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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer:

I Quit!

7/8/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, has resigned as LiLo's lawyer.

TMZ called Holley for comment on a story we're working on, and she informed us she is no longer repping Lindsay.  Sources tell us Holley resigned earlier today.

As for who Lindsay will be hiring ... we're told she's a brand new lawyer, Tiffany Feder-Cohen, who was just admitted to the bar in November. 

As for what Lindsay wants her to do ... stay tuned.  We'll tell you shortly.


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She fired her lawyer for not getting her out of the jail stint. Again, she refuses to take responsibility. She hired the newbie because Lindsay thinks she's naive enough to believe her crap.

1507 days ago

JVM Fan    

Lindsay's father is supposed to be on tonight with some new news! The show is called "Issues" and will have a personal interview about Lindsay….

1507 days ago


Lohan's lawyer is a total amateur - as are everyone around her.

Anyone who deals with modern media knows that you don't need to zoom in on something to catch it in fine detail these days.

Most of the pro level camera's would have easily caught that with any sort of zooming during the trial. If you've seen someone blow up a high resolution photo and something the photographer never even noticed showed up in fine detail, you'd realize that a public figure has to be careful. I've seen an eagle's feathers from a couple hundred yards away and the photog wasn't even paying attention to the he was shooting a waterfall panorama and picked it up later.

Chances are someone was looking over the photos and blew them up and wondered what the little ditz Lohan was smirking about and realized she was flashing F-U's at the judge. Any decent publicist and lawyer would have caught Lohan being dumb and protected her interests by not letting her wear this garbage into the courtroom.

1507 days ago


@JVM Fan
Are you serious ?
Larry King Live, E News and now Issues
That is 3 interviews in 3 days you can see why Lindsay wants nothing to do with him.

1507 days ago


Good for the Judge.Lindsay is a human just like the rest of us and deserves what the judge gave her.She thinks cause she is a so called star that she can do whatever she wants.I hope this really teaches her a lesson and jail does smarten her up.She is no star and broke and already has a civil suit against her.she breathes the same air as everyone on this planet and get over yourself u are nobody special. Congrats to the Judge and her Lawyer Quitting.Suck it up girl.Do ur time and get on with life.

1507 days ago


Holley is a damn good lawyer. I'm a legal eagle in a court room, and I watched and listened carefully to each word. Lilo is stupid to dismiss her. stupid. STUPID, and I'm not even team LiLo, but objective in these proceedings. Now, after the F U fingernail, contempt of court, hit the internet, I could see Holley resigning, but nope, she was dismissed.

The fingernail F U, was clearly an insult to the Judge, the proceedings, and the citizens of Cali. That act needs to be admonished by the judge.

Q Was Holley dismissed before or after she hand LiLo her bill for representing her?

1507 days ago


Question: Did Holley quit or was she fired. I doubt any respetful attorney (such as holley) would quit just because the case doesn't look good. It's not good for business.

My bet is Holley didn't quit, but LILO had another temper tantrum and fired her shortly after court.

How's that working for ya know Lindsay?

1507 days ago


It's doubtful that the judge will allow Holley to walk away because she didn't win. If she's in a middle of a high profile case, ya just can't say buh-bye unless the defendant fires her. Just like Casey Anthony - Baez is in for the long haul. Holley sounds like she wants to take her ball and go home. Doesn't work that way. Bringing in a new attorney at this time can jeapordize LL case and very well may keep her out of jail (if that's Holley's intent).

1507 days ago


LMAO..... I saw this coming but am surprised it took this long.

Lilo is a great vehicle for a newbie to splash her name out there into the spotlight and get in line for her 15 minutes of fame. Much better than plodding along at some firm for years.

1507 days ago


::makes popcorn:: Well, this oughta be good ...

1507 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Between the nails and Lindsay's stoopid tweets, who can blame her lawyer for quitting. But a publicity stunt? Nah. This lady's been her lawyer for three years! That's pretty damned patient for a stunt. I believe she's justifiably getting away from a train wreck so she doesn't get any on her... Watching the courtroom antics has me convinced Lindsay is officially delusional.

1507 days ago


We have not begun to see Lindsay throw a fit yet. She is for the first time in her entire life, going to go for time out. She is not going to cry, lie, cheat, fight, pay, or pray her way out of it. The more the reality sets in with her, the worse her behavior will be.

1507 days ago


I remember the last time Lilo was in court before this judge and the judge made it crystal clear Lilo was to attend the classes once per week. Shawn spoke how Lindsey was attending more than 1 class per week and the judge said if she wanted to do that, fine, but her ruling was a mandatory 1 class per week. She couldn't double up, etc.

Frankly, NO defense attorney could have prevented Lindsey from getting jail time. Lilo didn't comply with the judge's order.

BTW, if you watch the court proceedings with the sound off (beginning about 10 mins before the judge pronounces sentence), you'll see Lindsey looking bored, angry, not paying attention, etc. until she hears the first "30 days in jail". THEN she pays attention, lol.

1507 days ago


Yet another stupid move. You could see it in Chapman-Holley's face the other day when the verdict came down & Lindsay started yak-yak-yakking in Holley's ear..."What??? What??? What did she say...OMG!!.....What??....OMG!!....I CAN'T BELIEVE IT??...." hehehe Holley wanted to knock the crap out of her! LOL!

"Shut up Lindsay!! God, will you just....SHUT....UPPPPPP"?!!

Holly is a flippin' SAINT for putting up with this silly twit!

This all just keeps gettin' better & better:)

Stay tuned, folks! Tiffi's up next!

1507 days ago


BTW, if you watch the court proceedings with the sound off (beginning about 10 mins before the judge pronounces sentence), you'll see Lindsey looking bored, angry, not paying attention, etc. until she hears the first "30 days in jail". THEN she pays attention, lol.

Posted at 3:04 PM on Jul 8, 2010 by ohdee

Read more:

LOL! I'm gonna have to try this cause watching that verdict has provided me with never-ending FUN watching the look on Lilo's FACE! Your right, she was just like...OMG(sigh), can't wait til this sh.. over so I can go 'Twitter-Tweet' my VICTORY-Weeeee! Let's get this SCRAM-my thingy off my ankle NOW....Ah, judge....Miss Judge???....Scuse me, Miss Judgy-Poo....A...the 'anklet' please?! hehe

This is all just too much fun......:)

1507 days ago
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