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Mel Gibson Goes After Oksana for Contempt

7/9/2010 9:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's lawyers have filed legal papers in their custody war, asking the judge to hold Oksana Grigorieva in contempt ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell us the Order to Show Cause (the contempt papers) claims Oksana is responsible for leaking the secretly-recorded tapes of Mel's rants during their nuclear arguments. The judge in the custody case issued a restraining order against Oksana late last month, prohibiting her from leaking the tapes. Mel & Co. believe Oksana sold the tapes for big bucks.

We've also learned Mel's lawyers have filed legal papers asking Judge Scott Gordon to issue an order allowing them to search Oksana's computer and iPhone for emails and text messages showing communications related to the sale of the tapes.  We've learned another judge has already rejected that motion, but it has now been renewed before Judge Gordon.

As we first reported, Oksana denied in her deposition that she's the leak.


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Mel is most creative director in Hollywood. Cant wait to see his next movie he is directing.

1564 days ago


She stayed at his house 5 months after abuse and didnt reported it back than and now since the DNA have been she collects money from radaronline to pay her granted bail off. Thats how it looks like.

1564 days ago


I am little mixed on this whole Mel/Oksana thing. I dont know, something just seems off about it. I dont condone violence against anyone or racial slurs but I just think there's more to this whole story then whats here. I am not a fan of either of these people, I just have a feeling we are all not getting the whole story. I dont have any respect for Oksana sine she went with a married man and knew he was married. I am not one of those women who just blame the guy, the woman has every option to say no and if you dont, you are being just as disrespectful as the man. I think both parties hold blame in that. Mel I think needs to quite drinking and get some anger management classes. Its funny how his all this stuff just happened in the last few years or so and you never heard about this kinda temper before. I just dont think Oksana is as big of a victim as she is putting on. She is just unloading all this at the same time and if it was such a big deal, why wait? Dont give me that abused woman spiel too cause this woman is also a famemonger and something tells me she would do anything to get press. I am not on Mel's side either since he has had temper issues recently but something just seems weird about this whole thing. Maybe it's just me I guess.

1564 days ago


hey TRUTH,,werent you just saying yesterday there was no evidence or tapes.You seem to be playing a different tune today.
you have no credibilty....not that I have that much so who am I to talk..
but guess what???

YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!

1564 days ago


I've heard rumblings of him being an untreated bipolar individual, too.. let's add in the booze. let's add in all his money. let's add in his power (or what he has left) in Hwood. let's add in his complete delusional state of grander.

Yup. She's going to end up dead. Watch.

1564 days ago


I don't think anyone is disagreeing with the fact that Oksana is an unscrupulous and manipulative gold digger. The problem here is not how she has behaved, but how he has reacted to her behaviour. The very fact that he used offensive and racist terms in an argument show that he is an offensive, bigoted and racist person. I have never, in an argument or any where else, used a blatantly racist term simply because I don't think like that. It wouldn't occur to me to use such a term. Clearly it's the first thing that occurs to Mel Gibson. He is a racist, Jew hating, misogynist, foul mouthed alcoholic bully who is deeply intolerant of people with different color skin and people from different cultures. In short, he is a Nazi. He is the sort of person who would gladly be in command of the gas chambers. Do not be fooled by the pleasant mask of the man that he has worn for so many years....underneath that pleasant mask is something much more unpleasant and disturbing. Now that mask has slipped and the world is seeing him for what he is....a violent, hating, spite spewing person with deeply racist ideals.

1564 days ago


I feel bad for Oskana. People are judging her like she stole Mel from his wife Robin....and she didn't!! Mel Gibson's wife Robin left him back in 2006 after his drunken rant. They were seperated for three years before they filed for divorce. Oskana does not deserve to be called a homewrecker. As for Oskana recording their fights, as long as one party was aware they were being recorded she didn't break any laws. She's standing up for herself and her children. If the media expects me to believe she is this horrible person who deserves the treatment Mel gave her then they better cough up proof involving her attempts to extort money from Timothy Hutton...the father of her oldest child. He's a wealthy older man too...where is her extortion attempts to him?? It's not about the money. It's about the kind of person MEL GIBSON is.

1564 days ago


Hey, it's just
like sex tapes-
If you don't want
it out there, don't
do it.
Old Mel needs to
wash his mouth out
with soap. This is not
his world, it's our world.

1564 days ago


For all the people that keep calling Oksana his wife, they never married. He was going to marry her but his friends kept telling him to take a closer look at his future bride before he make one of the biggest mistakes of his life. They even warned him about Timothy Dalton and what he went through. They warned him that she was a gold digger also, but it was to little to late. My EX-sister-in-law got pregnant by three different men and was getting child support from all of them. They finally all wised up and are all seeking custody. She was living on easy street spending the child support on herself and dressing like a hooch y mama. Kind of sounds like Oksana.

1564 days ago

arty g    

Mel, take your 900 million dollars and get out of dodge. Freaking sad ,getting secretly taped by your partner,call IMS on that girlfriend of his,and both of you just leave

1564 days ago


EF her still have a huge fan base. You 'da man!

1564 days ago

BooBoo Higgins    

Whatever this **** is it is absolutely disgusting!!! There is no excuse for his words even if she is a tramp. You know what Mel you did it you fascist pig!!!

1564 days ago


Your thoughts on Mel Gibson aside, she totally set him up. It's so obvious! She knew what she was doing. No innocent party here. All Hollywood BS!

1564 days ago


Did Mel marry this woman? I haven't heard that one. I still say Octomom has more class than this phony woman. I'd say go Mel. Be as angry as you want. She has set you up from the beginning and it must absolutely hurt. Take her down. She deserves it.

1564 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

Of course, she's going to talk softly and carry big boobs when she's secretly recording their conversation. She's wants to act all innocent.

1564 days ago
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