 6 years to finally get it right and now i am almost 5 years clean

1572 days ago


you know, she could use this as a tool for her trade. She likes to take notes. She can do her time and study it and utilize it for other parts.

She could turn this around and use it for good in many ways.

1572 days ago


I was prescribed Trazodone as a sleep aid and it would put me in my own world. I would be out if it and wake up still feeling stoned out of my mind. I couldn't take it anymore because of this. There should be some testing done on her to see how much of each medication she is taking.

1572 days ago


what surprised me was the lady (probation officer?) who sounded like she was making excuses for lindsay as to why she couldn't attend or meet the requirements... if that's how the system works, no wonder it's failing... no one is held accountable-- not even the people who are in charge of making sure the requirements are met!

1572 days ago


HOPEFULLY (!) the judge has the GOOD SENSE to require a second opinion to determine if those are necessary. (hint: they aren't) Otherwise, she is allowed to continue the self-poisoning with the judge's blessings ... so why bother to incarcerate her?

1572 days ago


Dilaudid, are you freaking kidding me? I live with chronic pain and take 1 Vicodin per day so that I can sleep, there is NO WAY IN HELL that this little skank needs Dilaudid, especially for "dental surgery" as it was stated in another article. Her Dr. needs to be under investigation NOW!

1572 days ago


TWO anti-depressants???? Add to this Dilaudid , it is a wonder she is still breathing as this is a major narcotic painkiller used to control intractable pain not a tooth pulling !!! She is train wreck heading down the track at 100 mph and no brakes , she will self-destruct .

1572 days ago
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