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Elin Nordegren

Can Take Kids to Sweden

7/8/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... one of the terms of the divorce settlement between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren is that she can take their two kids to Sweden.

Elin Nordegren
Sources familiar with the settlement tell us the agreement was supposed to be finalized by the end of last week but there is still one document that is being negotiated. 

As for the property settlement, TMZ broke the story Elin will get right around $100 million, somewhere between 1/5 and 1/6 of Tiger's net worth.

As for whether Elin will actually move to Sweden permanently with the kids, our sources do not know, but we're told the agreement gives her "wide latitude" in deciding where she and the kids will live.

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#118 - So true.

1536 days ago


Take the money and run, part company. Everyone moves on, including TMZ (maybe). End of story.

1536 days ago


I don't get it. Elin claims Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde is a "good father". What?? After he trashed her, the mother of his children, she makes an absurd statement like that?! She's got to be a naive person to make such a claim. I'm sure it's wishful thinking on her part; she's in denial about this part of the relationship.

For the way he treated Elin and consequently his children, Tiger Woods is a real S c u m Dog Billionaire!

1536 days ago


Great move Elin!!!! the children should not be raised in places where all the hos and bimbos live.... Sweden offers much more stable and safe environment for the kids compared to Florida

1536 days ago



Only disturbed people of color would get on these blogs and tear at this intelligent and dignified woman's heart with the above comments. He married her because she was a cut-above-the-rest though is suffering from addiction and destroyed a potentially fabulous marriage that produced two exquisite children. The golddiggers are all the swines and want-to-be-swines...she loved TW and was not after his money though now deserves every cent and/or more that she is receiving during this dissolution of marriage. I hope Elin Woods takes their children to another country to be raised as she and the children will always have the dark cloud over their heads that TW created on behalf of his innocent wife and children. What a narcissistic man who egotistically returned to golf before going through a "long-term" treatment program.

Posted at 8:34 AM on Jul 8, 2010 by maryb.

I'm sure they are the same fools who think O.J. Simpson did not kill Nicole or Ron Goldman.
What did Elin do that was so terrible that she deserves to slammed by other people? NOTHING.
Our bad. He met her, they fell in love, got married & had 2 kids together. Then he screws every nasty (I can't even bring myself to call these slutty things girls or women) piece of sh*t that would spread their legs.
I agree, I BELIEVE it was never about the money with Elin. She truly loved that *******.

I am curious though as to weather or not Elin is getting any future earnings from Tiger.

1536 days ago


It's amazing how "castrated" Tiger appears in public now, stripped of his once-magnificent aura and lacking even the slightest trace of any credibility ! When he talked the other day about his desire "to be with his children", you had to almost bite your lip, in-order to hold back your laughter ... it's become that ridiculous ! And like many of you, I too am amazed that he can still have a faithful following (ie: the Lovers), as it utterly defies logic ? But this happens time & time again throughout history ... remember the idiots in Jonestown Guyana who still believed right up to the bitter end ? ... or the fanatical nuts who still worshiped Hitler when all was already lost ? ... heck, there's even a lot of people who still think that OJ was innocent ! Ultimately, these Lovers will have their hopes dashed and their hearts broken .. then and only then, will they see what has been clear for us to see since the beginning.

1536 days ago


Good for you Elin, you did right by your children.

That money is not going to cure her pain, anguish and broken heart and won't
make a dent in his wallet but at least provides for the innocent bystanders, her children.

Their father is a deceitful cheat and hopefully Elin can replace Tiger
with a man of character and integrity ASAP.

Tiger is hardly an attractive man and he plays the lamest sport for a living.
Watching golf is like watching my geriatric granny crochet.

Get yourself a REAL hot tall Swedish hunk, Elin you are gorgeous!
I feel sorry for the other woman Tiger duped, victims of his lies.
Habitual adulterers lie to everyone, their families, friends and fans.

Pretty pathetic. The only cheap whore in this story is Tiger.

1536 days ago


Tiger's own father was obsessed with him, it wasn't normal. Tiger's son has a better shot at a normal life without being manipulated by a greedy, clinging father trying to make money off of him. Tiger's kids will do fine.

1536 days ago

J Simp    

Take the money and run Elin!

1536 days ago


@post #45 Lisa. If he wanted to spend so much time with his children being a good father why did he waste that time out sleeping with skanks who were only after his $$. Elin deserves every penny she got. Let him make time for his children now, he can fly to see them if he chooses. I bet he won't spend as much time visiting them as he does banging some skank in a motel that will come out with a story years from now for money. Sad that he chose skanks over his children in the first place.

1536 days ago


Come on She got 10 million to keep her mouth shut about all of Tigers activity with drugs, thresomes & the use of Poly Max Extremes on the golf course.

1536 days ago


Did anyone see the photos of Princess Madeliene of Sweden with her ex-fiance? He is Swedish hunk if there ever was one. However, the Princess heard he spent the night with a woman at a ski resort, so she broke their engagement. Is he ever handsome or what. Elin should get a handsome Swede with no problem and forget Tiger's ugly face as much as possible.

1536 days ago

Tiger Rules    

Tiger still has a strong support group. Go to www.tigerwoods.com. Elin can go on with her life. She wasn't the first wife that was cheated on. If Tiger was my husband he would've known better cuz he himself would've diagnose "she is not a toy." All of a sudden she wants to break out the golf club. Elin honey, you waited too late to show Mr. Tiger you could get crazy on him.

1536 days ago


@tiger rules ..... get lost. Who cares about his stupid website ?
Only stupid degenerates like you can support and defend such a nasty little bastard.
I can't wait to see Woody's karma .... That will be so much fun.
Elin will move on with her life and she will be free from misery. She will live a happily away from this pervert horndog who didn't give a damn about his family.
Wait until his kids are old enough to fully understand what their father he really is .... A POS who spent time with hookers and porn stars rather than his own children !!!

1536 days ago

Tiger Rules    

Let her take the mulata kids to Sweden. He'll just make more.

1536 days ago
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