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Lindsay's Alcohol Ed Class Under Microscope

7/12/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan wants Lindsay's alcohol education program shut down -- and he just might get his wish.

Turns out ... Right On Programs is currently being looked at by the L.A. County Department of Public Health as part of its twice annual review. The review started this week, but a rep for the county says the timing is just a coincidence. Riiiiiiiiiight.

We're told the review will focus on whether the program turned over accurate records on all their cases. If they uncover problems, they will work with Right On to correct them -- but if the problems are really bad the county could refer the matter to the state to shut Right On down.

As for Michael Lohan ... he tells us he wants to see the program shut down entirely. He says he thinks Right On falsified records and gave preferential treatment to their celebrity clients ... much to their detriment (see: Lohan, Lindsay).

Right On had no comment.



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I can't believe I'm saying this but... Michael's right!

The testimony given by the director at Lindsey's trial was shameful. Records are a mess and the judge was sent a glowing letter about Lindsey yet she missed 7 of 27 appointments.

Close that place down!

1562 days ago


I don't think the program should be closed down, perhaps a change in staffing would be appropriate. But then, shouldn't the medical practitioners who prescribe all these controlled substances to rich clients also lose their license? And where is the addict's responsibility in all of this. Michal Lohan is an addict, and as usual - his take on the situation is that it is someone's else's fault. Lindsay has responsibility here. She is an adult addict. Her father needs to stand back and stop enabling her. Anyway, he is such a loser - he has no life - only his daughter's fame to live off of - sickening. I love Lindsay Lohan - she is talented and very bright - it is an addiction and a terrible upbringing that has caused her problems. I hope she gets the help she needs and finds a way out of this mess so she can get back to her life.

1562 days ago


Lindsay will do an ad for them boasting about how much they helped her!

1562 days ago


Shut it down! The lady that runs that place looked like a "deer in headlights" in court. She is suppose to be helping people? She needs help.

1562 days ago


Michael's been right all along, and I applaud him for taking a stand to fight for his daughter's life. People have been ridiculing him, yet all along, he was the only parent who cared enough to save his daughters life.

Dina is an enabler, and is a user@! What a pathetic, atrocious mom! Hope L get's the help she so desperately needs!

1562 days ago


there is no need to shut it down , they were within the state guidelines and no matter what michael says , there is no grounds to shut it down. they met the state standard, the judge can not establish a new standard , that will not fly. it is like the judge is legislating from the bench and making new laws. the judge job is to interpret and follow the law not make new on the spot. the idea that they should be shut down because they did not meet the judges standard , is ridiculous. messy reports or in accurate report sadly are standard in the medical profession. california reports are always below quality standards , trust me on this , from experience . many doctor within the mental health system falsify reports all the time. they make up reports to violate someones rights. in regards to he amount of medication that lindsay is on , well the amount of medication is not so outrageous frankly . people need to stop and not listen to michael and think whatever he says , is true. the guy has no idea what he is talking about .

1562 days ago


First, Michael Lohan is an opinionated a**hole and nobody cares what he thinks, least of all the state of California.

Second, Right On and all other programs submit to twice yearly reviews and if the State of California says the timing is coincidental, well they have a lot more credibility then a low-life gossip blog run by a douchebag like Harvey Levin, who routinely plays fast and loose with the truth and riddles his website with the snarky opinions of his staff.

Third, The first part of the statement below is what the State actually said, the second part is some staffers worst case speculation about what could happen in TMZ's dream gossip universe.

"If they uncover problems, they will work with Right On to correct them -- but if the problems are really bad the county could refer the matter to the state to shut Right On down."

Frankly a snowball has a better chance in hell then TMZ does of being right about that happening. But rampant baseless speculation is what this sh*t for brains gossip blog thrives on and that's what sells advertising.

And it's also bloody obvious that Harvey has a personal vendetta against Lindsay Lohan and goes out of his way to slam anyone who has anything to do with her. What did she do to piss you off so much Harvey? Man up and tell the truth for once in your life you slimeball douchebag. You don't post the same endless viscous attacks about anyone else. This has now gone far beyond "reporting" the "gossip news" and gotten deeply personal for TMZ.


1562 days ago


First, I recall Revel asking the lady that runs the organization why she did not consider a phone-call made by Revel a formal order.
Why should she? Any uniformed "ape" could make a phone call and order this or that. If Revel issued an order, she should have made it a written one using official court paper and signed it.

Second, I agree with #7:
"This has now gone far beyond "reporting" the "gossip news" and gotten deeply personal for TMZ.


Mind you, I am not pro- or anti-Lohan, but I am getting the impression that "someone" at TMZ holds a grudge against one or more members of the Lohan family.

1562 days ago


Right on Programs :
Great entertainment site, plus, Marshall is a great actor.

1562 days ago


#7- I agree with some of what you said however I think the Lohan thing is hardly personal- it's just good press. EVERYONE is reporting all the same stuff TMZ is. Everyone is saturating their blogs with Lohan. Why? Because people hate her and it makes for good entertainment to watch her whine and cry and try to play the victim when she's already gotten far better treatment than anyone else would have.

Lindsay is the kind of egotistical maniac you simply WANT to watch fail, hoping they will get a dose of reality. Every blod is capitalizing on that.

1562 days ago


This is an interesting development and an interesting week to come.

1562 days ago


Going by what I've seen and by the behaviour of the director of the program who couldn't seem to answer some very simple questions, I have to say that I think, that in this instance, Michael Lohan is right. Lindsay was definitely given preferential treatment by the staff at the facility. This is what hurt her case the most, that those supposed to be helping her, allowed her to bend the rules.
I would hate to give credence to any thing this worm says, he has been a terrible role model for Lindsay and is a large part of why she is the way she is, but...there is a certain amount of truth in what he says.
Closing it down though would seem to be a drastic option and would have a detrimental effect on those clients still relying on it. The easiest way would be a complete managerial overhaul, releasing those inefficient at their jobs from employment there.

1562 days ago


the "Right On" name for the facility is right on. I guess it means go right on using.
At least for Lindsay Lohan. LOL

1562 days ago


Lol this program is a joke hopefully their incompetence can help Lindsay's appeal.

1562 days ago


Good. This place was lying for Lindsey.

1562 days ago
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