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Tammy: Melissa Left Me With $4 To My Name

7/9/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Etheridge has left Tammy Lynn Michaels and the two children they have together high and dry ... this according to Tammy’s lawyer Steven Knowles. But Melissa says Tammy is delusional.


Knowles tells TMZ Tammy has a grand total of $4 to her name ... adding, "Melissa has not been treating Tammy or the children as if they are a wife and children, financially and otherwise."

Knowles says Melissa has not given Tammy or the kids a penny since the breakup … and she is now destitute.

TMZ broke the story, Melissa filed for dissolution of her domestic partnership with Tammy last week.

On Tuesday, Tammy filed her own legal docs … but she is asking for a dissolution of marriage. According to Knowles, even though Tammy and Melissa were not legally married in California, “They were married in their own eyes and in the eyes of the world … and Melissa was the first to say they were, in fact, married.”

BTW – Tammy is asking for spousal support – something she can't get if she is not “married.”

As we first told you, Melissa wants joint custody … but Tammy is asking for full legal and physical custody.

Knowles tells us Melissa can't possibly be a participant in the custody agreement because her schedule makes it impossible to be a meaningful parent.

Melissa's lawyer, Neal Hersh, tells TMZ, "Melissa is paying all of Tammy's expenses, which totals tens of thousands of dollars per month."



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Rose Bayless    

This is all media hype. The real story happened behind closed doors. We all know that lawyers are media whores and will sell a story to the highest bidder. This is his story not Tammy's, keep that in mind. I am a fan of Melissa'a and have been through all her lovers. She is not a "greedy" person and she is not "talentless" or "tired". She will always take care of her children. Tammy had a job before the domestic partnership and she can work again, there is no reason to support her, only the children.

1564 days ago

jane doe    

My used bloody tampon has more value than Melissa Etheridge.

1564 days ago

Chicago Joe Jr.    



1564 days ago

jane doe    

Maybe Melissa's new girfriend will give her HIV.

One can always hope.

1564 days ago

Brigham Young    

Tammy Lynn, you didn't "lose her" because Melissa is a LOSER!

1564 days ago


I have lost everything I owned three times in my life. Let the Lesbian/Gay community experience losing half of everything they own everytime they hook-up with someone too.

They want equality? You got it dummies!

1564 days ago


#52 US laws are particularly harsh in divorce in some states if you can prove your partner was cheating you can get a 90/10 split off assets, some 50/50 even if the marriage doesn't last more than a few years!! Everyone, lol, should have a pre-nuptial agreement, even us little poor people lol!!
Tammy gave up work, at Melissa's request to have the kids and raise them - which she has obviousy been doing well!! In essence Melissa is the man in the equation, staying out late all night, turning up when he wants to and never having to deal with any of the reality and problems of raising these kids (I know some men stay at home, and that comment is possibly going to be taken the wrong way)!! Why therefore should Tammy not get spousal support, get to keep the kids she gave birth to and has raised, with finances to keep those kids in the lifestyle they've become accustomed to hm?! That's what women always want from men even if they were born in poverty and marry multi-millionaires lol!!! Why should Tammy now be forced to work at Burger King to support the kids hm?!
I think Melissa is a bitch for letting Tammy find out through the likes of tmz that their relationship was being made public as over!! Karma's a bitch baby and lets hope your comes soon lol!!

1564 days ago


$4? WOW that's a really really cheap lawyer :D

1563 days ago


Here we go again, her second time again with 2 kids on the line with partners unable to fight her because they don't have the funds to hire killer lawyers. They were the caretakers of Melissa, got pregnant, bore and raised the kids she wanted while she went out and did concerts. Once broken up Melissa sends the dogs out after her ex partners and tries to share the kids but provide no money in their care. Piece of work this beotch is.

1563 days ago


Melissa is the biggest piece of s*** on earth. she honestly needs to grow the hell up, shes like 50 acting like shes a teenager, WAKE UP you have children (FOUR now) and Tammy was your WIFE, remember your wedding?!? there are photos you know, plus the whole Oprah episode you did talking about your wedding. Tammy gave up her career to raise Melissas kids (including the ones from her previous relationship)
Hope Tammy sues melissas ass and gets millions she deserves it for putting up with melissas crap for 9 years!

1562 days ago


Um... isn"t Tammy an actress? Where's her income?

1560 days ago



TMP, this is EXACTLY what I was thinking as well. Shame on Melissa for being a big fat hypocrite. I 100% hope Tammy gets 1/2 of everything.

You wanted equal marriage rights Melissa, now put your money where your mouth is when that marriage ends in divorce.

1559 days ago


Melissa's an ass. Poor Tammy. She left her popularity and showbiz just so she can be a "wife" and mother to Melissa and their kids, and what does she get in return??!! Melissa's heartlessness. In my opinion, since Melissa acts like a man, believes she's a man, then she should practice what all the other men in the US do after they divorce their wives...they give ALIMONY! Pay-up, you b**ch!

1555 days ago

Sophia Schweinberger     

A mariage is a responsability, it´s not only to took advantage of someone while is convenient for you, then leave the other person who is dedicated to you and your children whenever you want without looking back and without nothing.

Part of Melissa´s money owns to Tammy too. Because Tammy was always been dedicated ti her going every where with her with mutual agreement, like Melissa says.

Tammy needs at least one year to recover and Melissa can and must pay, if she is human, she will pay.

1552 days ago
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