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Mel Gibson Goes After Oksana for Contempt

7/9/2010 9:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's lawyers have filed legal papers in their custody war, asking the judge to hold Oksana Grigorieva in contempt ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell us the Order to Show Cause (the contempt papers) claims Oksana is responsible for leaking the secretly-recorded tapes of Mel's rants during their nuclear arguments. The judge in the custody case issued a restraining order against Oksana late last month, prohibiting her from leaking the tapes. Mel & Co. believe Oksana sold the tapes for big bucks.

We've also learned Mel's lawyers have filed legal papers asking Judge Scott Gordon to issue an order allowing them to search Oksana's computer and iPhone for emails and text messages showing communications related to the sale of the tapes.  We've learned another judge has already rejected that motion, but it has now been renewed before Judge Gordon.

As we first reported, Oksana denied in her deposition that she's the leak.


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Come on! It's Mel on the tapes but they were edited. I swear they've taken parts from his movies and spliced/ diced/ added/ deleted/ manipulated etc.. There are some parts that sound exactly like they were copied right out of some of the Lethal Weapons Movies! She used him and he used her and as everyone suspected, it didn't last! Even his EX is coming to his defense to say that he was a good father and she never experienced any physical or any other kind of violence in the 28 years she was with him. This girl got her hooks in him to take what she could from him and now she's acting out her final scene so she can walk away unscathed and rich and single.

1373 days ago

Jack Cook    

Ha the truth is starting to surface. The dirty Russian whore skank is being exposed for exactly what she is. I would bet she threatened to take Lucia away to Russia and he would never see her again, and then edited that part out. That would enrage any caring father. She is a filthy lying greedy souless PIG who deserves everything she's got coming. I wonder what the big girls will do to her when she goes to jail for contempt of court and extortion. Maybe she will actually get her teeth broken, and that would be too good for the filthy tramp.

1372 days ago


You live with someone long enough you learn how too push their she didn't know how??? She's talking all sweet and innocent?..Please..I don't know onw couple who don't have knock down drag out verbal arguments, and people can say some really nasty things to each other in the heat of an argument. Last time I saw Mel Gibson didn't walk on water, so why crucify him based on what is in the media when it's NOT the whole story? Oksana is no angel here, anymore than he is. They need to take a page from Rhianna and keep their troubles private. She's trying to ruin this man, does that not say something to people? It takes two to fight and unless they were vidoe taped who really knows what happened, should his entire life be ruined because of a fight? This is he said/ she said and NO ONE knows the whole truth but them, and neither one of them are going to tell the REAL truth, only their versions of it.

1357 days ago


I think that oksana definately had an agenda she is more than likely guilty of entrapment for economic gain, which in itself is a crime sex and marriage in this case would have been part of the modus operandi mel on the other hand drove a stake through his wifes' heart time and again all the money she received won't fix the damage chickens come home to roost mel you sow botterness you'll more than reap the same. as far as crimes on his part you are not judged by what you say you are judged by what you do.In the soviet communist criminal code I believe it is no. 48 you could be punished (i.e. the concentration camps)for thought crimes If you believe anything other than what they believe you are to be "terminated with extreme prejudice" what 70 or 80 million people died under that system.If mel has a track record of criminal violence toward women, and I don't mean marital arguments heated though they may be,then throw the book at him, but there is none.She is guilty of entrapment he is guilty of adultry toward his ex-wife which is worse? the things that people say may show a predisposition toward an action but this is not a communist country though there are elements in this country insidiously leading this country toward that end. Wake up this is not entertainment it's peoples lives.

1273 days ago
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