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Lindsay Lohan

Calls Judge

'F**king Bitch'

7/8/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan went ballistic after she was sentenced to 90 days in jail, telling her friends, Judge Marsha Revel is "a f**king bitch." 

Hours after the sentence -- Lindsay bitterly complained to her friends, Revel hates her, was out to get her, and thinks all the judge wanted to do was make an example out of her.  Calling Revel a "f**king bitch" does not exactly square with Lindsay's final words in court Tuesday, "I don't want you to think that I don't respect you."

Lindsay insisted she does not have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

As for whether the judge gave Lindsay a 90-day sentence to make an example out of her ... some  defense lawyers who practice at the Bev Hills courthouse believe Judge Revel's sentence was out of whack.  Several of the lawyers who have had similar cases before Judge Revel say none of their clients have gotten more than 30 days in jail, for similar probation violations.  One source said, "No one gets 90 days for this.  No one."


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Vibhor Sharma Kaushal    

I wonder why the judgen is all "DECKED UP"? Like an actress of a film! She's done her "eyes", she's done her "lips" and she has even styled her "hair"; especially to meet Lindsay! I'm somehow finding the entire thing funny................and yah lindsay will ofcourse tell the judge all the possible nasty things......... cuz hey, the jugde did'nt call Lindsay to her, and kiss her on her fore head naaa!

1568 days ago


Judge Revel will extend Lindsay's time to 1 whole year for this.

1568 days ago

Good riddance!    

keep digging that hole Blohan! You'll know when to quit when people stand around and put a stone next to the hole!

1568 days ago


She "said" it to the judge's face. Check out the photo from British paper, right hand, middle finger, she has "**** you" etched in black on her over the rainbow nail polish

1568 days ago


Oh Yea, this is allways good.
Call the judge who you will be facing again,
A beotch.

1568 days ago

Sad sad    

Honestly, who wouldn't say that after getting sentenced like that. What do you think she'd say? She was so awesome?

1568 days ago


Time to grow up and face the music Lohan! You are NOT a princess so stop acting out! Perhaps if you tried staying at home by yourself and thinking about your life and future - you might just get it right - being a party animal is NOT forever stupid! Jail and cooling off time will be good for you - 90- days would be better to get all those drugs out of your system and yes I mean the prescription ones! You're headed down Anne Nichols road dumbass!@

1568 days ago


'no one', LOL... well, now we can count one: Lindsay. :)

1568 days ago


↑ Uh, Lindsolow Lohan should have said NOTHING. ↑

1568 days ago


First of all I'm tired of the TMZ people sticking up for the coke whores! What they mean is if your a celeb you get a slap on the wrist but if your a regular everyday person in SoCal you get worse then her 90 days! What about the wreckless driving, cocain found on her and let's not forget the fact that she tried to hit someone with a car! I know people who violated their probabtion only one time and they went to jail not continuously violated it like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan!

1568 days ago


LOL @ #8, you're so right. And I agree that the sentence was completely over the top. 90 days for probation violation for missing a couple classes ON TOP OF 90 days inpatient treatment. It's obvious the judge is trying to make an example of her. Not saying she should've gotten NO jail time, 30 days seemed appropriate or maybe no jail and inpatient. But again, 90 days inpatient even alone is pretty outrageous. What the hell is she gonna do in an inpatient facility for 90 days?! She's gonna be one hell of a knitter, crocheter, cross stitcher & friendship bracelet maker when she gets out.

Lindsay is right, although she should've gotten SOMETHING, the judge had it in for her. It's blatantly obvious.

1568 days ago


Never mind the fact that you VIOLATED PROBATION multiple times. Reality check sweetheart, the judge don't hate you, you hate yourself.

1568 days ago


This broad has gotten too many chances already. "Noone gets 90 days." My ass bitch. Maybe not in corrupt ass Beverly Hills.

1568 days ago


ofcourse a defense attorney is gonna be against the judge thats what they do.

1568 days ago


yea, all the lawyers (friends of shawn chapman) say it is out of whack. it is NOT out of whack. the judge did the right thing. lohan has been disrespecting rules laws and authority for way too long and she is a drunk and addict. she gave her 90 days knowing she'd get out in about 23 - if she gave her 30 what good would it do? nada. I'm proud of this judge - and maybe now lohan will get herself together - the mother is a witch and needs to be sent to jail with her for ruining her life because SHE wanted fame. what a disgraceful white trash family this is!

1568 days ago
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