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Lindsay's Prescription Drug -- Stronger than Morphine

7/7/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a current prescription for a drug she's technically allowed to take despite her drug testing requirement -- and it's several times stronger than morphine ... TMZ has learned.


According to sources familiar with Lindsay's most recent probation report, LiLo has a prescription for Dilaudid -- an extremely powerful painkiller ... often compared to morphine ... and even heroin.

As long as she has the prescription, Lohan is in the clear to pop the painkiller -- presuming she follows the dosage guidelines.   We're told a doctor wrote the prescription after Lindsay's recent dental surgery.  We do not know the quantity the doctor prescribed.

But as we first reported, that's not all she's allowed to have in her medicine cabinet -- Lindsay also has prescriptions for two other drugs -- Ambien and Adderall.

Linds -- who just got sentenced to 90 days behind bars -- is still subject to drug testing before she surrenders on July 20.


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the sea    

Pretty soon she'll be inhaling Propofol to get to sleep.

1567 days ago


TMZ, will you ever leave this girl alone or won't you be satisfied until you drive her to her demise!

1567 days ago


Dilaudid? Is she dying?

The M.D. who is prescribing that drug for her needs to be investigated!

My mom took that during the last couple weeks of her life when she had cancer.


1567 days ago


She takes medications that are prescribed by a licensed California doctor, so they should be available to her while in jail, yes?

They don't refuse insulin to diabetics who are in jail do they? She's not under any suspicion or court order regarding legal use of legal drugs.

There is a D-list celebrity who often speaks about Lohan in defamatory terms when he's not posing for publicity shots with Tiger's ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel. But his role as Lindsay's parent is compromised by his own need for attention and publicity.

1567 days ago


This is PROOF she is a drug addict - she does not have a condition severe enough to be prescribed Dilaudid. And before you say "we don't know that" - yes we do know that. Dilaudid is for EXTREME pain - the kind of pain would keep you from freely going to party every night. It's not a drug you would take CONTINUALLY unless you had a disease pretty much or maybe, MAYBE something like a herniated disk.
Typical Hollywood ****tail - extreme painkiller (Dilaudid) sleeping pills (Ambien) and speed (Adderall).
She is one prescription away from OD'ing like Heath and the rest, and I'm sure she will demand Xanax for all the stress in her life, which will take care of the problem.
Goodbye Lindsay.

1567 days ago


Holy cats.

I took a very small of Dilaudid once by mistake, thought I was taking something MUCH less powerful.

I literally passed out for 18 hours straight. Then I woke up and puked my guts out for another 12.

Unless you are in severe pain the appeal of this drug totally escapes me.

1567 days ago

Are you sure?    

"TMZ, will you ever leave this girl alone or won't you be satisfied until you drive her to her demise"!

Posted at 12:38 AM on Jul 7, 2010 by Areader

And people like you would keep her secrets and allow her to use drugs! Revealing someone's drug use won't kill them. Making excuses and covering up for them will!!!!

1567 days ago


There are 3 scenarios for what is going to happen in the next two weeks.

1. She will do 2 weeks in jail, and no more.

2. She will enter inpatient rehab, probably about July 18th, to avoid going to jail. There will be legal issues regarding this at a later date, but last I heard, she could not be removed from an impatient facility and taken to jail, so she would escape jail at least temporarily, but will try this and gamble that the jail will be forgiven for him admission to a treatment facility.

3. She will O.D. before she goes to jail.

I'm putting my money on #3.

1567 days ago


Umm. Okay. Lets put this in perspective. I take Dilaudid. I also have Tumors in my spine, Lupus etc. I'm on a hospice dose, combined with methadone, Xanoflex, etc etc. Kinda know what this is about here..

The first thing they tell you when they put you on serious pain meds, is the facts. Look em up. Dilaudid is known on the street as "Hillybilly herion" and "Dillies". Its roughly 10 times stronger than morphine, something I'm allergic to, and was synthetically created to replace morphine for people like me.

If Lulu has something serious enough for a prescription of Dilaudid, I'll eat my wheelchair. If she's on it for more than an aftercare of say having her spine cut open or her guts played with, there's no excuse.

Unless of course... she's being given it under a doctor's suprevision to take her OFF a drug like say. heroin, and she can't take methadone for some silly reason..

Interesting. Seems to me ya'll have a much bigger story here. If she's on Dilaudid alone, without a combination of another pain med, then I'd say she's not dying of cancer. If she were on Dilaudid and Methadone combined, she's got something really ugly healthwise going on.

Dig deeper kiddo's. Something smells in Denmark, Hamlet.

1567 days ago


Oh and let me state here..

Having a new set of duck lips doesn not a Dilly script make.

Unless of course.. your Melodie Griffith's doc. And judging from the lips, it's entirely a possiblity.

Advice for Lulu:
Yeah. Get thee to a nunnery kid. Between Ava Maria's and long black gowns, ya'd be a helluva lot better off without your co-dependent leeches I mean family "helping" you with your issues.

Ya got to kinda feel sorry for anyone who has bought into the ego that their handlers have to pump their butts up with. Those folks are forced to tell you your fabulous and above the law. If you want a flying monkey hand delivering you the best date for publicity or slipping coke in your pocket, that's their job. Celebrity doesn't ruin the career, buying the b.s. does.
Personally I'm thrilled she'll be in the pokey. All these kids who think being the next Lohan will have to say geez.. maybe it's not such a great idea. Even SHE'S answerable to her actions. Mom is right?? How bad does that suck??
End of rant.

1567 days ago


So, she's on painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs? What was so bad in this idiot's life that she had to anesthetize herself to the world? She was young, she had millions of dollars, she had a growing career, she had millions of fans who loved & adored her. Why did she need to take drugs when she had all these things going for her?

All I can think of is, either she thought it would be "cool" to do drugs & drink like a fish, or she's got some serious mental problems. I think she's pretty much another sh*tney spears; she's lost her career, she's burning through her money, she picked the wrong type of hanger-on friends, etc. Time to toss her stupid arrogant retarded ass into the loony bin & throw away the key...

1567 days ago


I have a Dilaudid prescription and I have had Dilaudid I.V. I can definitely see why people would compare it to an illicit drug IF it's taken via IV because there IS a terrific rush just before it makes the pain go away. That isn't present with the pills, though.

1567 days ago


This is crazy!!! I was on dilaudid when I was in the hospital after I had SURGERY, and it had to be administered to me by a nurse only a certain amount per day, because your heart can literally stop with the slightest bit too much. Even for just having surgery, the doctors were very hesitant to put me on dilaudid because they thought it was too strong, again even for someone who just had surgery within 24 hours!! The doctor who prescribed this for lindsey needs to be investigated pronto!

Also she takes Adderall and Ambien so she is now on three controlled narcotic substances. Should we really believe that she is sober now? She will not succeed in rehab, and a good rehab will try to get her off of this junk, especially the dilaudid, which is only usually prescribed to patients with terminal illnesses.

1567 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

And people thought she was drug free!!! HAAA!!!

Yeah, she gets her drugs free from the state!

1567 days ago


Dilaudid IV's are only administered in a medical setting by a medical person. She's not on that. Aint no way.

BUT.. heavy hitting drug users will shoot the pills crushed intermuscularly. Stupid people do. It's not like its meant to be administered that way. It's a painful high that will definately leave a crater.

I hope she's not that stupid. But considering her argument of "these aren't my pants" and "I did the best I could" when hey.. anyone with a desk top and a cuppa morning coffee the last 3 years knows how she "Did the best she could"... knows what a total crock that was.

I loved it when she said "if someone had sat down and explained it to me' in the same breath of air of "i know you wanted me to go every week". But I thought.. yeah that's the problem. She thought.

Honestly, she really gives the impression of feeling entitled. Didn't she say she couldn't get in trouble because she's a celebrity? Wow. I can think of a couple dozen idiot camera ho's who've thought the very same thing.

1566 days ago
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