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Lindsay Psychiatrist Could Influence Sentence

7/7/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A prominent psychiatrist could actually hold the key to Lindsay Lohan's jail cell, TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Crying
Judge Marsha Revel appointed Dr. Kaushal Sharma to evaluate Lindsay, and then make recommendations to the court.  Dr. Sharma told TMZ he has been appointed by Judge Revel on various cases a number of times, and at least twice his evaluation caused the judge to change her sentence.

Dr. Sharma, who says he's evaluated 1/3 of the people on California's death row, tells TMZ he will probably spend anywhere from several hours to a half a day with Lindsay.  He will evaluate her -- not counsel her.

Dr. Sharma says his goal is to provide a report to the court before Lindsay goes to jail on July 20.  Among other things, the Doc will make recommendations on what type of inpatient rehab facility would be appropriate for Lindsay.

The Doc says he remembers on one occasion, after Judge Revel read his evaluation, she increased the jail time for the defendant, and on another occasion she reduced it.

Dr. Sharma does not know when he will interview Lindsay.

As for his knowledge of the case, Dr. Sharma says following these stories is not his thing.  But he and his wife sometimes watch TMZ during dinner.  We go well with meat loaf.


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Y is she crying. This chick has had so many chances and yet she still wants to break the law. Lock her ass up and make sure she serves the time too. If this was a regular person they would have been locked up.

1566 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

It is possible for The President of the United States to give her a full pardon.

1566 days ago


Hopefully it will be increased.

1566 days ago


Does anybody else smell a "reduction of sentence", here? Does anybody see the practiced hand of a manipulative, and pathetic addict, mitigate, or get dismissed...her jail-time? In a way, her "beating the wrap", and not going to jail may be a good thing: Maybe then she will head off into the desert...find herself a deep hole...and, fall into it...

1566 days ago


This guy has to reduce her sentence.
She is a wreck taking all kinds of prescriptions and harming herself

1566 days ago


Wait... Sooo... the world doesn't revolve around Lindsay? No really, are you sure? Damn.

I hope she is experiencing a life changing moment.

1566 days ago


I wonder if this judge give everyone she sentences a pych for evaluation. I doubt it, why does this wreck get special attention. She is the one who F'd up. Look what she had on her finger nail. Great respect for the court.

1566 days ago


He will just give her more meds.

1566 days ago


Lets hope that after her evaluation the Judge increases her sentence to a full 365-days.

The world will be a much safer place for a year without her on the streets...

1566 days ago


Let me save you some time with the evaluation. Shes a nonstop partier, drinker, drug head, coke sniffer who doesn't follow any rules but her own. I just saved the court $$$$$

1566 days ago


At some point you have to feel sorry for the girl. She needs to be in rehab, not in county jail. Jail should be for violent offenders, not for people who abuse drugs. I do think she needs to have her driver's license taken away, though, so she can't harm anyone if she's high.

1566 days ago


So what's gonna happen to her botox lip treatments???? Is that gonna be one of her jail house request???? lol

1566 days ago


bet he recommends probation before judgement and recommends sending her right to rehab and suspending the jail sentence....

1566 days ago


I guess her lawyer, Shawn Holly, isn't going to take this public defeat lying down. She wants the "W" dang it. Lindsay did drugs and alcohol and made a ton of mistakes while doing so. Those mistakes were crimes and she got caught and should do the time. She is no different from anyone else in the community, country and she just needs to stop the drugs and alcohol and DO HER TIME. We all have sh** we must deal with that makes life unfair. Life's a b**ch! Sh** happens. These saying didn't just come out of no where. She is no worse of than the next sane individual. We all have crap in our lives but we must push on.

1566 days ago

bob brinker    

Celebrity justice. B.S, B.S.,B.S. If this was joe blow his therapy would be 2 years in state prison. Best acting she's very done!!!!!!!!!

1566 days ago
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