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LiLo's Friend: Smoke-Free Jail Will Kill Her

7/10/2010 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's close friends are concerned that LiLo won't survive a single day in jail without the one thing she can't live without ... cigarettes.

As TMZ previously reported, the jail where Lindsay is extremely likely to do time is the same all-female facility where Paris got locked up in 2007 -- the same place with a serious zero-tolerance/no-smoking policy.

Bad news for Lindsay -- because according to one of her close friends, the jail-bound actress is a "serious chain-smoker" who blows through at least two packs a day. We're told, "The first thing she does when she wakes up is light a cigarette."

The source adds, "I'm honestly scared for [Lindsay] ... I don't think she's gone a day without smoking in years. This isn't something she can stop overnight. It's a serious condition."

But here's the upside ... if Lindsay does head to Lynwood on July 20 -- and chances are she will -- it could be exactly what she needs to kick her nasty habits ... or at least one of them.


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I agree Lindsay should have took some responsibility in her speech but she clearly wasn't thinking clearly and possibly on prescription medication.
She didn't deserve 90 days in jail in addition to the rehab and the judge did have it in for her. In relation to her probation terms there is absolutely no justification for rehab. It states
she was allowed to consume drugs she had a prescription for.
Now she will be up at 5am without smoking it is going to be a nightmare for her. i hope she doesn't serve any more than 10%
Free Lindsay

1564 days ago


Lilo travels long distances by air, frequently, so she is able to do without cigarettes for hours at a time. Cigarette smoking is literally a death sentence so one of the stupidest things Lilo could do would be to start smoking again after her release from jail. Judge Revel really gave Lilo the most precious gift she has ever received in her life so far and maybe when Lilo is delivered from her prescription drug/nicotine fog she'll one day write Judge Revel a Thank-you note.

1564 days ago


I like women who like to smoke...the old saying "if they smoke, they poke" is definitely true. plus, nothing wrong with a woman who has an oral fixation, if you get my drift....

1564 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

who gives a spit? maybe not smoking will kill her? whatever makes this pig unhappy makes me laugh.

1564 days ago


You must be taking some of the dilaudid Lindsay was if you think she will ever write this judge a thank you note for the excessive and harsh sentence she imposed. Maybe she deserve 30 or 60 days in jail but she isn't causing anyone any harm as she isn't driving.

Free Lindsay

1564 days ago


A message to all Lindsay's so called friends: instead of whinning "she has to smoke, she'll never make it (we're only talking a little over 20 days here)if she can't smoke". You should be helping her instead of enabling her. If you are truly her friends you'd give her a reality check. She's not the first, nor will she be the last, young woman who made bad judgement calls, so she screwed up...she needs to get over it, do her time like a grownup and stop acting like a spoiled brat.

1564 days ago

LA Native    

I say we all stop posting and give her no attention whatsoever because THIS is her biggest addiction. Anybody with me here?
Nothing else has woken her up, shockingly.

1564 days ago


On another subject: I was wondering if anyone is going to investigate who is prescribing the prescription drugs...and the actual medical reason that she is taking them.

1564 days ago


That is going to suck so badly for her! She is going to be stressed while in jail and really want to smoke. I see some angry outbursts and bad behavior in her future while she's in jail. Quitting smoking is hard.

1564 days ago


Maybe she should have thought about her various addictions before choosing not to follow the court's requirements?

1564 days ago


The judge has every right to toss her in jail for violating probation. She won't wind up in the general population at the jail cause she'd be dead in a day.

1564 days ago


Having to quit smoking cold turkey is extremelly hard on any smoker so she gets absolutely no sympathy from me. As for the prescrition drugs she's taking...all I got when I had my wisdom teeth removed is tylenol 3 for about 1 week so the judge should definitely have her prescriptions reviewed by a real doctor! Bottom line is that if people in her life would stop making excuses for her, the general public might have a bit more sympathy for her situation but instead all this whining is putting people off and turning the general public against her. Put up and shut up is what I say to Lilo. It'll be over soon and you'll be able to laugh about this at your next movie premier. Accept the blame and people will love you for it.

1564 days ago


Isn't her publicity strategy a hoot?! First it was the lesbian thing to attract support from the gay community. Then it's the "Israel lover", then it's the law suit claiming her name (Lindsay)is recognized worldwide the same as Cher, Oprah, Madonna. Then it was the "see I'm a good person 'cause I'm helping children" thing. UGH. A legend in her own mind, LOL! (needs some serious head shrinkage)

1564 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

Quitting cigs cold turkey is NOT difficult. I did it myself many years ago and was smoking two packs a day an starting on a third. I was in my senior year, finals week of college and student teaching at the same time. There is a simple trick to it. First, you need to understand cravings. Cravings come in waves when you body wants nicotine, it lets you know. You don't need to panic when you get a craving. Instead of racing around (and getting your nicotine-starved blood flowing faster) trying to find what's left of a burned-out cigarette, digging around in the car looking for one you might have dropped, taking a frantic walk around the block, eating anything you can get your hands on, you just stop what you are doing. You go find a very quiet place away from everyone, and sit down. Your bed, the couch, a patio chair, just sit down. Take some deep breaths, fold your hands together, close your eyes, and wait. Within a couple or three minutes, the craving will cease. You have made it through one and you are doing great. Another craving? Do the same thing. Most likely as two-three-four days pass, the cravings will be farther apart as the nicotine ceases to be in your body. It took me four days of doing this, didn't cost a penny, and then I changed my patterns. No cigs, period. Warning: you will want one when you get up, after you eat, when you are stressed, if you are drinking alcohol, in social situations, and other times, so be aware of this and do your stop what you are doing routine. It WORKS! PS--make a list--pro in one column and con in the other about your smoking habit, and while you're waiting for the craving to pass, read what you wrote.

1564 days ago


Lynsey doesn't have friends. If she did, she wouldn't be in the mess she's in. She has hangers on.

1564 days ago
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