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LeBron James -- I'm In Miami, B*tch

7/9/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after screwing the city of Cleveland like a cheap hooker, LeBron James arrived in Miami early this morning ... to a chorus of cheers from the only people who still like him.

Fans went crazy when he landed around 2:30 AM today, showing up at the W Hotel after flying via private jet.

Flying private is an act of cowardly betrayal against the good people of the commercial airline business.

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@39 - How would YOU have preferred LeBron to make the announcement? Someone else probably gave him the name King (James). It could be spiritual (King James version of the Bible) or because he's great (like a king) at what he does. Surely, we know he doesn't reference himself as God. He absolutely is not taking a curse with him - he's a blessing to the game, and that will override any of that nonsense. You bled for him every game? Geez you should all kinds of scars on your body - I mean, 7 years worth of games... I'm sure Cleveland will always be home for him. he just doesn't live there. But it's all good!

1535 days ago


WHATEV!!! Said my peace and that was that...@candygirl, so literal...bled as in a figure of speech. JEEZ

1535 days ago


Why is everyone hating him now?? Obviously he is going where the money is. Good for him. Haters STFU

1535 days ago


Since when did free agents changing teams become a new thing? Can anyoone who is calling Lebron a trator name a star player from the last decade that played for one team their entire career? I cant... The object of playing professional sports is to win championships, not play for your hometown team until you die. Cleveland was lucky to have him there at all and its not like they picked him in the draft BECAUSE he was from cleveland so why should he HAVE to pick them? The hour long special was a bit much but I bet the kids at the boys and girls club with new equipment and program funding arent complaining. People should be putting aiming their hate toward something that actually matters like the oil spill or any of the other THOUSANDS of REAL problems we have that need attention.

1535 days ago


@49 - my comment to you was a figure of speech as well! I understand your city supported LeBron when he was there just as I'm sure he represented your city well. It's just evident that it's time for him to move on. It happens. If ball players were meant to stay on the same team their entire career, they would. It just doesn't work that way. You can say you said your peace, but come across peaceful at all. You sound hurt and betrayed (literally) and like you want to lash out at him for doing what works best for him. You do want him to be happy don't you (even though you no longer respect him)?

1535 days ago


How did Lebron crew Cleveland? Cleveland did not "own" Lebron! You act like he was their slave and he was granted a choice to remain a slave or choose freedom. This is sick!

1535 days ago



1535 days ago


@50 - I forbid you to make any more comments until you know how to play nicely. Now go to your room! Now!!!

1535 days ago


50 is a typical j-a-c-k-a-s-s. Go eat a knife.

1535 days ago


Ok so we are all disappointed that King James has checked out. So what. He just lost the best fans in the world. We love our teams and we stand by them no matter what. And it's not really the fact that he left it's the way he did it. Bought back painful memories of our beloved Browns team being stolen away. So if your not from Ohio you wouldn't understand. He could have been more respectful in the way he let the team know his choice. So now what? Well we support the teams and the players we do have. Remember King James is only one person who is incapable of winning the game alone. It takes a team to win...GO CAVS

1535 days ago


Screw Cleveland,and the owner of the cavs.That has been there problem for years,buying cheap unheard of talent.Lebron should have left a long time ago.He was tired of being the whole damn team.They will never get a team championship in this life.They suck and always will.Great job KING JAMES ! !

1535 days ago


he has the right to leave. he gave cleveland 7 years, get over it. its just a game.

1535 days ago


What curse? Man made curse? Wish bad luck curse? Loyal to who? Please get a life!If you breath and worship Lebron than that is your fault not Lebron. Lebron is not bligated to you or the City of Cleveland and that is why you will not win an NBA title ever. The City of Cleveland will only remember 1964 last title of the century. Stop crying because your businesses won't florish. You better hope when he comes to your City that he plays so you can get business in your bars, hotels, resturants and etc. Sorry bunch of people with your backside on your shoulders. Cry like a baby Cleveland all the way to nothing.When you burn those jerseys you only burned your money. Already buying tickets have stopped in your city.The city of Cleveland think they are hurting Lebron James but only hurting themselves.

1535 days ago

tip top    

only people hatin is Cleveland & TMZ!

1535 days ago


Suck it all you negative bitches. Welcome to the NBA the NEW Miami Heat Dynasty.

1535 days ago
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